Yoga is the serene practice of gaining flexibility through movement. Working on mind and body, you take a meditative approach to aligning your spiritual and mental beliefs. Focusing on balance, yoga creates a sense of peace and inner stability. Taking your powerful routine to the water can elevate you to the next level by choosing the best sups for yoga.

Paddle boards have advanced a lot in the last few years to the point of being able to perform poses on the board. The boards on the list are thick enough to do even advanced moves without getting wet. When looking for the paddle boards for yoga remember that balance is key. A wide stance and exceptional stability is something that every board designed for yoga should offer.


Yoga Paddle Board Reviews

How To Choose A Yoga SUP – Buying Guide


It is important that you buy a board that can perform in all the ways that you need it to. Yoga boards are typically wider and therefore sturdier than boards you use for long distance paddles. When choosing the best SUP boards for yoga consider your experience level and lifestyle before deciding on a board. We love inflatable boards for their compact design and their portability. We also recommend opting for a midline board which is an all around good-at-everything board. This will allow you the most versatility to do just about anything with your SUP, except for racing.

Why do yoga on a paddleboard?

Yoga is an incredibly healthy and life changing practice. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years it is easy to see why this meditative stretching is so good for your health. Bringing your yoga practice onto your SUP may seem difficult but the rewards are unparalleled.

It may start out as a challenge to feel comfortable not only standing but moving around on your board but once you can wrap your head around the idea of standing on water, it becomes much easier to clear your mind. We love the freedom to be in the middle of a lake with much less distraction performing our stand up paddle board yoga routine. This will allow you to gain even more from your meditative state.

For the body, sup yoga will take your ordinary moves to the next level. Paddle boarding on its own is a great way to achieve a whole body workout. When doing yoga on your SUP you are sure to feel it in your core. Adding in the need to balance throughout every pose you will undoubtedly get a much better without than ever before.

For the soul, there is something so peaceful about being on the water. Whether you choose to incorporate meditation into your yoga practice or not, you are guaranteed to feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a day spent out on the water. You can’t help but have a connection with nature as you find yourself gliding through the water to the sounds birds around you.

So which board is right for me?


We looked for boards specifically designed for yoga. All of the boards on our list have the basics to make up a great board with an additional factor of increased stability and a larger thickness to keep your from getting wet.

When looking for a SUP it is important to know terminology and features of the best inflatable stand up paddle board. Being able to understand how these details will affect your ride will help you determine which board is right for you. We have put together a list of everything you need to know.


The typical planing hull works best with stand up paddle boards for yoga. These boards are much more stable in the water than displacement hulls that are typically meant for touring. While being good for any stage of paddler, planing hulls perform great in both flat and choppy water and will keep you from getting wet.


When looking at different boards it is important to check out how much weight the board will comfortably keep afloat. Don’t just account for your weight, but the full weight you want to put on the board. Want to paddle with a friend, pack a yoga mat, or bring your dog along for the ride? Their weight will need to be added to yours when choosing a board.


When looking for your SUP for yoga we recommend opting for a medium board, one that is between 9-12 feet. Most paddle boards come in this size, unless meant for kids or for racing, as it is an optimal length for both still water and water with light surf. For use when practicing yoga a board this length will provide enough stability for the different poses.


Most paddle boards are constructed using different types of foam, however recently inflatable SUPs have caught the eye in the paddle boarding community. Offering an increased thickness, inflatable boards allow your board to be more buoyant which keeps you farther out of the water so you don’t get wet while doing yoga. With a strong PVC shell inflatable boards act even more durable than firm boards as they are less prone to cracks and dents. Performing just as a hard board does these little wonders carry one incredible bonus, they are compact and easily transportable.

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Doing yoga on the water is not only a fun activity but the positive effects are sure to be felt long after you’ve left the water. An excellent form of exercise, this calming routine is an excellent cross training workout and will have your whole body feeling the routine in ways you couldn’t imagine.

All of the boards on our list have features that make yoga not only possible, but enjoyable. Their wide stance and large footprint allow you move around and shift your weight without worrying about tipping or falling. These inflatable boards are designed to ride high in the water which is perfect for yoga as you will not get wet even in choppy water. No matter which board you choose you will have a capable board to practice yoga on.


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Love yoga? Love paddle boarding? Ever brought your practice to the water? Let us know how you like it in the comments below.

Globo Surf Yoga Paddle Board Review

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