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This fun sport has expanded in popularity over recent years and has taken over the world stealing the hearts of many water enthusiasts. Getting a full body workout has become even easier as you navigate your way through the waters. This is one of the fastest growing sports on the market. Its popularity has grown worldwide appealing to almost every age group. Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) companies have created these boards to come inflatable while not jeopardizing their durability. This has allowed the sport to boom making it more accessible to almost every consumer. Bring along your friend, your pup or pack a cooler for a mid-lake picnic. Take it through the ocean, or fishing on a calm lake, the limits of this sport are seemingly never ending. We love this sport just like you do and that is why we have found all the best equipment on the market. This sport is relatively inexpensive, a good board is your only true requirement but we have gone above that to find everything you need to make this summer activity everything you could ever imagine.  We cover all paddle board guides like Best Paddle BoardsBest Inflatable Paddle BoardsBest Beginner Paddle BoardsBest Yoga Paddle BoardsBest Fishing Paddle Boards. After reading our guides, the only thing left to do is grab your bathing suit and head to the water.