MC Conks Go Explore SUP Review


Nestled nicely between an all-round paddleboard and a touring paddleboard, the MC Conks Go Explore inflatable SUP is a great option for those wanting to take their skills up a notch, without giving up on some of the advantages of the beginner models. Speed and performance blend seamlessly with the balance delivered by an all-round board in a product that puts forth a different way to consider paddleboarding.

The difference between all-round and touring paddleboards is not neglectable and is not little. It is easy to understand, therefore, how one could hesitate before abandoning the comforting stability of the wider all-round boards for the more aggressive profile of the touring ones. Yes, you can tackle rough water more efficiently and move further with fewer paddle strokes, but all this can prove a lot to handle for some less experienced users.

The MC Conks Go Explore inflatable SUP comes to fill a precious niche, allowing you to take one more step towards the more demanding boards instead of jumping in headfirst. It is only marginally narrower than the more basic boards and retains features such as the square tail and longfin to reduce side rolling that you can find on all-round boards. It comes with all the accessories you need to get going on the water and combines excellent handling with the portability of inflatable SUPs that we have grown to love.


The MC Conks Go Explore inflatable SUP board is shaped with a tighter nose, such as the one you would find in touring boards, but does not feature the sharp lines that make these boards stand out. Instead, it maintains a comfortable width, like all-around boards, have, so it can still provide all the balance that especially heavier riders tend to lack on the thinner and faster touring boards. Balancing on the board is made easier thanks to the crocodile skin deck pad you find on the surface, delivering an excellent compromise between foot comfort and grip. 

The board is long and built to feel very stable, with a long waterline for its length end especially a rocker that lets you slide through the water without creating debilitating wind resistance. The longfin reduces side to side rolling adding still more stability, making the MC Conks Go Explore SUP very usable by taller riders, who can often find themselves unbalanced. The fin is a standard 8-inch semi-flexible one and can be easily replaced simply by unscrewing the included universal fin bolt, should you choose to use a shorter or longer one for your rides.

The board can be purchased in combination with a variety of different paddle options, ranging from fiberglass and nylon to the more expensive bamboo and carbon, or you can also choose to buy only the board. In any case, included with your purchase you will receive a bag to transport it when deflated, a 10-foot long coiled leash, a double-action pump capable of reaching 15 psi in around 15 minutes, a repair kit, a second, semi-flex fin, and a bonus car sticker. Here is a complete list of features of the MC Conks Go Explore inflatable SUP.

  • Touring paddleboard with a gentler profile, ideal for beginners
  • Wide surface provides good stability even for taller users
  • Long waterline
  • Excellent rocker
  • Crocodile skin deck pad for extra grip
  • Square tail and 8-inch fin reduce side to side rolling
  • Interchangeable fin
  • Various available paddle option
  • Included double action pump
  • Repair kit provided
  • SUP transport bag comes with a purchase


SpecificationsInflated dimensions: 11 feet 4 inches x 32 inches x 6 inches

Deflated dimensions: 100 x 35 x 40 cm

Weight: 15 kg

Maximum pressure: 25 psi

Carrying capacity: Up to 200 kg

Available paddle options: Bamboo/carbon, black carbon, fiberglass/nylon

User Experience

User_ExperienceHandling/maneuverability: Speed and maneuverability don’t often rhyme with balance and stability, but the MC Conks Go Explore inflatable SUP board manages to elegantly blend them. The result is a board that can be sharp and aggressive when you want it to be but that the rest of the family can also enjoy. It’s easy to handle and turn but it can also cut through the water in a straight line with very few strokes. Its versatile design makes it a good choice for just about any activity you can imagine doing while standing on a paddleboard, be it yoga, touring, or even basic surfing. The deck pad does an excellent job of providing grip without taking a toll on the delicate soles of your feet. The board gives you that premium quality feels that enables you to have confidence in the water and enjoy your time without distractions. 

Portability: With the included double action pump, you can inflate the MC Conks Go Explore SUP in around 15 minutes up to a pressure of 15 psi and be quickly on your way. This should be more than enough for most uses. If you plan to push the board harder you can stretch it to 18 or even 20 psi, but in this case, it’s better to choose a stronger pump as well. The board’s limit is a pressure of 25 psi, but you probably won’t ever need to push it that far. In any case, the board feels nice and solid when blown up, just how it should be, and deflates quickly once you’re done. When you roll it up and stow it in the included bag, the size is not negligible but still impressive, considering that you can carry on your back a board that is longer than 11 feet. Weight is also well contained and in line with other models, you find on the market.


  • An excellent touring board that adapts to most situations
  • Easy to turn and maneuver
  • Inflates in around 15 minutes


  • Might not be specialized enough for some users
  • A bit expensive

Overall Rating

Overal_RatingHandling/maneuverability: 99% – The MC Conks Go Explore inflatable SUP board deserves high marks in this category because of its unique versatility, which makes it a valid choice for most activities one can do on a paddleboard. From touring to leisurely wading along to enjoy the view, to doing yoga, or even attempting surfing, the board comes with such excellent and well-rounded features that it can hold its own in numerous different situations. One board can very well be used by a whole family and accommodate everyone’s different tastes, and it is not often we get to say that about one product.

Portability: 97% – The MC Conks Go Explore inflatable SUP scores high for portability as well since it can collapse down and be stored into a bag that is easy to fit in the trunk of almost every car. The included double action pump makes it easy to inflate, even if it does take a little while, and despite multiple sessions, the board always feels stiff and solid once you’ve pumped enough air inside it. For a little added money you can get yourself a more powerful pump that will get the job done quickly and get you amid the waves faster, but the basic combination already works well for most applications.

Price: 91% – With all the goodies it brings, the MC Conks Go Explore inflatable SUP has the one flaw that it does come at quite a hefty price tag. That being said, you’ll find that most of the best options on the market come at a similar price, so if you’re looking for a valid choice for your paddleboard you’re probably prepared to deal with the cost. Other, cheaper models are also available but the quality is not always up to scratch. One more thing to consider is that given the versatility of the MC Conks Go Explore SUP it is unlikely that you’ll find yourself wanting for another board anytime soon, not unless you feel the need for a very specific tool.

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Overall: 96% – The MC Conks Go Explore inflatable SUP is a good option for a lot of people, and therefore it still deserves a high grade at the end of the day. We would have liked it to be a tad less expensive, but we have to admit that it brings quite a lot to the table for the price you pay for it. Overall, it’s an excellent choice for amateurs, experts, and everything in between, so it deserves our praise and appreciation.

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The options available to SUP users are growing just as rapidly as the market is expanding, but few show the quality and versatility of the MC Conks Go Explore inflatable SUP board. It’s rare to see a product that does so many things so well, and we’re confident we’ll see plenty of them in the water when warm days come along.

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MC Conks Go Explore SUP Review