Bay Sports 2019 10’8 Seek Paddleboard Review


The Bay Sports 2019 10’8 Paddleboard is a top-rated choice in 2019 and for valid reasons – number one being it is designed for all levels of users. The paddleboard can also support most body types meaning, it is just right for most people. Whether rocking a slow scenic cruise with your other half, paddling with your kids on a recreational sunny Sunday afternoon, or working out a sweat, you can never go wrong with this activity.

Featuring a choice of vibrant color finishing and a cost-effective double layer PVC construction reinforced with a drop stitch, this sup is highly sturdy and stable, making it able to support most sizes of individuals. The cost-effective construction method also makes the Bay Sports 2019 10’8 sup quite affordable. A small drawback to the construction is that it may not be as sturdy as other Bay Sports sups when supporting individuals with large and heavy frames.

Thanks to its superior design, the sup also boasts smooth glides and movement on the water whilst maintaining maximum stability for safety. The stability is always maintained by the large and dense flat nose whilst speed and easy movement is maintained by a pulled back tail.

If you are looking for all-time family sup, then the Bay Sports 2019 10’8 Paddleboard is your new pal in 2019. Why? Below is a detailed outline as to why this water sports gem should be on your next purchase list.


The Bay Sports 2019 10’8 Paddleboard comes with all-time features that definitely make it to reckon with – safe for all, practical, and fully functional. Easy and quick set up strong but stylish design, cost-effective but durable construction – I mean, every feature is included for a purpose, don’t believe me? See below.


With compliments from its newly improved pump, the Bay Sports 2019 10’8 Paddleboard’s inflating process has been made easy and more efficient – your paddleboard will inflate in just 60 seconds. However, as stated before, you will work a sweat with this paddleboard – and the process starts during the setup. Like most sups, the Bay Sports sup inflation process will take some breath away but it’s not the typical corps style boot camp workout. The deflation process, on the other hand, is a breeze!

Body design

The inflatable Bay Sports 2019 10’8 features a 6” thickness and with the support of its large, flat base accounts for its stable design whilst the 10’8 length incorporates a pull design, sort of like a tail, which accounts for its fast, easy tracking, and smooth movements. With an additional clip-on high-quality fin, the sup accentuates its movement performance to give it turning power and tracking.

Moving on, the EVA diamond padded deck provides excellent comfort and prevents slipping when in motion whilst the bungee cords attached to the strong 4D rings provide space to tuck in your immediate necessities – of course, while they are inside a dry bag. Lastly, this sup really does cater to all – with an array of colorful designs to choose from, the Bay Sports 2019 sup is a perfect gift idea for your water-loving and outdoor enthusiast family or friends.



The Bay Sports 2019 10’8 Paddle features a lightweight and 3 piece breakable fiberglass paddle, so you can adjust heights according to individuals, easily paddle due to its lightweight make and fiberglass ensures durability, sturdiness, and quality.


Constructed with a dual valve system, the included pump ensures efficacy to the highest point and will not disappoint. Thanks to the valve system, the air pump into the paddleboard will never flow back – thus this prevents fatigue and makes sure you don’t work doubles!


How cumbersome would it be to have supped with no leash option? The coiled leash really comes in handy especially when you are on less calm expeditions.

Carry bag

A sport that athletic look whilst keeping you sup and additional gear safe in the lightweight backpack included. Additionally, with its large space, you will find more gifts included – a breakable 3 pc paddle, a pump, and a repair kit.



Weight: 19.8 pounds

Length: 10 feet 8 inches

Thickness: 6inches

Inflates to: 15 – 26 psi

Weight capacity: up to 395 pounds

Material: 1mm high tensile PVC, dual-layer with drop-stitch reinforcement

Fin: Single, 7” detachable fin with screws

Carry handles: 1, on the center

Package includes: Paddleboard, paddle, pump, repair kit, and backpack (carry bag)

User Experience


Ease of use

Most users have praised the Bay Sports 2019 10’8 paddleboard for its overall ease of use- from inflation to the deflation process.  The available and high-quality accessories have further smoothened the processes.


Thanks to its sturdy and masterfully articulated design, many users enjoy the stability, space, and tracking power of this sup. The Bay Sports sup is ideal for just about anything, whether learning to paddleboard, paddling on a romantic afternoon, or working out a sweat. It is however wise to size up your sup, as we know the closer you are to the maximum weight capacity, the less effective the performance.

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The Bay sports 2019 10’8 is quite convenient and portable to carry thanks to its structured dynamics. With a weight of only 19.8 lbs, this inflatable sup is quite lightweight and can easily fit into its backpack carry case and be transported anywhere easily. The strapped backpack is an absolutely savior; you don’t have to strain your arms lifting the sup, simply load it on your back and be on your way. When inflated, the handle at the center of the sup makes it easy and convenient for moving to the water.


The low-cost construction of the paddleboard had many worries about its durability, however, the carefully chosen material has proven otherwise. The Bay sports sup has proven to be one of the most durable and high-quality paddleboards of 2019, a testament by many users.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable low-cost construction
  • Competitively priced
  • Comes in a complete package
  • Offers excellent tracking
  • Stable and no-slip deck space
  • Bungee cords to attach your belongings
  • D-Ring to attach optional ankle leash


  • Not enough storage space
  • May not be as comfortable and perform fully for heavier set individual

Overall Rating


  • Construction:  98% – the featured low cost but effective construction has incorporated quality material to ensure the sups’ sturdy make. The only downside is the construction may not be strong enough to offer maximum performance and support to heavier people (maybe a little uncomfortable).
  • Stability: 100% – the sup is effectively stable thanks to its combined dynamics – thick make, nonslip and large deck, and narrow pulled back nose design.
  • Performance: 100% – the sup offers maximum stability and no-nonsense tracking – thanks to the tapered tail and 7” fin. The use of 1mm PVC makes the sup lightweight and buoyant, thus accentuating its performance abilities. The 3 layers of tape on the rails – further strengthens its durability and power. What more could you ask for?
  • Design and appearance: 100% – the many available color options are highly stylish and trendy. I know your low key want to sport this bad boy and stand out! The bungee cords linked to the 4D rings provide the ample space we all need to store our necessities whilst the padded deck space provides a non-slip safe space during motion.
  • Price: 100% –   due to its cost-effective and articulate construction, the sup is available at a very competitive investment price when compared to other inflatable sups. The one thing to put in mind is that, though low priced, the sup has still managed to maintain quality and performance. Plus, for the price, it also comes with additional accessories. Now, this is what we deem a steal!

Globosurf Overview

In retrospect, the Bay Sports 018 10’8 Paddleboard is a worthy keep. Yes, different paddleboarders have different requirements but isn’t it a good idea to go for this all-timer? Let me remind you of the key facts – it’s a low cost, it’s ideal for all levels of users, and most body types, it’s fast, it tracks well, and it’s sturdy and highly durable. Need I say more? All you have to do is add this gem to the list and get it ASAP – for a fun, memorable outdoor experience no matter the nature of your paddleboard activity!

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