Surfing is always an adventure. It’s fun, exhilarating, and extremely exciting, but can often be a struggle, too! Coming off your board is a part of surfing, and there is nothing you can do about it – there is not a surfer in the history of surfing who has not fallen into the water. There is, however, something you can do to limit how often you come off your board – traction pads!

The best surfboard traction pad will keep you on your board for longer, making your day at the beach more enjoyable. If you need to install a new traction pad on your surfboard or you need to upgrade the one you already have, then we have the perfect list for you. Remember, traction pads are also great for paddleboards too.

Here is our list of the 5 best traction pads for surfboards.

How To Choose A Surfboard Traction Pad – Buying Guide


The Four Essential Components to Tail Pads

Kick– the steeper the kick, the easier it is to dig your feet in and blow through a wave. If you want to get those verticals, go for a steep kick.

Arch– will support the arch of your foot. A smaller arch will need less support than a bigger arch.

Pieces– the more pieces you have, the more customization you have over the placement of your traction pad.

Traction– the rougher the pad, the more traction you get from it (generally). Choose a smoother pad if you want more control over foot movement.

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Q: How many pieces you need?


This depends on your board and what you want to do with it. If you need precise placement of the pads, then go for more pieces. 3-piece pads are standard. 2-piece pads are great if you only need something on the tail. 5-piece pads are great if you are surfing bigger waves and need more traction.

Q: Does the kick have a high enough support or do I need to change to something with less kick?


If you are focused on performance or you want to get some big air, then you need more kick. I would recommend something over 45 degrees. For more mellow surfing, less than 45 is fine.

Q: Do you need a lot of arch support?


This is more of personal preference. Visit a surf store and try standing on some of the pads. Choose the arch support which is most comfortable. (Then take advantage of online pricing)

Q: Do you need something with ultimate traction?


Are you going to be surfing big, dangerous waves? Then you will need something where traction is the focus. You will also want a steep kick and more pieces (5 is recommended). If you are surfing mellow waves or need to shift your feet as you are surfing a wave, then less traction will be better for you.

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If you have ever surfed, you know how important a traction pad is. They are key to keeping you on your board. If your pad has worn out or you want to upgrade the pad you have, one of the pads from our list will do the job for you. All of them have great traction and will bond you to your craft as you fly through the water.

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