Yoga is an incredibly healthy and life-changing practice. Practicing yoga on a stand-up paddleboard can take the experience to the next level. To have a good experience on the water, you will need the best yoga paddleboard. To help you find it, our yoga paddleboards reviews present the 10 best SUPs for yoga. These SUPs are wide and stable enough to perform even advanced moves on.

When evaluating the best paddle boards for yoga, remember that balance and stability are key. A wide stance and a soft, non-slip deck are things that every board designed for yoga should offer. For more information on choosing the right yoga SUP, be sure to peruse our buying guide further down. To start with, here are the best yoga SUPs.

How To Choose The Best Yoga SUP – Buying Guide

Hull Type

There are two types of hulls, and both will work for SUP boards yoga. The best SUP boards for yoga have planing hulls, as these are built for stability. If you are new to SUP yoga, this is the type of hull we recommend. Displacement hulls are more about speed, at the expense of stability. If you’re more experienced at yoga and have a good balance, then this hull will be fine.  

Weight Capacity

The SUP you choose should be able to hold your weight and that of the gear you will be bringing along. We recommend going for a board with a weight limit of at least 20% higher than the combination of your weight and that of the paddleboard accessories and personal belongings. When doing yoga on a paddleboard, the board can shift in ways it isn’t used to. The extra weight capacity will give you the extra stability you will need while doing stand up paddle board yoga. 

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Yoga On Paddleboard

Board Length


When it comes to SUP yoga, a longer board is ideal, as it will give you the space you need to do yoga. SUP yoga boards are usually around 10-11 feet in length. This gives you enough room to lie flat on your board and move about when on your feet. Above that, this kind of length will give you good maneuverability when out on the water.


For comfort when practicing stand up paddle boards yoga, the best stand up paddle boards for yoga are inflatable SUPs. To ensure the board will be rigid and stable, we recommend looking for a board made of heavy-duty PVC. As for the top of your board, it should be soft, non-abrasive, and equipped with non-slip traction. EVA is a good material for the top deck surface.

Construction Quality  

To ensure you get a top-quality yoga paddleboard, look for Drop-Stitch construction. This kind of construction makes an inflatable sup incredibly strong and rigid yet lightweight and easy to handle. Such a high-quality yoga inflatable paddle board will allow you to do the best yoga possible, and get the most out of your yoga sessions.

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Board Dimensions

We have already talked about the length, so we’ll look at the thickness and width here. The best stand up paddleboard for yoga should be at least five inches. This will give you good stability and buoyancy. As for the width, the best inflatable boards for yoga have widths ranging from 30 inches to 34 inches. This wide stance provides stability and also gives you the space to move around and stretch out.


A yoga paddleboard should be equipped with a bungee storage system so you have a place to attach your essentials securely. Beyond this, a yoga board with multiple D-rings gives you the ability to personalize the board by attaching more items. D-rings also come handy for anchoring or connecting the SUP with other paddleboards. 

SUP Package

Last but not least, it’s important to pay attention to the accessory package the board you’re considering offers. Essential paddle board accessories to look for including a comfortable paddle, a safety leash, fin(s) for stability and tracking, a high pressure inflating pump, and a spacious SUP backpack. Extras such as a waterproof phone bag and a repair patch are also nice to have.



Q: What Is SUP Yoga?


SUP yoga is the practice of doing yoga on the water with a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) as your platform. A yoga paddleboard has a wide stance to give you more space and stability than a regular paddleboard. This allows you to move about and balance easily when doing yoga on the water.

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Q: Why Do Yoga On A Paddleboard?


Doing yoga on a stand up paddleboard will take your yoga experience to the next level.  When doing yoga on a SUP, you’re adding in the need to balance throughout every pose, which will enhance the benefits you get.

As for the meditative aspect of yoga, your experience will be even better as you will be performing your stand up paddleboard yoga routine out in the serenity of nature and are guaranteed to feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a day spent out on the water. 

Q: What Do You Need To Enjoy Yoga On The Water?


You will need two things: a good paddleboard for yoga and yoga experience. A SUP board for yoga should have a wide deck to give you space and stability you need to do yoga on the water. Yoga on a paddle board is more challenging to do regular yoga. It requires great balance obtained through yoga practice. If you’re just starting with yoga, we recommend learning on dry land before trying yoga on the water.

Q: SUP Yoga Benefits?


By practicing SUP yoga, you will reap all the benefits of yoga and more. SUP yoga is an excellent cross training workout that will benefit your body, mind, and soul. When practicing yoga on the water, your body has to work very hard to maintain balance. Because of this, you will find that your core is strengthened and your flexibility improved.

Q: So Which Board Is Right For Me?


The right board to go for will depend on your skill level and size. If you’re just getting started, a wider and longer board is the easiest to practice yoga on the water on. If you’re an experienced yogi, you may appreciate the challenge of balancing on a shorter and narrower board. If you’re petite, a shorter board will suit you. On the other hand, plus-sized yogis need a wider and longer board with a high weight limit.

Q: Hard Or Inflatable SUP Yoga Board?


When it comes to doing yoga on a paddleboard, inflatable boards are the way to go. This is because the choice between a hard and inflatable SUP yoga board comes down to the feel of the board. The best inflatable stand up paddleboard for yoga will feel as rigid as a hardboard when inflated fully, but will have some give for comfort when doing yoga.

Q: Can You Do Yoga On An Inflatable Paddle Board?


Absolutely yes. An inflatable SUP is the best type of paddle board to practice yoga on. An inflatable SUP will have some give, and this is necessary for comfort. However, yoga still requires a firm and stable platform and it’s important to make sure the inflatable paddle board for yoga you choose is rigid when inflated fully. 

Q: How Wide Should The Paddleboard Be When Doing Yoga On The Board?


A paddleboard for yoga should be between 30 and 34 inches in width. The wide stance provides the all-important stability and a large footprint, allowing you to move around and shift your weight without worrying about tipping or falling. 

Globo Surf Overview

Doing yoga on a paddleboard is not only a fun activity but the positive effects are sure to be felt long after you’ve left the water. To make the most of SUP boards yoga practice, you will need one of the best paddleboards for yoga. All of the best yoga paddle boards on our list have features that make yoga on water not only possible but also enjoyable. As long as you make the right choice for your size and experience level, you will have a capable board to practice yoga on.

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