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With more than two thirds of this world covered by water there is plenty to explore below the surface. Being able to explore the depths of the underwater world is a true sight to behold. Breathing underwater moving with such grace like a dolphin through the ocean, it is no wonder scuba diving has attracted so much craze. Scuba diving takes you further than your typical snorkel experience allowing you to see more exotic and larger fishes, impressive coral reefs and even sunken ships and planes. Diving is one of the only sport that requires a certification. Whether you choose to get PADI certified or opt for a smaller company, you can enrol in classes complete with instructors to help teach you the basics of the sport. As you continue you can enrol in more classes to increase your experience and dive even deeper experiencing different areas of the ocean. As breathing underwater is such an unnatural experience, this sports that requires quite a bit of scuba gear. While this is an initial investment, getting the best scuba gear will allow you many years of exploring the most unknown areas of the world. We have compiled all the gear and advice you need to be a true world explorer with a mermaid-like experience. We cover all paddle board guides like Best Scuba Diving GearBest Scuba Diving ComputersBest Scuba Diving Fins Best Scuba Diving MasksBest Scuba Diving RegulatorsBest Scuba Diving WatchesBest Scuba Wetsuits.