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When the sun is shining outside and you’re on your vacation but don’t have any trips planned, and you feel the sudden urge to go somewhere in nature with your family, or you’ve planned a camping trip way and cleared your schedule to make the most of it, this is one of the most fun and exciting activities you could do with your loved ones.

But for it to be good and avoid any problems, there are some tricks and things you should do so you can concentrate strictly on the fun part. Of course, there is always an option to trust your instincts and take the chance with trying to figure everything out without any “outside” help or professional tips, but even if that is the case you should at least have some “heads up” before you enter the wilderness.

Before The Trip

There are some things you should learn before your trip starts. The first one is – learn how to set up a tent! Make sure to practice it enough. And even if you know how to do it, it is smart to test your gear at home, in a safe environment, so if anything goes wrong you’ll know it is time to change it. Also, if you’re planning to go with the kids, this could be a great opportunity to have fun before your trip and teach them basic things while having indoor camping.

If camping is something new to you, think about finding a place near your home for your trip. Remember, camping means you’ll be in nature, surrounded by wildlife, so if something goes the way you don’t want it to go, it won’t be too problematic to get back home. But there are also some other useful things to do:

Google Camping Site And Reviews Or Ask Around For Information

Before you pack your stuff and head somewhere, it is recommended to gather some of the most basic information about that place. Before you decide to fall for the advertisers and book the place, look around Google for reviews. Other users could provide you with some good information, or even make you change your mind if that place doesn’t offer what they claim on their website.

Also, you could use Google Maps, and inspect the location closer, get yourself familiar with the terrain. Once you study it, you’ll know if it fits your plans, and you’ll know the best place for your tent. If you plan to bring kids with you, you’d want to avoid places around cliffs, drop-offs, even water. The last, but not the least thing when it comes to getting know your campsite – make sure that your place is not far away from the toilet, but also don’t go too near it, because it can be quite a busy place, especially if there is not another one, and you want to sleep that night.

Think About Leaving Your Pets At Home, For Now

Yes, the ideal camping trip is with your significant other beside you, with kids running around and a dog cheerfully chewing on his bone after a few playing hours and hiking, but in reality, it could end up being a bit different. No matter how much you love your animals, or animals in general, they could be a distraction. All those things that are happening around them, lots of different people, possibly even other animals could be a bit confusing and distracting, which could lead to a change in behavior, most often not in a good way. To prevent it, and avoid causing stress to your pet, it is best to leave them at home with the dog sitter. Another thing you should think about is other people. Camping sites often come in binding space, so it is not wise to disregard other people’s personal space.

Invest In The Chairs

OK, you’re done with the research, now the time has come to make a list and get all those things and gear you need. Start with the camp chairs. Don’t be cheapskate, get the best one available. Your body will thank you later. If you don’t see the reason why you should invest in the best camp chair available, just think about all the time you’re about to spend outside. You’d want to make it as comfortable as possible, so you’d avoid any problems with your back if it lacks support. Now when the chairs are crossed from the list and ready, it is time to switch to the other things you could use on your camping trip.

Purchase Anti-Mosquito And Anti-Bug Device

Where is the open-air combined with the high temperatures, there are bugs, mosquitoes, and other insects that could ruin your night, or even your trip. Yes, there are ways to prevent it from happening. Visit your local camp gear shop and ask for the best product that will keep them away and let you enjoy your time without interruption

The second option is a screened-in tent, which you could place over the picnic table. This will keep all the uninvited “guests” away from your lunch, so you could concentrate on the eating part instead of chasing away bugs and having to deal with the army of ants. And always zip the tent doors!

Prepare Your Meals At Home

One of the last things you’d want to worry about while at the camp is cooking. With the lack of a proper kitchen, it can be quite problematic to prepare a proper meal, not to mention the time you’ll have to spend doing it. You could easily cut it down by making it at home. Slice them, store them in zip bags, and just take them out when you get hungry. This way you’ll have far more time for the whole “enjoy the nature” part, with your family full.

Packing Guide – Keep It Simple But Comfortable

One of the main questions every camper has, an especially new one, is – what and how to pack? The answer is quite simple – everything you need to make you comfortable. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should bring your whole room with you, but some essential things like a good pillow, a blanket, whatever you think you’ll need, as long as it doesn’t burden you.

Also, if you don’t need something – like a laptop, or hair straightener, let’s say, leave it at home. The main goal of camping is to have fun in nature, not to spend your day watching Netflix.

If you wonder what is the best thing to pack your stuff into, the answer is – storage totes. This kind of storage can make packing simple and organized. Another big plus is the fact that you don’t have to worry if anything could break, and you could organize everything by its purpose – sleeping bags in one container, food in the other, snack in the third… Important – don’t forget to pack your first aid kit! You never know if you’ll need it or not, so it is better to be safe than sorry. And add a pair of tweezers to it.

Bring Bottled Drinking Water

Being in nature means you’ll spend lots of time under the sunshine, which could cause dehydration. Having a bottle of water by your side is essential and will keep you in a good shape while you investigate the ups and downs of your campsite and its surrounding.

Also, water has different minerals in different places. For instance, the water on an island or a mountain has some natural add-on that could cause stomach problems. Don’t risk, stick to the bottled water, otherwise you could end up being on a toilet for most of your trip.

Check The Weather, But Be Prepared For Anything


A few days before your trip make sure you’ve checked the weather on multiple different sources. And be prepared for anything. Yes, it is not so likely that the temperature will drop under 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) mid-July or August, but it can drop enough for you to feel cold, so it is a good idea to have an extra blanket within the hand reach.

No matter what season is, remember, the storm could arrive suddenly. Get the campground map the moment you get there, and you should have all the safe buildings highlighted, in case some bad weather strikes. Not to mention the fact that you’ll probably find the instructions on what to do if something unexpected like a sudden storm happens. Another useful piece of information is to learn where the nearest doctor is, just in case you need it.

Earplugs Will Be Your Best Friends

Even if you behave your best and all of your family follows your guide, remember – camping is a social activity, loved by all kind of people, so it won’t be much of a surprise if your next tent neighbor snores loudly while sleeping, or their dog barks all the time, or some other visitors are singing beside the campfire. This way probably the best purchase you could make are a few earplugs. They will keep the noise away, no matter if comes from your neighbor, loud and bad campfire singers, or just the typical nature sounds.

Helpful Campground Tips

When you arrive at the campsite, it is good to know some basic rules of behavior and how to act in certain situations.

Better To Wait Than To Be Late

Check your camping destination website or call them and ask when the check-in time is. Once you get that information, try to get there rather sooner than later. Otherwise, you could end up having to set up the camp in the dark, which is not as easy as it may sound. Either way, master the art of setting up the tent at home, before your trip – just in case you check in late. Additional advice – make sure you have a hammer packed because you’ll need it eventually.

Don’t Think About The Dirt – But Think About The Shower!

No, the dirt won’t hurt you or your kids! Don’t be afraid to get dirty while on a camping trip, relax, and don’t worry about every single stain you could get while in nature. Also, don’t wear things you’d wear in a restaurant. Make yourself as comfortable as possible. But that comes with one big condition – shower every night, no exception! While you’re allowed to have fun during the day, it is still nice for you and everyone else around you if you go to your bed fresh and clean. Not to mention the fact that a nice, warm shower will help your muscles relax before you lay down to sleep.

Leave The Food And The Coolers In Your Truck

Yes, there are animals in nature that could try to “break-in” into your tent and steal your food, after they’ve smelled it. If you don’t want to run into a mouse or a raccoon with its face deep into your tomato sauce or chicken sticks, it is for the best to keep it locked in your truck until you decide to get it out and serve it. Yes, it will also prevent your kids from taking it without you knowing, and you won’t end up being without the snacks before planned.

It Is Game Time

Remember that time when, back home, none of you has enough free time for board games or any other activity you could do together? Well, this is not the time. Make sure you have enough interesting board games with you – if there are up to 6 campers, Settlers of Catan is a good choice, Hanabi also, if you want to try your imagination get Dixit (you’ll need only the Dixit cards, a piece of paper and a pen for the points). Or Mafia, Werewolf… And if you simply want to relax and try to tell some fun, made up stories, get Imagine. To keep it more interesting, make up the rules. For instance, I and my friends love to play this game while trying to tell some stories through the song.

During the day it is time for outdoor activities. On the campsite website, you’ll most likely find about some offered activities or educational programs, trips, etc.

Don’t Lose Sight On Your Kids

If you plan on bringing the small kids with you, make sure that you have your eyes on them all the time. If you’re near the water, have life jackets with you, also bring a small-sized safety kit. Another thing you should talk to your kids about is possible bad people. Like we’ve already said, camping is an activity loved by the millions, and not all of those people have good intentions.

Pack Some Coffee And Tea

If you’re one of those who can’t start their day without a good cup of coffee, make sure you have some with you. All you need is water, a place to boil it, a cup, and, of course, sugar – if you love your coffee sweet. If you wonder how to do it, find an online guide on how to make Turkish or Serbian coffee, and you’ll be ready to go.

Also, have some tea leaves or bags with you. If the temperature drops, it will help you warm up, and it is nice to drink beside the campfire, while you listen to all those interesting stories.

Waterproof Your Tent

No matter how good the weather is currently, there is almost always a possibility of rain. Especially in the summer. If you want to protect your stuff from getting wet, you’ll have to make your tent waterproof before you hit the road. It is not as hard as it sounds.

Visit a local shop and get a can of silicone sealant. While you practice setting your tent up, use this to spray your tent from the top to the bottom, then left to right. And also the zippers. Make sure you’ve covered all your tent’s surface, then you could test it to see if it leaks somewhere, to avoid possible unpleasant surprises like waking up soaking wet with the water everywhere around you. Or get a waterproof tent.

When Done – Dry Your Tent, Then Store It

As stated above, the weather could go bad and you could end up running from the rain under your tent. But before you head back home, dry it out before you store it back in the bag to keep it away from getting mildew or mold growing and spreading. This way your tent will serve you long and nicely.

The Best Time To Go

If you wonder when is the best time for you to go camping, the answer is – during the week. Especially during the summer, weekends bring everyone out of their house, so it could be a bit rowdy. To avoid having to deal with tons of unknown people, try to organize your “escape trip” during the week. This way you’ll be able to fully enjoy the trip, without having to fight for every inch of space.

What Does A Campsite Offer?

When it comes to amenities, most of the campsites offer similar things. You’ll most likely find your wanted campsite amenities on their website, but some standard things are:

– Level ground to pitch your tent

– Picnic tables, water spouts, and fire pits

– Clean restrooms

– Hot showers

– WiFi

This will help you with your packing, and also will show you what to expect at the site, so you won’t have to worry.

Don’t Leave Anything Behind You!

When the time comes for you to go home, make sure you’ve taken everything with you. This way you’ll show not only respect to those who are coming after you but also you’ll help preserve that beautiful piece of nature and keep it clean and healthy.

Also, don’t forget to check if your campfire is completely out! And take all of your garbage with you. Only when you’ve double checked everything, you’re good to go. Remember, nature is not yours. Respect it, and it will pay you back by allowing you to enjoy places like this.

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You’ve made up your mind, pack your stuff, and about to hit the road. Before you start your trip, take your checklist and double-check everything on it. If it is all good, don’t waste your time, the adventure is waiting for you!

This article should serve you as a guide on how to prepare yourself to have as much fun as possible, without having to worry about anything else. But, in the end, your trip completely depends on your preference and liking. If you love to do things some other way – it is all allowed, until you don’t ruin other camper’s enjoyment or destroy nature.

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