Peak 10′ Yoga Fitness Paddle Board Review


The peak 10’ fitness paddleboard has a lot of features that define its durability and stability when in use. The matching colors create an attractive appearance that makes it stand out. In addition to this, it can be fit to carry an extra person on board or a dog. Additional features include:

  • The peak 10’ fitness board is built from military-grade PVC material which happens to be of high quality. The final product is a lighter and stiffer board that can support up to 275lbs.
  • The thickness of the peak 10’ yoga paddleboard is 6”. It increases the stability of the board.
  • Peak 10’ fitness board has a grip that is nonslippery thus ensures safe rides.
  • It offers a comfortable platform for yoga fitness both in salt and freshwater.
  • It has long-lasting durability which makes it rigid and resistant to scratch upon bumping accidents.
  • When deflated, it measures 36” by 14” by 12” thus provides ease of storage and transportation.
  • The matching accessories include an adjustable alloy paddle nylon blade that floats, a travel backpack, a coil ankle leash, a high-pressure hand pump, a waterproof smartphone carry case, and tail-mounted D-rings. All these items have replacement parts available.
  • Has a 30 day return guarantee, friendly services and customer support.



Length: 10’

Width: 32”

Thickness: 6”

Weight: 18lbs

Volume: 225L

Maximum capacity: 275lbs

Manufacturer: PEAK Paddle Board.

Material: military-grade PVC.

Warranty: one year.

Return Policy: 30-day return guarantee.

User Experience


Usability: It is a good solid board with good quality. Has an amazing bag fit for easy carrying. The pump comes with two settings depending on your pumping pace. The fin can attach and detach easily thus no worrying about it falling out. The colors are awesome and the leg strap is comfortable. It can be rolled up or packed easily and has a paddle that is easy to put together. The peak 10’ fitness paddleboard is beautiful and feels great using it on the water since it moves well. The company has exceptional customer service. The board is easy to inflate and transport. A very stable paddling board fit for Pilates and Yoga on the water.

The padding of the peak 10’ yoga is super comfortable and has a good width. It rides high and moves quickly across the water as expected based on its thickness.

The peak 10’ fitness yoga board meets the user’s need but requires more effort than the suggested to fill it. Moreover, it is nice that the paddle floats and is easy to fix. The peak 10’ fitness board should be packaged with a car charging inflator. Unlike other paddleboards, it does not limit you when it comes to storage and transportation.

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Delivery time: The peak 10’ fitness paddleboard arrives with a great set up. Well packaged and quick delivery. The accessories that come with it are awesome and come in extremely handy. However, it comes without a repair kit even though it is well packaged.

Few aesthetic glitches: Moreover, the white seams can be discolored upon first use and part of the PEAK can get rubbed. The seams can also discolor in the event the foam is facing down when out of water. The peak 10’ yoga board is slower due to it being wider. Moreover, disappointing since it lacks a sticker. The padding is not much durable in the event you decide to paddle with your dog. More so, the sides tend to be easily marked from the paddle use.

The paddle is fixed in a way that makes it easier to know how to hold the handle for people who want to paddle for the first time. When you are done using the peak 10’ yoga paddleboard, it is recommended to have a towel with you for wiping it down.


  • A paddleboard that is easy to pack and transport to any place.
  • Has room to paddle with an extra person or a pet companion.
  • Very stable and comfortable for rides.
  • Constructed from a high-quality material that makes it durable.
  • Wider for exercises and keeps you dry on top.
  • The color is attractive inclusive of the matching accessories.
  • Best offers when purchased under coupon deals.
  • It is affordable for a wide audience.


  • It lacks a car charging inflator.
  • Paddling with a dog decreases its durability.
  • It does not support paddling with more than two people.
  • It is slower compared to paddleboards that are not wide.
  • The matching accessories come without a repair kit.
  • It leaves your arm tired after pumping more than the supposed time.
  • The seams can easily discolor even on the first user account.

Overall Rating


We had to carry out our assessment and this is how we rate the peak 10’ fitness paddleboard.

  • Design 100%: The design of this peak 10’ yoga paddleboard suits several fitness activities that can be performed on water. It suits the needs of a person who seeks a comfortable platform to practice yoga. The outlook stands out with interesting matching colors.
  • Stability 100%: The paddleboard is wide enough to support the stability factor when exercising.
  • Price 95%: When purchasing on the coupon, the price is fair and easily affordable to meet one’s budget. When purchasing at the normal price, it could be costly for someone on a fixed budget to consider it.
  • Material 100%: Given that the peak 10’ fitness board is of high quality, it is constructed from one of the best materials so far.
  • Durability 95%: Its durability makes it outstanding only that this changes if paddling involves a companion such as a dog.
  • Storage 100%: This peak 10’ yoga paddleboard is highly recommended when it comes to storage since it is portable and easy to pack.
  • Warranty 95%: Different from various paddleboards, the peak 10’ fitness board grants a one-year warranty which may not be enough time for a percentage of the audience.
  • Overall 97%: The peak 10’ fitness paddleboard is an ideal board that may suit your all-around needs. It stands out to be the best and has promising durability when properly taken care of.

Globo Surf Overview

Based on the above review, the peak 10’ yoga board stands among the best boards that you can carry around to a place of your choice. It is one paddleboard that grants you the freedom to perform your exercise activities on the water as your interest dictates. When looking for a simpler wider board, it is best to go for. However, for those who value speed in water sports, you should opt for a narrower paddleboard.

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