SereneLife Premium Inflatable Paddle Board Review


The SereneLife SUP has lots of amazing features, such as the no-slip top deck design and the sturdy PVC, drop stitch material it is produced from. The SereneLife inflatable paddle board is made of top-notch PVC materials. The paddleboard has the ability to remain strong and survive encounters with rocks and other forms of obstacles.

The SereneLife SUP grants its users the comfort, stability, and balance they need to have a smooth, steady, and fun ride cruising the waters. Take a look at some of its other features:

  • It has an adjustable oar which can work perfectly fine irrespective of the user’s height
  • D-rings attachment for kayak seat
  • It has a tri-fin system that increases speed and aids maneuverability of the board
  • The SereneLife SUP also features a leash that helps to keep the board accessible in instances of fall and slip
  • The SereneLife SUP comes with a complete pack of paddleboard accessories
  • It is lightweight and made of topnotch PVC and drop stitch material, which makes it SUPer strong
  • It also comes with a wide, soft, no-slip top deck for stability and balance
  • It has a higher weight limit, having a standard single-person design



Length: 10.5 feet

Width: 30 inches

Thickness: 6 inches

Weight: 19.6 pounds

Capacity: 275 pounds

Inflates to: 15PSI

Material: Reinforced Engineered PVC

Included accessories: manual air pump, coiled ankle leash, repair kit, an adjustable SUP paddle and a backpack

User Experience


Performance: Users of the SereneLife paddleboard have found it to be easy and convenient to handle. It is regarded to be relatively stable and fun to utilize. You can hardly tell the difference between this inflatable board and the hard paddleboards out there, as they’re made of top quality materials and extremely sturdy. You might not even be able to realize it’s an Inflatable SUP at first sight.

As described earlier, this SereneLife board features three fins, which help to increase speed and enable easy maneuverability of the board. Users describe it as perfect for casual paddle boarding, lightweight, and easy to pack after use. Its sturdy structure makes it move through the water easily and is described by users to be perfect for beginners who want to learn how to ride a SUP.

 As an additional feature, you can decide to get an adjustable kayak seat for your Inflatable paddleboard that attaches to the D-rings which fits in perfectly for wind paddling. The triplefin system offers users great traction when on the board as it glides through the water easily. The size of the board can also accommodate quite a few things you need on the water, such as a kayak seat, which can be attached to the D-rings. The width and thickness of the board grant users improved stability and balance, which is great for a low budget Inflatable SUP.

Setup and Portability: Riders say that the Serene Life premium is simple to set up and the high-quality pump it comes with makes it easy to inflate the board. With a weight of 19.6 pounds, this board shouldn’t be so heavy to carry, it can be carried by just a person, and can be easily moved as you trek from land to the destination where it is going to be used on water.

Users have also described the manual air pump that comes with it to be of good quality and fills the board much faster when compared to the other kinds of air pump that comes with the previous paddleboards they have used. Though it is said to be difficult and exhausting when you utilize the hand pump. In this case, an additional electric pump with the exact valve can come in handy.

It is however described to be easy to deflate, light in weight, easy to move about, and can be packed conveniently into the backpack, which is well suitable for those who travel a lot going for SUP surfing excursions, adventure, and other outdoor activities. Buyers have made positive comments on the backpack that comes with the board, which makes storing the board as well as transportation pretty much easy to do.

It is easy to set up and can be conveniently inflated to attain the preferred 15PSI in less than 5 minutes. Though there have been complaints made by buyers about the SUP board bag not being large enough, this actually doesn’t matter, since the paddleboard is of top quality and extremely sturdy, and that’s all that matters.

Construction and Design: The Serene Life SUP is praised for its high-quality material, made tough from a reinforced engineered PVC. Users have described it to be very sturdy and of top quality compared to other Inflatable paddle boards they have used. They are extremely strong and relatively stable on the water, particularly for beginners.

The three fin system enables the board to give users great traction while on it as it glides through the water easily. The no-slip top deck design also gives its users a steady ride as it offers an improved balance and stability. The Serene Life premium also has adequate D-rings encompassing its traction pad and well suitable for kayak seats (when you want to convert the SUP to a kayak) and for storage purposes too.


  • It comes with a complete package
  • The SereneLife Premium iSUP is made in 4 different colors
  • Its no-slip top deck design makes it ideal for beginners
  • It has adequate D-rings encompassing its traction pad useful for both storage and attachment purposes
  • Top-quality construction and extremely sturdy
  • It glides easily and can be conveniently maneuvered thanks to its trio fin system.


  • Users noticed that the color of the paddleboard fades easily
  • The air pump it comes with seems difficult and exhausting to use

Overall Rating


  • Price: 100% – The manufacturer made sure that you get all the qualities at a reasonable price. It is one of the best priced Inflatable paddle boards you would see around. It is top quality and sturdy board that is worth the money. Despite being not too costly, it is built from quality materials. Beginners and professionals in paddleboarding are going to love its anti-slip top deck design and long-lasting PVC structure.
  • Material: 100% – The SereneLife paddleboard is one of the strongest Inflatable brands available on the Inflatable paddleboard market. It’s made strong from a high-quality PVC and drops stitch material. We really like the hardboard feeling it gives, and this guarantees the durability and stability it offers.
  • Design: 90% – We can say it has a simple, yet great design. From the way it is shaped and structured, it guarantees users easy handling and offers SUPerb surf control. Its design will make you feel you are on a hard board without compromising performance as you enjoy skimming and cruising the waters. This is why many people use it for different activities like SUP fitness or even some fishing.
  • Overall: 96% – This board is a great one to look out for. We can boldly suggest it to anybody who loves traveling and going for some adventure. It is travel-friendly and ideal for surf riding. They are loved by users for their portability and simplicity.

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Conclusively, this is a sturdy and attractive paddleboard. You will definitely derive so much fun from using it. With the amazing features the Serene Life SUP has, it is surely going to offer an amazing paddling experience on the water, as it guarantees uncompromised stability and performance. It is perfectly fine for both adults and kids.

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SereneLife Premium Inflatable Paddle Board Review