NIXY Venice G3 10.6 Yoga and Beginner Paddle Board Review


When you have a top-level SUP like this one, it’s normal to expect plenty of great features. Even though we expected a lot, we can say that NIXY Venice still managed to surprise us and exceed our expectations. The board includes everything you need to have a great day on the water, from the moment you take it out of the car and begin the setup, to the time you spend on the water, regardless of your activity. What’s even better, NIXY has an ear for their customers’ needs, so every version of this board comes with further improvements. Take a quick look at what you get with this one:

  • Soft EVA foam traction pad for comfort and stability when exercising
  • Two bungee-corded storage areas for bringing extra gear or a dry bag
  • Dual-layer construction with rail reinforcements for improved strength
  • Three grab handles for easy carrying and taking the board in and out of the water
  • D-rings in the middle for attaching a kayak seat
  • Tail and nose D-rings for towing the board
  • The paddle holder is placed on the side so it stays out of your way
  • Inflation valve at the nose for easier deflation and packing
  • Fins are quickly installed and removed without any tools


SpecificationsLength: 10 feet 6 inches

Width: 34 inches

Thickness: 6 inches

Weight: 23 pounds

Capacity: 300 pounds

Inflates to: 20PSI max, works at 15PSI

Volume: 315L

Material: PVC (Dual Layer, Drop stitch Core)

Carry handles: Three (nose, middle, tail)

Fins: Three, removable (9in center fin, 2x5inches side fins)

Warranty: 2-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee

Colors: Aqua, Purple, Blue, Red

Included accessories: High-quality backpack, NIXY Typhoon hand pump, NIXY 3-piece fiberglass paddle, three removable fins, NIXY hybrid ankle leash, shoulder strap, repair kit (valve wrench, PVC patches), user manual

User Experience

User_ExperiencePerformance: Paddlers have many nice things to say about the stability of this board. While it isn’t the fastest one on the market, it really is among the best boards for SUP fitness and practicing yoga poses. It’s easy to paddle and maneuver, so you will have a good time on the water.

As you had the chance to see, this model is a bit wider than most other boards we reviewed. This extra width gives it the stability needed so you can do any exercise you want without worrying you will fall into the water. Besides, the traction pad gives you a really good grip.

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Of course, a board’s performance has a lot to do with the SUP paddle, and the riders say that the included NIXY 3-piece paddle is fantastic. It’s made of fiberglass to reduce weight, but it’s rigid and efficient when you paddle. Furthermore, it can be adjusted in length so you can find the perfect padding position regardless of your height.

Design: The design of this SUP is really something special. The larger portion of the deck is covered with EVA foam, and riders say it feels great under your feet. The deck also has two bungee-corded storage areas, and more than enough room on it for a child or dog to go with you. Also, there are two D-rings on the sides for attaching a kayak seat if you want to convert SUP to a kayak.

People also say it’s really convenient that you get grab handles at the nose and tail too since it makes getting the board in and out of the water much easier (and you can lift it to prevent damage to the fins). The fin configuration reduces drag, and you can combine them however you want based on your water activity, which is a big plus.

Setup: Paddleboarders say that it takes between 10 and 15 minutes to set up this board, which is pretty fast considering that you need to reach at least 15PSI and install the fins. The Typhoon dual-chamber triple action pump allows you to easily adjust the mode of operation and easily pump even at higher pressures. Of course, make sure to learn how to inflate a SUP to make the process even faster. If you don’t like doing it manually, you should think about investing in an electric pump.

As for the fins, they slide into their own sockets and have screws that lock them in place, so you shouldn’t have any trouble. When you’re done with this, make sure to attach the included ankle leash to the D-ring in the back, and make sure to always wear a SUP life vest when going out on the water.

Portability: Thanks to its incredibly lightweight and the high-end backpack you get with it, you can easily take this board anywhere you want. The backpack comes with padded shoulder straps, as well as chest and waist straps for comfort and stability when carrying.

In addition to the three carry handles, the board bag has three wheels so you can also drag it when transporting the SUP. There are pockets on the sides for paddles and other accessories, and the compression straps are great for keeping everything compact and in place.


  • Easy to control and great for beginners
  • Two storage areas (nose and tail)
  • Strong double-layer body with carbon fiber reinforcements
  • Three removable fins are easy to install
  • Inflates to high pressure for fantastic rigidity and stability
  • Comes with a high-quality backpack
  • Four nice colors to choose from


  • More expensive than the competition

Overall Rating


  • Price: 85% – Perhaps the biggest problem with this board is its price, which is going to be too high for many boarders. However, we would argue that it’s fully justified. This board offers superior construction compared to many others, so it’s an investment that you will enjoy for a long time. Considering that you get a bundle of great SUP accessories too, the NIXY Venice becomes a very good deal.
  • Material: 100% – We really like the choice of materials on this one – the dual-layer PVC body guarantees strength and significantly reduces the chance of damage or puncture, while the carbon fiber rails take rigidity to a higher level. All the other materials (deck padding, paddle, ankle leash) are excellent too.
  • Design: 100% – The design of the NIXY Venice is one of the best we’ve seen. Features like the removable center handle, nose, and tail grab handles, as well as the side-placed paddle holder show that NIXY really thinks about the user experience, which we really appreciate.
  • Overall: 95% – We were really impressed with this board, and it can easily be compared with any of the best SUPs on the market. It’s easy to use regardless of your experience, comes with many convenient features, and guarantees great durability.

Globo Surf Overview

All things considered, the NIXY Venice G3 10.6 is a fantastic SUP not only for yoga and fitness but any other type of paddling you want to do. It’s stable and easily maneuverable so it can you can use it when learning how to SUP, but it can also pick up some speed so that more experienced users can enjoy it too.

Of course, it really shines when used for yoga and fitness, because the stability and comfort make your exercise sessions incredibly enjoyable. This is an impressive board throughout, and we guarantee that you will enjoy it as much as we did.

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  1. NIXY Venice G3 10.6 Yoga and Beginner Paddle Board
NIXY Venice G3 10.6 Yoga and Beginner Paddle Board Review