Vilano Navigator 10′ Paddleboard Review


The Vilano Navigator offers its greatest feature, its amazing portability because it’s an inflatable SUP designed to be transported by the user. It comes with everything you need to use the board right away, including the adjustable paddle that can be up to 86” long, pump with pressure gauge, carry bag, patch, valve wrench, and some shoulder straps. Which can all be fitted in a packed bag of around 4’ tall and 2.5’ in width.

It has a maximum weight capacity of 280 lbs. when fully inflated at around 12 to 15 PSI. Making it a board that can be used by people of almost all sizes without having to worry about sinking. Also with its anti-slip groove traction deck pad, it won’t feel slippery and will help the user have less of a chance to fall.  Also offers a variety of D-rings that can be used to fit a back seat, some coolers, and towing general-purpose baggage with the added benefit of including an onboard bungee to hold extra cargo.

Made from durable PVC/Korean drop stitch construction, the Vilano company offers a warranty of up to a year in its product. With this material when inflated, the Navigator feels really similar to a hardboard with the added benefit of having many ways it can be used, which contrasts with the fact that hardboards don’t offer many possibilities aside from paddle related activities. Also, the board was made for different water types including lakes, gulfs, ponds, and light, and calm streams or rivers, it can even be used with some light waves in the sea.



Dimensions Inflated: 10’ feet by 31” in width by 6” thick.

Dimensions Deflated: 1’ by 36”

Max weight: 280 lbs.

Includes: 4 D-rings, 1 bungee for storage.

Adjustable paddle height: 65.5” to 86”

Holds up to 2 users

User Experience



The Vilano Navigator offers great performance in different types of water, but the experience can be much more enjoyable in calm waters that allow you to travel comfortably. With the choice of fitting in the removable fin, the user can decide how much speed you want to achieve, as well as what type of purpose you plan on using it for.

The board offers a low center of gravity making it a lot less likely for the user to fall, which is a great advantage for beginners and kids that want to get started with water sports. As well as the groove traction deck pad that will make the stance or the sitting on the board more comfortable.


This is likely the most attractive feature of this SUP is its portability, which allows the user to carry it or travel with the board and all of the accessories without worrying about space. With its deflated size of only 1’ by 36,” it can be easily stored in the bag that comes with the board or can be fitted inside luggage or a backpack that has enough space for the pump and paddle.

Even does it require a small amount of storage space, the board is not small enough to be carried in airplanes as carry-on luggage due to its size. But it can still be comfortably carried in your car by occupying a single seat or space alike.


The Vilano Navigator 10’ is really comfortable due to the added groove traction deck pad and the wide variety of storage possibilities. It can be used as a cruising paddleboard you can attach coolers to go out in a picnic in the water, or it allows you to carry fishing rods or such with the bungee on board. Or it can be used to carry your best friend with you, due to the incredible amount of weight capacity this board offers compared to others in its price range.

The groove traction deck pad also offers great comfort for the user in whatever way they plan to use it, is sitting down on it, or standing up. This gives the board the added benefit of being a board you can use to just chill in the water, do some light yoga, or even get a tan.


Even do the Vilano was not designed to be used as a fishing SUP, it can be used as long as you keep in mind the different ways you can fish from it. With its 4 D-rings and bungee, it will not be difficult to find places to store the equipment necessary, which makes it better for fishing than most of its competitors.

It can be a great experience though, since you can try different methods of fishing, such as using a net or going with the traditional rod and bait. With the addition of a back seat, you can use the Vilano as a sort of “kayak” so you can fish while sitting down, which will probably add up a couple of hours to your trip.


With the recommended air pressure of between 12 to 15 PSI, the board is really stable with the advantage of feeling a lot like a hardboard, which makes the experience more enjoyable since you don’t have to be scared of falling constantly. The board offers a low center of gravity for the user if the stance is over the deck pad, which will be the optimal point for performance.

Even do it is quite stable when the net weight of the users or user comes near the limit, the board will start to sink, and even do you can keep using it you will probably be wet in your feet constantly. It is stable enough to be used by two people at the same time as long as they don’t come too near to the weight capacity limit.

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Being an all-around inflatable SUP, the Vilano Navigator offers great possibilities for use since its multipurpose. With the addition of the back seat, it can be used as a “kayak” of sorts, with the maneuverability and speed a SUP offers. It can also be used as a simple paddle cruise SUP that has enough space and weight capacity for you to take your dog on an adventure.

The board also offers the possibility of becoming a beginner “surf” board, which can be perfect to learn the essentials of surfing, such as transitions, stance, balance, and control over the board, with the added benefit of features that make learning easier. With this feature in mind, this board is great for a family that enjoys water-based sports and is trying to start their kids or friends into SUPs.

It even offers enough storage space, to be used as a medium of transport to get to a secluded island or beach and having a romantic getaway with your partner or a friend. It can also be used as a simple tool to get a great workout at the weekends.

Overall Rating


  • Material 90%. It’s made with high-grade PVC and Korean drop stitch construction which makes it highly durable. Even do it can feel like a hardboard if it’s not inflated to the proper pressure, the board can feel unsafe.
  • Design 98% The Vilano Navigator 10’ has an amazing design thinking of all types of users from beginners to experts, given a large number of activities and dynamic uses it can do. Which makes it an attractive paddleboard for all ages and experiences alike.
  • Price 100% Vilanos Navigator is in a lower price range than other SUPs that offer this type of features, which makes it extremely competitive and a great choice for its price. One of the best bang for the buck SUPs available in the market.

Globo Surf Overview

In conclusion, the Vilano Navigator 10’ is one the best bang for the buck SUPs in the market, taking into consideration the different features they have and the purposes they can fulfill. Designed for the users that want to take advantage of the different uses and sports you can practice on a single board.

With its multipurpose capabilities combined with the features it offers, the Vilano Navigator is on top of most SUPs due to its weight capacity, size, portability, and the whole range of adventures these features allow you to have.

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Vilano Navigator 10' Paddleboard Review