Stand up paddle boarding can open doors to many healthy and fun ways of enjoying the water. An all-around stand up paddle board can be used for fishing, running rivers, yoga,    racing, touring, SUP surfing or just enjoying the outdoors while paddling around.  

The variety of activities you can do on an all-around SUP board is usually reflected in the various sizes and shapes of boards designed for different purposes. 

A board designed for running river rapids will be wider than usual, for river waves or surfing ocean will be shorter than average while for racing or touring will be extra-long.

All Round Paddle Board Reviews

Keep reading if this resonates with you. We’ve reviewed 10 paddle boards from yoga to surfing SUPs to help you choose the best all-around paddle board. Here are our favourite paddle boards and why we picked them.

How To Choose An All Around Paddle Board – Buying Guide


You need to conduct some research before settling on the best all-around sup. Purchasing a board with the wrong width or weight limit can affect negatively your enjoyment of the water sport. Below are factors to consider when buying an all-around stand up paddle board:


Your size will determine the type of SUP you’ll buy. If you’re short, you should go for a thinner board with a little less length to make paddling easier for you.


All boards have weight limits. Most offer weight limits between 200 – 350 lbs. You should choose a different sup board if your weight is over the weight limit of a particular board.


The thickness of a board will correlate with how well it will change direction in the water and how much weight it can hold.


Longer paddle boards are usually faster while racing or touring around and easier to keep straight while a shorter board is great for surfing and catching the waves.

Fin Setup

SUPs have 1-5 fins and more fins mean more specialization. Boards used for lake touring may only require one fin. However, a SUP will perform better with waves if it has more fins.


Every SUP comes with a traction pad that makes standing up a lot easier. These pads are no-slip to enable you balance when water spills on the pad.


If you’re an experienced SUP rider, you should purchase a board that comes with some type of paddle board accessories. Nowadays, most all-around boards offer accessories to help you enjoy your board.



Q: What Does “All-Round” Stand For?

A: All-round means a paddle board that’s versatile with many uses and good at a wide range of things.

Q: What Are The Main Advantages Of An All-Round Paddle Board?

A: Paddle boarding is not just for having fun with your friends but also beneficial to your personal health. Here are benefits of paddle boarding:
  • It can be done anywhere including oceans and lakes making it popular for riders who live inland. They can ride on a local river instead of driving to the shore.
  • It’s an excellent workout that will strengthen your core muscles as you move your paddle especially the inter-vertebral and obliques muscles.
  • It will help you lose weight since it can burn 400 or more calories in an hour help reduce strain on knees and lower backs.
  • The wobbling of the board will help you improve balance because of working constantly to keep your body upright.
  • SUP will train all your muscles to work together including your smaller muscles that are usually missed during a gym session while push-ups will work on your large muscles. 

Q: How To Care For My Paddle Board?

A: If you want your all-around stand up paddle board to last, you need to care for it. Follow these maintenance tips to make your SUP durable.  
  • Store your stand up paddleboard out of direct heat because they aren’t designed to be left out in direct sunlight for long periods. You risk de-lamination. This is when the fibreglass bubbles up and separates from the rest of the board. Buy a SUP cover if you’re travelling to prevent stone chips. 
  • Also stay clear of coloured boards because they attract heat subjecting your board to higher temperatures.
  • If you’re taking your all-around SUP board in the surf, wear a legrope to prevent a collision especially if you’re surfing near big crowds or rocks.
  • Repair your SUP immediately if it’s damaged to avoid water seeping into the core of your board.
  • Use a SUP paddle guard to protect the paddle and rails from knocks and pumps without affecting your paddle’s performance.
  •  Invest in waterproof rail tape, its durable and easy to apply. It will protect your rails from scratches and chips. 
  • Rinse and dry your SUP board after use. If you’re in salt water, wash off all the salt to keep your SUP board looking great. Don’t put your paddleboard inside the cover when it’s still wet to avoid osmosis (when water is absorbed back into the board’s finish causing the paint to bubble). 

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When you’re looking for an all-around stand up paddle board to buy, you should go for a SUP that will handle different water conditions and activities. The boards we’ve reviewed above fit that criteria. We hope you’ll use our reviews to find the best SUP for yourself.

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