You’ve bought your paddle board and whether you are using it in the surf or in still water it only takes one fall to show the value of having the best SUP leash. It is important that you buy a leash that extends to be a good length for safety when falling but can also support the weight and length of your board. When looking for a Stand Up Paddle Board leash it is day on the lake this leash comes with a waterproof wallet for you to bring money, and even your phone, without worrying about them getting wet. In addition, it has a hidden key pocket leaving you completimportant to buy one that fits comfortably around your ankle and is made of high quality, durable material.


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How To Choose A Paddle Board Leash – Buying Guide


The type of leash you get should depend on the length of your board, your skill level and the type of waters you are in. This includes the shape of the leash


This is a great option for still open water. It is not recommended that you have a coiled leash for surfing in waves as when you fall the coiled rope will spring the board back towards you and can prove dangerous. A coiled leash sits short enough to not drag in the water but will extend when needed. This eliminates drag that you would get from the leash in the water and hooking on things.


This is a great option for use in surf. A straight leash will provide safety when in the waves as you will be attached to your board and after falling will not fly towards you. This type of leash is more common with surfboards rather than paddle boards.

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Paddle boarding has become a very popular and fun activity that has taken over in the world of water sports. When out in the water even the most experienced paddlers can face unforeseen circumstances and fall off their board. When this occurs your board can act as an added flotation device and especially when out in open water can be an incredibly important thing to have. Attaching you to your board is the job of your leash and in extreme cases it can mean the difference between life and death. You want your leash to last, just like your board does. Choosing a board backed by a lifetime guarantee will ensure that you get the most out of your leash. Having a high quality leash, especially in the surf, will give you the peace of mind to focus on your paddle.


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Globo Surf SUP Leash Review

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My old sup leash broke. Needed a new one that was study and a bit longer. Found the one I was looking for. Thanks

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