What Is Confined Water In Scuba Diving?


In this article, you’ll read about confined water in scuba diving. Scuba diving offers us many thrills and joys. It is filled with adrenaline; you’ll have the chance to see some amazing things and feel something you haven’t felt before, so when you head back to the surface, you’ll have an amazing story to tell.

But before you put on your scuba diving gear and visit some of the best scuba diving locations around the world (we suggest Malta) or decide to go hang out with the sharks or visit some caves, you’ll have to learn how to prepare to stay safe while scuba diving. And also you’ll have to learn the basic scuba diving techniques. For this, to fully prepare yourself for your first scuba dive, you’ll have to go through some training in so-called “confined water”.

So, What The Confined Water Is?

The term “confined water” refers to a diving site with a completely controlled environment and where everything is predictable. This means you’ll be diving in a place – most often a pool or pool-like area – with high visibility, a calm water surface, and without a strong current. It has an easy entry point, simple exit point and it doesn’t have any obstacles that could prevent a diver from reaching the water surface.

Most often it is done in a swimming pool, but there are also other places where it is possible to do it, like a calm bay, a clear lake, man-made quarry, basically any body of water where the current is not strong, where it is possible to see clearly and where it is possible to get in and get out of the water without a problem.

What Is Confined Water Dive Recommended For?

Confine water dive is most often used for two aspects of scuba diving – beginner scuba diver training and for testing new parts of equipment.

  • As a beginner, it is essential to learn all the scuba diving breathing techniques and scuba diving safety tips that will help you do it while maintaining your safety level at the maximum. Doing it in a controlled, stress-free environment will help you focus on your skills, and it will also give the scuba diving instructors a chance to check your progress and help you improve with each dive.
  • When buying a new part of the equipment, it is recommended to try it somewhere where you’ll have the chance to fix and to react if something goes wrong, without risking your safety.

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How Many Dives It’ll Take Before You Start Your Adventure?

It may differ from course to course, but let’s take the PADI (Professional Association Of Diving Instructors), for example. Their rules require the students to pass five confined water dives in different depths. How long will it take to learn the basics needed to pass those dives depends solely on the student.

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Learning what the confined water dive is will help you learn the scuba diving basics, debunk some of the most common scuba myths and ease up the training process. Now, when you know it, check your local diving community and schedule the training session. And make sure to let know your friends about your newly found passion – they may get you some of the best gifts for scuba divers!

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