Surfing could be your next favorite hobby, but before you get out on your board, there are some things you will want tithing about, including the wax. You may have heard about people waxing their boards, but you have not really given it a thought. If you are going to go surfing, a top rated wax is going to be the difference between staying on your board and being thrown off into the water.

We have compiled a list of the best surfboard wax, with your safety in mind. If you are new to surfing, you should know that you should be waxing your board to add traction to it. If you are a surfer already, then it never hurts to get your hands on the best wax out there.

A great wax adds a layer of protection between you and your board. It keeps you from slipping when you are coming down the biggest wave of your life. A great wax is an item which will not cost you much money. It is something which is easy to apply, and won’t take up too much of your time. It is also a must-have for every surfer.

Here are our top 5 Surf Waxes in 2018.


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How To Choose A Surf Wax – Buying Guide


Buying wax for your surfboard is a pretty easy task, but you should be careful not to rush into the decision without first considering the climate you are going to surf in. Not all waxes will hold up in certain water. Most waxes are designed to be used in a specific temperature of water. Cold water waxes will not be good for warm water and vice-versa.


A hard wax which will not melt off and will provide a base layer for your main wax.


For water which is 75 degrees and above.


For water which is between 64-74 degrees.


For water which is between 58-68 degrees.


For water which is 60 degrees or below.

Choosing the correct wax for your climate can be the difference between staying on your board and coming off of it. There is nothing worse than applying the wrong wax in a hot climate to see it melt off before your eyes. Always make sure to check the temperature ratings of the company you are buying from, as there can be slight differences in the temperature rating of different waxes.


Q: How Do I Wax My Surfboard?

A: Putting wax on your surfboard is a relatively easy process, but there are steps you should take to ensure that the wax is applied correctly and create the hold that you need.

  • Make sure that your board is clean. A quick wash and dry will make it easier to apply the wax, and you will avoid getting dirt in your wax and on your board.
  • If you are applying wax for the very first time, you should use a base coat first.
  • When you begin to apply your wax, you should rub the wax in small circles. This helps to create small bumps on the board which will give you a better grip. Once you have a layer of small bumps, you can rub the wax in any direction.
  • Try out your surfboard and add more wax next time if you need to.

Q: When Should You Add More Wax To Your Surfboard?

A: When you start to feel yourself slipping on your board, it is time to add more wax. More wax will give you more hold, but you should also be careful when adding more wax to your board. The more wax you have on your board, the heavier your board will be. This can change the way you surf. More wax can also accumulate more dirt and grime. If you have a lot of wax on your board and are not feeling traction, it might be time to remove the wax and start again.

Q: When Should You Remove Your Wax?

A: When you have too much wax on your board and have lost traction, you will need to remove the wax. If any work needs to be done to your board, you should also remove the wax. Take some warm sand and rub it over your board. The coarseness of the sand will remove the layer of wax from your board.

Q: Should I Use A Base Coat For My Surfboard?

A: That depends on if you want to. There are two main reasons for using a base coat. The first is that you will need to use less of the top coat. The other reason is that it helps to create the small bumps needed for traction.

Q: When Should I Use A Wax Comb?

A: If you have a lot of wax on your board and are not getting the traction you need, you can use a wax comb as an alternative to removing the wax and applying a new layer. A wax comb will dig through the wax and create the small bumps needed to give you traction on your board.

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Surfing takes practice and dedication. It is not all about getting out there and riding the waves. There is preparation to be done before you get out there, and clean-up to do once you come back in. Waxing your board is something which you should be doing regularly. Every surfer should be taking care of their board, and themselves. A great surf wax is a must-have accessory for any surfer; beginner or professional. Choose one of the waxes from our list (remembering to choose one which will work in your surfing climate) and you will be using one of the best waxes there is for surfers.


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