Pathfinder Inflatable Paddleboard Review


Pathfinder Inflatable SUP stands out because of its portability, price, all-around multipurpose capabilities, and how user friendly it is. At an inflated board, it’s only 9’ 9” long, with a 30” width and 5” thick, which makes it small-sized for the SUPs. But even do it can be smaller it still offers advantages relative to its competitors which can be definite in the process of acquiring the right board for you.

It comes in a 64” total dimension bag, which includes an adjustable aluminum paddle, high-pressure air pump, detachable center fin, and valve wrench. Which gives the pathfinder SUP great portability for someone on the go. Even so, it’s extremely portable, setting it up can be a bit difficult since the air pump gets extremely hard after it has been inflated over 10 PSI, which can give it a bit of extra difficulty.

The Pathfinder paddleboard offers different options for storage since it offers a Bungee for onboard cargo and a D-ring which is normally used for a leash but can also be used to towing cargo, like a cooler. Thanks to the width deck pad also offer the possibility to sit down on top and use the board as a “kayak”, but without a backrest, it will probably be uncomfortable after a while.

Pathfinders inflatable SUP offers a multipurpose board since it can be used for paddle cruising, small wave surfing, and all-around fun in multiple water activities. With the feature of the center detachable fin, you can control how much drag the board gets, so it can be great if you want to go nice and slow or start building up speed.



Material: Multi-layer drop-stitch PVC material.

Length: 9’ 9”

Width: 30”

Thickness: 5”

Weight Capacity: 240 lbs.

Inflated Weight: 22 lbs.

Pressure: 12-15 PSI.

User Experience



The Pathfinder paddleboard is extremely user friendly, allowing kids and beginners to safely use it and learn. All it takes to set up, at least with the included air pump, is a little help to take the board up to 12-15 PSI so it can be used in its recommended settings. Attaching the center fin and locking the two paddle parts is fairly simple so it’s ready to use in minutes.

It was designed to deliver its best performance while in flat waters, but it can be used in the ocean when it has minimal waves to learn how to surf or cruise without any real danger. Using a leach with the D-ring would be the best set up in a beach scenario due to the advantage of not losing your board in case of falling.


The Pathfinder Inflatable SUP offers fair stability for a board of its size and features. Since it is not a really wide board, it will not have the best stability for bigger people and will require to use of a stance that can distribute weight equally throughout the board. But for smaller users, it will be a great experience in this aspect, due to the board being a little heavy when inflated, at about 21 lbs.  which will help stability when there are winds.


This small for its range board offers two main storage options that can be lightly modified to best fit your needs. It offers a bungee for onboard storage on the front of the board, which can give you adequate storage for your needs in the water. It also offers a D-ring for a leash to be attached to, but this can be used in different ways to increase the amount of cargo you can carry. Especially if you use waterproof containers such as coolers which can be towed by the boat while attached to the D-ring.

For short or long-term storage, the Pathfinder Inflatable SUP offers many advantages. One of which is the small bag everything can fit too, which is under 36” when completely folded. With total dimensions of around 64” for the packed bag. As long as it is properly packed with no air, dry, center fin removed and valve removed, it can be stored away for a long time without taking too much of your valuable space.


With a width of around 30” in the area of the deck pad, the Pathfinder paddleboard offers enough room for fishing to be done from. Even do it does not sound like as much space, it’s more than enough to do some light fishing from it. In this case, the board can be used in two ways, the first fishing standing up on the board, or the second possibility is to use it as a sort of “kayak” to keep a more comfortable position while fishing.


The most outstanding comfort the pathfinder SUP offers is its deck pad, which feels soft to your feet while still maintaining a hardboard style on it. With its length and width, it can be a great choice for some yoga that doesn’t require much space, but it can be done especially in calm waters. If you are planning a long trip on the board it maintains its comfort during the ride, due to its simple, easy to use design.

With the attached bungee for on-board storage, this paddleboard can be used as a small boat to go to a private area and have a romantic water adventure.


Portability is one of the top features the Pathfinder Inflatable SUP offers since it is easily carried due to the bag it comes in. But aside from everything fitting into the small bag, the Pathfinder paddleboard is easy to carry even when it’s completely inflated due to its low weight of around 21 lbs. It can also be transported while inflated in the car, as long as you don’t mind the 9’ board in the middle of the car.

Performance in the water

The Pathfinder Inflatable SUP offers great performance in the water thanks to its size, design, and materials. This great performance is only possible in flat waters or small waves, if you try to use it in another type of water you will have a bad experience due. This is because the Pathfinder is a simple user-friendly board that does not offer extreme sports compatibility or alternative. This makes it great for all in the family use, with kids and people wanting to practice new water-based sports.


  • Portability
  • Price
  • Wide range of water conditions.
  • Multiple purposes.


  • Hard to inflate
  • Paddle is only composed of two pieces, making it long.

Overall Rating


Materials: 96%. Made out of multilayer drop-stitch PVC material, it offers great advantages due to how light the materials are, and the resistance they have.

Design: 98%. Designed for beginners and everyday users alike, the pathfinder Paddleboard offers and aerodynamical design made to withstand high use scenarios and multiple possible uses. It is aesthetically pleasing due to its bright colors and minimalist design.

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Price: 100%. One of the cheapest SUP of its range, it does not fall behind in features and uses compared to other boards. Which provides one of the best bangs for the buck options for new users and hobbyists alike. It also does not lose any of its safety features.

Globo Surf Overview

The pathfinder inflatable SUP is a great choice for beginners who are looking to learn and practice without having to spend too much money. This SUP can fit any user’s lifestyle since you can practice yoga, fish, take your dog out for a cruise, or even take your kid. Acquiring the pathfinder can open your world up to whole new adventures, be it a romantic paddle or just sitting meditating while in the water. Its downsides are mostly due to its features, but at this price point, it’s a great product for everyone on a budget.

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Pathfinder Inflatable Paddleboard Review