Stand up paddleboarding is a great water sport activity that anyone can enjoy, but because it requires a lot of equipment, knowing how to choose the best cheap inflatable paddle boards can be of great help. With the popularity of paddleboarding increasing, the designs of paddle boards have also changed. Cheap inflatable paddle board designs have come a long way with affordable, but better-built boards. In order to help you find the best ones out there, our team has worked to make a research and create a list with the 10 best cheap stand up paddle boards together with a buying guide that is supposed to help you along with the search. The following paddle boards were shown as the best ones in the previous year among the reviewers, and due to their unique qualities, our list has something to offer for every paddle boarder out there!

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How To Choose A Cheap Paddle Board – Buying Guide


If you are curious about what SUP is, you should know that learning how to paddle a stand up paddle board can be a thrilling and satisfying experience. Once you are able to balance, you can propel yourself through the water and gently glide along. Even the best paddle boarders will fall off their boards at some point, but it is fun to get back up on your board and keep trying.

While paddle boarding is a water sport in its own right, a stand-up paddle board can also be used for SUP fishing, practicing yoga poses, and even catching a few waves to go SUP surfing. This can make it even more enticing to make an investment and purchase your own stand up paddle board, rather than renting or borrowing from a friend.

If you are looking for a cheap stand up paddle board, there are a few different options that are available to you. You will have to consider the differences between a plastic or fiberglass paddle board, as well as the difference between a fiberglass and inflatable paddle board. The difference between all the types of stand up boards can help you determine the price and how much you are willing to invest.

It can be overwhelming to choose one affordable paddle board design because there has been an increase in the market with the rise of the sport’s popularity. To find the best budget paddle boards, you should look at the features of each design. The features can help you determine if the board is durable, reliable, and best for your needs.


Even with cheap SUP boards, there are varying price ranges. The most affordable paddle board will be an inflatable design. Inexpensive paddle boards are inflatable because they use less material to make the board. Unlike solid boards, you can save money by using air to inflate your board to its full size. Most cheap inflatable paddle boards will be around or under $700 dollars, but you can find certain cheap SUP boards for under $500. It may still sound like a pricey investment, but you should remember that many stand up paddle board designs can easily cost $1000 or more. A great way to find the best inexpensive paddle board that would suit your needs, you should set a budget before you look at models.

With around a $200 price difference, even with inexpensive paddle boards, you can some money or spend a little more. If you are struggling to set your budget, you should consider a few differences between the model’s prices first because they could help you determine which cheap SUP to invest in.

A cheap inflatable paddle board that is around or under $700 are the best designs. These inexpensive paddleboards are normally from industry-leading brands that offer high-quality and innovative designs. The cheap stand up paddle board will likely also provide quality customer service and better additional paddle board accessories. There should be clear instructions on how to use the cheap SUP, how to store your board, and how to inflate your paddle board. In addition, these cheap SUP boards will provide a better performance in the water, which can rival that of more expensive design.

Cheap stand up paddle boards that are around or under $500 provide the most savings out of all paddle board designs. However, they have some drawbacks that can make an extra $200 into your investment a better choice. Most cheap SUP boards under $500 will be made by smaller brands. These brands may not be as easily recognized. To save money, they are made of cheaper materials and will have lower quality additional accessories. Some designs are made offshores, which can make instructions unclear.

Most reviews will tell you that paddleboards are often very satisfied with a $700 paddle board, even with the extra $200 cost because the industry-leading brands offer the best quality for the best price. The most inexpensive paddleboards can lead to disappointments because the board does not function well, or it is constantly having maintenance issues.


There are many different pros and cons to the varying lengths of stand up paddle board’s cheap designs. The length can affect how the board moves through the water, how easy it is to maneuver or determine how well the board tracks in the water.

In general, a cheap SUP board that is longer will move quicker in the water. Longer boards will glide more quickly over the surface of the water versus a shorter board. On the flip side, it will be harder to maneuver a longboard versus a short board. A longboard will take more energy and effort to turn, whereas a shorter board will have a better turning radius. Longer boards will also track better in the water versus short boards.

There are a lot of different lengths available in stand up paddle boards cheap designs. You can find a board that is just under 10 feet long and others that are over 12 ½ feet long. While the benefits of a longer board may be appealing to you or you want a shorter board for better maneuverability, it is important that you have correctly sized up your board.

In general, beginners and immediate paddle boarders will need to learn the sport on longer boards. The boards that are about 10 feet or longer are the best for learners. It’s just as important to correctly size your board length, as it is to find the best SUP paddles and correctly size your SUP paddle.


Along with different lengths, different inexpensive paddle boards also have different widths. The wider the board is, the more stable it will be. However, a large width also means more drag in the water. The drag in the water will make a paddle board slower or faster in the water. Skinnier boards will move more quickly through the water than wider boards.

For beginners, wider boards are better because they offer more stability. A board that is 32 inches wide would be better for beginners than a board that is 28 inches wide. However, even if you are a paddle board expert, you may want a different width depending on the paddle board activity you are doing. If you are SUP fishing, surfing, or practicing yoga positions a wider board could be the best option for you.


The thickness of the board will also determine how firm it is. Firm boards are better because they will hold their shape better and keep you higher out of the water. The best affordable paddle boards that are good quality will be about 6 inches thick to ensure they are firm.

The problem with paddle boards that are not firm is that they can sag in the water. Lower quality cheap SUP boards are under 6 inches. These boards will often drag in the water, which will make it harder to maneuver and paddle the board. The lower you sit in the water, the more energy you will have to use to paddle the board.

A cheap inflatable paddle board that is too thin can mean you are left frustrated because you have to cut your trip short. Top rated cheap stand up paddle boards should always keep you resting high on the water to make movement easier.

Nose and Tail Rocker

The nose and tail rocker are not the most important features to consider when choosing top rated cheap stand up paddleboards, but they do make a difference. Cheap SUP boards that have more nose and tail rocker will have a design where the front and tail of the boarding point more upwards. If you are wanting to paddle board in wavy conditions, having more nose rocker is ideal to keep you more stable.



Q: What is the difference between a regular and inflatable paddle board?


There are two main differences between regular and inflatable paddle boards; those are the design and the price. Regular paddleboards are one solid board that cannot be broken down. They are larger and heavier than inflatable paddleboards. They will also be likely made of a durable plastic or fiberglass material. Regular paddleboards will also require different additional accessories like a car roof rack and knowledge of how to transport your stand up paddleboard safely.

Inflatable paddleboards are a collapsible design that uses air to hold the shape of the board once it is inflated. These designs will use electric pumps or hand pumps to inflate the board, so you will have to learn how to inflate your ISUP. Due to their collapsible design, these boards are easier to transport because they can be broken down. Cheap inflatable paddle boards can be easily carried in SUP board bags and taken to a variety of locations. Finally, the prices are drastically different between regular and inflatable paddleboards.

Regular paddleboards will be more expensive because they require more material to make them. The materials used for these boards are normally high-quality plastic or fiberglass. This makes them durable and sturdy, but also more expensive. Cheap inflatable paddle boards are normally made of high-quality plastics, which can be easily inflated. They are less expensive because they are not one solid and molded piece. Rather you save money by taking the time to pump in the air to finish the shape of the board.

Q: Are inflatable paddle boards safe?


Yes. Generally, paddle boarding is a safe water sport activity. However, as with any sport, there can be elements that can make unsafe situations. To ensure the user’s safety, there is a paddle board safety guide that can help you have a safe trip.

To ensure you stay safe you will want to have all your necessary stand up paddle boarding gear and equipment and understand all the parts of a stand-up paddle board. Paddle board leashes will keep your board close and learning how to store your stand up paddle board can also help keep you safe. A clean and maintained board is less likely to break or have malfunctioned. If you are paddle boarding with kids, you will want to ensure you use a SUP life vest too.

Q: Does a low cost mean low quality?


Not necessarily. As we discussed with the budget, there are a lot of affordable paddleboards that are still high-quality designs. The lower cost of a cheap inflatable paddle board versus a regular board doesn’t always mean you are stuck with a low-quality board, but it can.

There are some lower quality cheap stand up paddle boards that do equate to what you spend is what you get. Some inexpensive paddleboards do reflect the price tag and they can have difficulties in the water or be a poor design.

The best way to gauge if a cheap Sup is worth the money is to look at reviews. Other paddleboarders can tell you if the investment is worth it and if low cost really does equate to low quality with design.

Q: How to store a paddle board in winter?


The best way to store your paddle board in winter is to use a rack, either inside or outside of your house, garage, or apartment. But if you need to store it during the winter months, it is always better to keep it inside the house to avoid damage.

To properly hold heavy boards and prevent damage to them, most racks are made with steel frames covered with foam padding. Other rack options include using board straps or racks made from wood, so if you haven’t purchased one yet, you should consider doing so.

Also, there are some options that will help you make a rack inside your garage, which can be a good idea if you are planning to do it on a budget.

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Q: What is the best stand up paddle board for beginners?


This question can’t be answered in a simple sentence. First of all, it is really important to determine the reason why you are looking to purchase a paddle board. Each activity will often require purchasing a separate paddle board, but also, you can seek for a universal one that is specifically made by following a few criteria at the same time.

But if you are willing to make sure that you will have the best option possible without risking anything, you can choose for a board that will provide you advanced features for the activity you are going to perform.

So for example, if you are using it for yoga, you will need one that will be extremely balanced, if you want a board that will be used for touring or racing, you should seek for the most durable one and so on.

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There are a lot of different types of paddle sports that you can try. It can be a great experience to own your own stand up paddleboard, but if the cost is a worry, there are a lot of top-rated cheap stand up paddleboards for you to choose from.

You shouldn’t have to be restricted by your budget to experience the fun of stand up paddleboarding. Cheap inflatable paddle boards can be just as reliable as other designs and have benefits that other paddleboards don’t. Cheap inflatable paddle boards will be easier to transport and store.

The best budget paddle boards will get you out on the water and ready to explore. If you know exactly what you want, you can save time and money by investing in the best low cost paddle board. With top-rated cheap stand up paddleboards, you can easily unlock the benefits of paddleboarding and experience the sport firsthand.

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