Stand up paddleboarding is an amazingly versatile water sport. You can paddle a SUP on all water bodies, and enjoy a variety of activities on your board. To experience everything this sport has to offer without having to spend a fortune to get a quiver of boards, you will need an equally versatile all around stand up paddle board that performs well whether you’re fishing, running river rapids, performing yoga, touring, SUP surfing, racing, or just paddling leisurely.

In this article, we spotlight the 10 best all around SUP boards on the market right now. These boards can handle anything from yoga to river rapids and ocean waves impressively well. To help you choose the best stand up paddle board for all around use, we discuss what makes each one special and finish up with a guide on how to make the right choice. To begin with, here are the most versatile SUPs you can get.

How To Choose An All Around Paddle Board – Buying Guide


Size is the most important consideration to make when choosing the best all around SUP. An all around paddle board should be wide enough to provide stability and balance for activities like yoga and fishing, yet long enough to glide fast when touring or racing.

In line with this, most all-purpose SUPs are 30 to 33 inches wide and between 9’6” and 11′ feet long. Your size will also determine the ideal size of SUP to choose from. Big riders require a longer and wider board for stability. If you’re short, you should go for a narrower and shorter board for ease of paddling.  


There are two specifications to pay attention to when it comes to weight: the weight of the paddle boarding board itself and the weight it’s designed to hold. A lightweight SUP is a good thing, as it will be easier to carry to and from the water.

As for weight capacity, most all-around stand up paddle boards have weight limits between 200 and 370 lbs. so they can float a wide range of riders. The lighter-duty paddle boards are ideal for kids, youth, and petite riders. If you’re plus-sized or intend to bring a companion aboard, you will need a strong board with a high weight capacity. 


The thickness of a board will correlate with how well it will float, how well it will change direction in the water, and how much weight it can hold. For versatility, most all around stand up paddle boards are six inches thick. This is thick enough to provide buoyancy and stability, and support even multiple passengers, yet thin enough that the board is still easy to maneuver in the water.



How long a SUP board extends determines how fast it can glide in the water. The longest SUPs are the fastest and ideal for racing and touring, where speed is a priority. The shortest sup boards, on the other hand, have amazing turning capability and are great for SUP surfing. 

The ideal length to choose also depends on your size. Tall riders require longboards, while shortboards are easier for petite riders to paddle. Generally, versatile SUP lengths range from 9’6” and 11 feet.

Fin Setup

The number of fins an all around paddle board is equipped with determines its tracking performance and ease of handling when paddle boarding. For stability, balance, and ease of steering, all-purpose SUP boards are usually equipped with three fins – one in the middle for straight tracking, water splitting, and balance, and two thruster fins on the sides for stability and turning. 

This 3-fin setup makes sup boards easy to handle and enables them to track straight. On the other hand, the best stand up paddle boards that perform well when touring and racing feature a single fin setup for an excellent glide with minimal drag. For ease of storage and transportation, it’s a good thing if the larger center fin is detachable. 


The best all around paddle boards feature a soft yet non-slip EVA traction pad. This provides a soft and comfortable surface to stand or kneel on for an extended duration. Most importantly, it ensures you have a secure grip when standing on the wet board, preventing slips and accidents. How comfortable the deck is an especially important consideration when yoga on the water is one of the activities you will be using the all around paddle board for. 

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Most all-around stand up paddle boards are all-inclusive SUP packages that come with all the essential paddle boarding accessories. This is a good thing, especially for entry-level paddle boarders. Not only will it save you money, but it will allow you to get in the water right away. Once you become an experienced SUP rider, you can invest in even better accessories than the ones the board comes with.

Essential stand up paddle boarding accessories include a SUP paddle, tracking fins, safety leash, d-rings and bungee cords for belongings, and a board bag. If you’re getting an inflatable SUP, the board should also come with a pump for inflation and deflation and a repair patch.



Q: What Does All-Round Stand For?


All-round stands for versatility. An all around paddle board has many uses and is good at a wide range of paddling activities. You can paddle it anywhere – lakes, ponds, rivers, and even the ocean. You can also use it for recreational paddling, fishing, fitness, touring, surfing, and racing and it will perform well in all the activities. 

Q: What Are The Main Advantages Of An All-Round Paddle Board?


The main advantage of investing in an all-round paddle board is that it gives you the flexibility to paddle it anywhere you wish and use it for any SUP activity without having to get an arsenal of paddle boards. This way, it saves you a fortune.

For beginning paddle boarders, an all round paddle board is easier to use than a specialized SUP. If you’re a first time paddle boarder, an all round sup is confidence-inspiring thanks to its stability and balance. Additionally, it will allow you to try different stand up paddling activities before you can invest in a more specialized board.

Q: How To Care For My Paddle Board?


If you want your all around paddle board to last long, you need to take good care of it. Follow these maintenance tips to keep your SUP in pristine condition and extend its lifespan: 

  • Rinse and dry your SUP board after each use. After paddle boarding in salt water, wash off all the salt to keep your board looking great.
  • Ensure the paddleboard is completely dry before you store it. Storing it inside an SUP cover when it’s still wet can cause water to be absorbed back into the board causing the paint to bubble. 
  • Store your all-around SUP board out of direct heat. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause fading and delamination.
  • Repair your SUP immediately if get damaged to avoid water seeping into the core of the board and damaging it.
  • Last but not least, we recommend using an SUP paddle guard to protect the rails from knocks and bumps, and invest in waterproof rail tape to protect the rails from scratches and chips.

Globo Surf Overview

When you’re looking for an all around paddle board that can handle different water conditions and activities, it’s important to pay attention to the length, width, thickness, design, and construction quality.

An all around paddle board should have versatile dimensions that make it stable in the water while still being responsive, fast, and fun to ride. All the sup boards in our all around paddle boards review meet these criteria. We hope our guide has helped you identify the best all around paddle board for your needs. Happy paddling!

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