Who We Are

At Globo Surf we love all things water. In fact, our passions are so strong we have made it our mission to personally help as many people as possible to get the right gear in order to have the best day out in the water as possible.

Our Experts

Lisa Maloney

An award-winning writer and editor, who has written three award-winning guidebooks; served as senior editor at Alaska magazine; published hundreds of articles in newspapers, magazines and websites; and worked as an editorial consultant at nationally-ranked websites including About.com, Livestrong.com, and the state of Alaska's official website, TravelAlaska.com.

Owen Snyder

Passionate CPR fly fisherman who strives to produce the best fly fishing content.

Rich Parkes

Hi, I’m Rich and I’m a Wild Camper from England. Snowdonia and the English Lake District are my playgrounds, and whether it is Tent, Hammock, Tarp, or Bivvy, you can find me tucked away in a quiet part of the mountains most weekends. You can also follow my adventures on my YouTube Channel Wild Astro, where I share my adventures, gear reviews, and tips on Wild Camping, Astrophotography, and pretty much anything to do with getting outdoors and into the wild. Have fun out there guys, and always Leave No Trace!

Ruth Schmidt 

I'm Ruth, an avid backpacker, hiker and trail runner from South Africa. l think that the outdoors should be accessible to everyone, which is why I love making videos about outdoor gear and adventures on my YouTube channel. South Africa has some amazing wilderness areas to explore, and my favourite is the Drakensberg mountains

Travis Turgeon

Travis is a digital nomad currently living and working as a divemaster in the south of Thailand.

Our Writers

Charles Davis

American Writer, Traveler & Diver. A Digital Nomad based in the USA. Writing about cruises, other travel, and scuba diving.

Jacopo Landi

Independent photographer, born in Italy but traveled the world, in love with photography since day one.

Kristina Mishevska

Digital Content Manager with a master's degree in English and American Literature who always strives to learn something new, stay on track with new trends, and keep moving.

Owen Clarke

Outdoor action sports are my specialty, with a penchant for mountaineering.

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