Learning how to stand up paddle board can be a fun experience and you won’t be the only one learning their balance because this water sport is quickly becoming the top choice for outdoor enthusiasts. It has become so popular that it even has spots on prime-time television. 

Tower is a stand up paddle board company that got it’s fame from the hit show, Shark Tank, where Mark Cuban invested in the up and coming company. Tower is invested in making premiere stand up paddle boards for beginner and experienced paddlers. They offer a full line of stand up paddle boards at an affordable price, which can make it difficult to choose just one design.

Our guide is designed to help you find the best Tower paddle board, so that you’ll be eager to get out on the water for your next adventure. Below we have highlighted some features, as well as a included a list of the four best Tower paddle boards. 

How To Choose A Tower Paddle Board – Buying Guide


Tower is a San Diego based company that strategically founded their business mere blocks from the infamous Mission Bay, which is famous for being a top rated aquatic park. The company works hard to manufacture quality products and markets themselves as being a reliable direct to consumer retailer. They have tough paddle boards that are designed to handle any SUP fitness adventure like surfing and fishing. There are a lot of different models and you may feel overwhelmed to choose just one.

Here are some features that will help you determine what makes a top rated Tower inflatable paddle board. These tips will may the buying process easy, so that you can find the best Tower paddle board for your needs.


Not all SUP activities will use the same length of boards, which means that not all Tower inflatable SUP boards are designed to be the same length. The length of your board will be influenced by the SUP activity that you want to try and your experience level with maneuvering a paddle board. Tower has a full line of paddle boards that range from the shortest design which is 9 feet long to the longest design, the Tower Explorer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, which is 14 feet long.

If you already have experience with a paddle board or know what SUP activity you want to try, you may have an idea of the length you need. In general, the longer the length means the board is more stable. Stable boards are great for beginning paddle boarders and yoga poses. A longer board will be less responsive than a shorter board.

Shorter paddle boards are faster and easier to maneuver but will be less stable. Most experienced paddle boarders will use a shorter board for faster turns and better responsiveness.

The best all-around Tower universal SUP is the Adventurer design. The Tower Adventurer has a great length that is stable enough to be used by beginners or taken out on the waves by pros. It is also extremely durable and can withstand lots of pressure.


As the length of your board changes, so will the width. The wider a paddle board is, the more stable it will be. However, the added width also means your board will be less responsive in its turns. Wider boards are generally best suited for beginners because they are stable and are easier to get back up on when you fall off the board.


The overall size of your board, in length and width, will also affect how heavy the board is overall. Not all Tower inflatable SUP boards weigh the same. The larger the board, the heavier it is. So be cautious when you are maneuvering your board and ask for help if needed.


Tower is a company that is proud of the durability of their paddle boards. They have a great reputation for being some of the most durable on the market. Their boards are by no means flimsy and can easily handle the rapids of a raging river. But to take their durability to the extreme, you can drop your board off a cliff or run it over with your car and it will still survive.

This is great because durability can also mean how long your board lasts. The more durable a design is, the longer it will last without being damaged. If you take better care of your board, you’ll easily have a Tower inflatable SUP that lasts throughout the years.


Tower is a retailer that works by being direct to their customers. This means that the prices of their paddle boards are consistently 30-50% cheaper than other models on the market. For Tower, this makes them a popular choice because they offer high-quality design for an extremely affordable price.


Tower has a full line of paddle boards that are made of a variety of materials. They have carbon fiber, wooden, and inflatable designs. All Tower inflatable SUP boards are made of the best materials and are guaranteed to be high-quality.



Q: Why choose a Tower paddle board?


Tower has a well-built reputation and are known for making some of the best paddle boards at the most affordable prices. The wholesale price of their boards ensure that customers still receive paddle boards made of expensive and quality materials. With a Tower universal SUP board, you can partake in any SUP activity that you want. Their inflatable designs are extremely popular for being affordable and portable.

On top of their quality designs, Tower cares about their customers. They have earned fans from Shark Tank and always strive to have the best customer service. With Tower, you can feel proud of your investment and feel secure that you’ll get assistance when needed.

Q: What are the pros and cons of a Tower paddle board?


If you are looking for cons, you won’t find any here. Tower is a company that has only pros associated with its name and consistently receives excellent Tower paddle board reviews. A top rated Tower inflatable paddle board offers you a variety of pros, which is what makes them such a popular company.

Tower offers a range of designs that are made of quality and budget materials. Their affordable budget ensures that you are getting the best price for the best materials. Their paddle boards come with what you need to get started, like a pump, paddle, and fins. However, one con is that they don’t include a bag. If you plan to travel you should look at SUP board bags to keep your board safe.

To ensure their customers are always satisfied, Tower includes a 2 Year Warranty on all purchases of their paddle boards, which will ensure everything is covered beyond normal wear and tear.

Q: What is the difference between a regular and Tower paddle board?


For Tower, their biggest selling point is their quality materials and price. Regular paddle boards are also made of quality materials, but the price of the board will reflect it. Most regular paddle boards are very expensive and may not be reasonable for someone shopping with a budget.

Tower inflatable SUP boards want everyone to enjoy SUP and get out for a day on the water. You can find a variety of types of paddle boards for every budget. Their inflatable paddle boards are a popular choice because they are portable and compact. If you do choose an inflatable paddle board, you will have to learn how to inflate your ISUP.

With Tower, you are investing in a quality company who cares about their designs and customer satisfaction. They’ve worked hard to offer you a line of the best paddle boards, all while saving you money over the competition.

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A top rated Tower inflatable paddle board is quickly becoming the top choice on the market because they have the best designs for the best prices. Tower inflatable SUP boards can be used anywhere and on any water adventure. They are extremely tough, durable, and come at a favorably affordable price. With a Tower inflatable SUP, you can take the whole family out on the water.

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