Jimmy Styks has become a popular choice for paddle boarders since coming onto the SUP scene in 2009. The company offers several hard, soft top, and inflatable SUPs that appeal to many paddlers. Jimmy Styks inflatable paddle boards range in size from 10.4 to 14 feet in length. They also have two inflatable surfboards, a 6ft shortboard, and an 8ft longboard. Their boards come complete with all the paddle board accessories you need to start paddling.

In our review, we’ll look at the top 3 Jimmy Styks paddle boards. To help you choose the best Jimmy Styks paddle board for your needs, we’ve explained what makes each board stand out and included specs for each model.

How To Choose A Jimmy Styks Paddle Board – Buying Guide


Choosing the right paddle board can be daunting especially when you don’t know what to look out for. To make it easy to pick the best Jimmy Styks SUP that’s well designed and of good quality, below is an overview of the factors to consider when choosing:


The length of a stand up paddle board plays a major role in its performance on the water. Longer boards are usually faster than shorter ones. However, shorter boards are more maneuverable. When considering length, it’s important to think about your intended use as well.

  • Shortboards, below 10ft, are great for kids or beginners looking to learn SUP paddling. Additionally, they’re more maneuverable than longer boards making them ideal for tackling waves.
  • Medium boards between 10ft – 12ft are perfect for SUP yoga and all-around use.
  • Long paddle boards measuring 12.6ft and above are ideal for racing and touring. They tend to track straighter and are faster than short and medium boards.


SUP widths range from 25 inches to 36 inches. On the water, a wide board is more stable than a narrow board. However, it can be difficult to paddle if the board is too wide for your body size. When choosing the width of your SUP, consider your body type, the type of paddling you’ll be doing, and your ability level.

Body Type

If you’re a big rider, go for a wider board for stability. If you’re a small rider, a narrower board will suit you better. A small rider will find their balance on a narrow board while a big rider will struggle to do so. On the other hand, a small rider will struggle with paddling an extra-wide board.

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Type Of Paddling

The ideal SUP to pick also depends on the type of paddling you will be doing. A board that’s at least 31 inches wide is ideal if you intend to do yoga on the water. It will give you space and stability for striking SUP yoga poses. If you want to race, go for narrower boards as they’re faster than wider boards.

Ability Level

If you’re getting into standup paddleboarding for the first time, wide board will give you maximum stability so you can feel secure on the water. If you’ve been paddling for quite some time, you may prefer a narrower and longer SUP that delivers top speed.


The materials a paddleboard is made of will determine how long it will last. Jimmy Styks paddle boards are built using two layers of drop stitch materials and other technologically advanced materials to provide increased stiffness, rigidity, and top-notch durability.


When choosing a paddleboard size, pick one that has enough volume to keep you afloat based on your experience level and weight. As we’ve already discussed above, the ideal size will also depend on your height and ability level, and the type of paddling you’ll be doing.


An inflatable stands up paddle board is less expensive compared to a regular board. This makes an inflatable SUP a good stand up paddle board for a beginner paddle boarder. However, an affordable price point shouldn’t be at the expense of performance and durability. The best approach is to determine your budget and then get the best stand up paddle board for the money.

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Jimmy Styks paddle boards are constructed with:

  • Two layers of drop-stitch material fused in the manufacturing process to provide increased rigidity and stiffness while decreasing weight.
  • A layer of durable PVC material with thousands of threads connected to the top and bottom to help the board maintain its shape.
  • Multiple layers of fiberglass and epoxy around an expanded polystyrene core and wood stringer for maximum strength.



Q: Why Choose Jimmy Styks Paddle Board?


A Jimmy Styks paddleboard is incredibly rigid and stable yet lightweight. Here are other reasons why you should choose their boards:

  • They’re affordable making then great for beginners who may not be able to buy expensive paddle boards.
  • They’re versatile and can be used for a variety of paddling activities and conditions.
  • They’ve good stability, maneuverability, and tracking performance.

Q: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Jimmy Styks Paddle Board?


The Jimmy Styks paddleboard is a very popular board among paddlers. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this board:


  • Their stability on the water makes them very maneuverable and perfect for beginner paddlers.
  • They have a soft foam layer on top for comfort and are a great choice for those getting into stand up paddling for the first time.
  • They’re cheap paddle boards but still provide the rigidity and performance of more expensive boards.
  • Finally, they come with everything you need to start paddling from the paddle to the leash.

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  • Jimmy Styks only guarantee their paddle boards for one year
  • Their boards are not ideal for experienced paddle boarders

Q: What Is The Difference Between A Regular And Jimmy Styks Paddle Board?


Below are how Jimmy Styks paddle boards differ from a regular board:

  • They’re designed to be compact, and they deflate easily and quickly into a small size.
  • Due to their compact size when deflated, they are extremely easy to carry. You can even tuck them under your arm.
  • Their compact and lightweight nature opens up paddling opportunities wherever you go, as you can easily bring them along.
  • They’re stable on the water and allow beginners to enjoy SUP fishing or yoga on the water without tipping over.

Globo Surf Overview

Jimmy Styks offers well-rounded rigid, soft top, and inflatable paddle boards that won’t break the bank. Their paddleboards are of high-quality and well designed to allow you to enjoy paddle boarding. We hope our detailed reviews will help you choose the ideal paddle board for your experience level, type of paddling, and body type.

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