Aqua Marina Vapor Paddleboard Review


It’s made of 4-inch double-wall stitch core material, making it an extremely light paddleboard at only 18.1 lbs. when fully inflated. It offers a Tri Fin system, with the center fin even being removable, which gives the Aqua Marina Vapor multiuse capabilities. If you want to use the board as a surfing board, you can remove the center fin, using only the side fins to decrease drag and increase speed. As well as the Honeycomb grooving footpad, which is designed to increase the grip of the user, while giving them comfort, if you compare them to hardboards.

In case you want to go on a paddle cruise, you can take advantage of the 3-piece adjustable aluminum included paddle. Allowing you to take some luggage with you using the integrated cargo D-ring with a bungee cord. If you don’t want to use it as either of the above options, the Aqua Marina Kayak high back seat, works great with the Vapor, making it a multiuse board being able to be used as an ISUP/surfboard/kayak option.

The Aqua Marina Vapor is also incredibly portable due to the fact it’s inflatable, comes with its own “magic” bag, and can be easily inflated. It has a deflated size of only 30.5” long and 16.5” wide, making it easier to store and to travel with. Due to its dimensions, it’s small enough to be carried in a plane or your back.

This Aqua Marina Paddleboard also offers the advantage of being easily inflated and set up. With the double action pump that comes with the board, you only need around 215 pumps, which takes more or less 5 minutes to set up. The Board can stand up to 15 PSI, by this time it feels more like a hardboard than an inflatable one.


Length: 9’10”

Width: 30”

Height:   4.72”

Weight: 18.1 lbs.

Weight Capacity: 220 lbs.

Maximum air pressure: 15 PSI

User Experience



The Aqua Marina Vapor is easy to use and set up board, it has all the features and specifications needed for someone who is diving into paddleboarding. The board is easily set up in under 10 minutes even if you are a novice. With its wide design and the honeycomb grooving footpad, it offers great comfort, grip, and speed without losing safety features. It’s a great board to get kids interested in water sports, with the advantage of being long and wide enough for an adult and a kid to use it at once.

One of the most amazing features of this board is its multipurpose capabilities. Aqua Marina offers a high back seat you can install to the Vapor to make it a “kayak”, which is fun to use especially when you’re using the board on a lake. As well as it is a common inflated stand-up paddleboard, it also offers the ability to do some light surfing, by removing the center fin, which allows the board to gets more speed.


Aqua Marina Paddleboard offers great stability for an inflatable all-around board, except when it comes to weights near its maximum capacity. It can carry up to 210 lbs. which can be a slight problem, because in that weight range you can feel the board sinking a little bit and losing stability, making the whole experience quite annoying.

With this said, the Aqua Marina Vapor still offers great stability to practice different sports like surfing, paddleboarding, and even some light yoga. The Honeycomb footpad has an excellent grip, making your stance comfortable and safe. It can be used safely in some small waves, but it can’t handle white foam rivers or big waves.


If you’re planning to carry luggage or even a floater cooler, the Aqua Marina Vapor can handle it, as long as you use the bungee cord to attach whatever you’re carrying to the integrated cargo D-Ring. It can even carry some luggage on top of the board, as long as you are in calm waters and you don’t exceed or even come close to the weight limit.

The Aqua Marina Paddleboard can be easily stored, due to its deflating capabilities. If you carry it in the “magic” bag that comes with the Vapor, you can expect to carry a bag of around 30.5” long and 16.5” wide, which for the segment of ISUPs is quite competitive, even better than most inflatable boards.


The Aqua Marina Vapor is not made for fishing, but it is still possible to fish in it. Even do Aqua Marina does not make a rod holder for the board, you can try using suction cups to maintain your fishing rod in a straight position while in use. If this choice is not suited for you, it will still be a great experience carrying the rod with the D-ring bungee cord, so you have access to it whenever you want to start fishing. It could also be adapted with the High back seat, to make the fishing experience more “kayak” like, without losing the maneuverability of an inflatable board.


The Aqua Marina Paddleboard offers great comfort for the novice and experienced users. This is due to its wide design, its footpad, and its size. Whenever you are on top of the board it seems like there is a lot of space you can use, added with the comfort of the footpad which will make you feel as do your standing on top of some foam.


This is one of the most outstanding features of the Aqua Marina Vapor, due to its high portability and it’s easy to carry design. As stated before, the “magic” bag you pack the board in, is only 30.5” long by 16.5” wide, making it the size of a common bag pack. As long as it is stored properly deflated, carrying the bag won’t be uncomfortable, due to the lack of bulges in the “magic” bag. With the dimensions mentioned earlier, the Aqua Marina Paddleboard can be taken on international and domestic flights, most of which would allow it as carry-on luggage.

One downside to the “magic” bag the Vapor comes with is the lack of space to carry the pump inside the bag. In most cases, there is no way to fit it in a way that makes it safe to carry without dropping it. This is a major downside, but it can be overcome by the use of a smaller bag you attach to the “magic” bag.

Performance in water

Aqua Marina Vapor has great performance in the water, it is a stable and reliable board with safety features that makes it an easy board to get back on top, in case you fall. Its performance is great for kids and adults alike, but if you have experience with ISUPs you will probably be let down by its performance. It has everything to be the perfect board to start with, even for the casual user, who is just looking to go on a paddle cruise with their dog.


  • Great for inexperienced users
  • Highly portable
  • Multipurpose board
  • Great customer service.


  • Weight capacity is small
  • The bag pack doesn’t fit the pump
  • The valve is hard to close after inflation

Overall Rating


Design 98%

Designed for the novice user this board offers great comfort and multi-use capabilities, which makes it great for an all-around board, with the downside of its low weight capacity.

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Material 90%

Even do it is made from a strong material, it can feel toy-like in some areas, due to the nylon feel the material has. Even do it doesn’t have a great feeling, the material is highly resistant and it offers the advantage of being easily patched up.

Price 100%

The Aqua Marina Vapor has a price tag that is extremely competitive with its competitors, making it a really attractive option.

Globo Surf Overview

As a whole, the Aqua Marina Vapor Paddleboard is a great choice for the new and season users, due to its price range, its stability, portability, and performance. Where the Vapor stands out over its competitors is in the usability, it’s a multipurpose board, able to be used as a SUP, kayak, and even a casual surfing board. This makes the Aqua Marina Vapor one of the top choices for nonprofessional users. The most outstanding downside is the low weight capacity the board has, allowing only up to 210 lbs.

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Aqua Marina Vapor Paddleboard Review