You are a surfer then a day at the beach can be a slice of heaven for you. But while traveling to the beach fills you with joy, but there is some trepidation because transporting surfboards can be tricky. Not only is it a lot of hassle to get your surfboard where you want to go, it is also dangerous as many surfboards are damaged on their way to the water. From boards being scratched and dented by buckles to boards falling off a vehicle and smashing on the ground, there are endless ways your board can become damaged during transport.

In order to keep your best surfboards safe during transport, you need the best surfboard rack. Thankfully, we have done the hard work for you. We have scoured the online world to bring you our top 5 picks for the best surfboard racks for cars, so the only thing you need to search for is the next big wave!

How To Choose A Surfboard Rack – Buying Guide


Surfboard racks are the most convenient way to take your board to the beach. If you have a big enough van, then you could transport it inside, but there is still the problem of strapping it down. You do not want the board to move around inside your vehicle and become a danger to the passengers. The best option is a surfboard rack for your car. Soft racks are cheaper and will bind your boards to your roof. Hard racks are more solid and can carry more weight while keeping your board off the roof. Both types are easy to use, though hard racks take a little more time to install.

Soft Rack Vs Hard Rack

The first thing you need to consider before buying a rack is whether you need a hard or a soft rack. If you need more security for your surfboards or need to carry more weight, then a hard rack is what you need. If you have the bars running from front to back on your car, then you will be able to attach a hard rack to those. Most hard racks will fit any size and shape of car unless your car is particularly unique.

Hard racks are better for highway driving as they secure your surfboards tightly and will not vibrate and move as much when you hit high speeds. If you are only traveling short distances, then a soft rack is a good option. If you do not have side rails on your car, or your rails are spaced too far, or if you just do not want to have to spend more money, than a soft rack is the way to go. Soft racks can be attached to any car by running the straps through the car and closing the doors.

Soft racks do come with some disadvantages. They are not really a permanent addition, and a lot of surfers put them on before surfing and take them off when they are home. They also break the seal that your doors create with your vehicle. As the straps run through the door, they can let in some moisture, but this is only a problem during particularly heavy rain. Most of the time you will not have a problem.


You cannot go far wrong when using a surfboard roof rack, but there are some simple things which you can do and look out for before you attach your surfboards. Take the time to check the condition of your rack. A new rack should not have any damage, but over time a rack can wear down and expose sharp corners. If your surfboard rubs against the corner then it may get scratched. You should also watch out for frayed straps and broken buckles.

Another safety precaution is making sure to check that the rack is tied down correctly. If the rack is loose or not in the correct position, then you should fix it before attaching any boards to the rack. It is always recommended that you use a surfboard sock or bag. If there is a chance that your surfboard will be damaged or scratched, then a bag or sock will lessen that chance. The more you can protect your board, the better.

You also need to make sure that you do not overload the rack. Use the rack for the recommended number of boards and weight. Overcrowding the rack can cause boards to come loose and fall off. There is nothing worse than your board coming off as you are driving down the highway, and this can be extremely dangerous to you and other drivers.

Car Vs Truck

The racks on our list are great for transporting your surfboard by car, but with trucks, you may have to look into other options. If your truck has a lot of roof space, then you will be able to use one of the systems on our list, but if not then you will have to look into tailgate racks. These systems attach your surfboard to the tailgate of your truck with part of the board hanging out over the back of your truck. As with the other racking systems, we recommend that you use a bag or a sock for your board when transporting it in your truck.



Q: Why Do You Need A Surfboard Car Rack?


The simplest answer to this is that a surfboard car rack is the easiest and safest way to transport your surfboards. You need a surfboard rack for safety and convenience. A surfboard rack will keep people safe and will keep your car clean. If you transport your surfboard inside your car then you run the risk of injury should you crash or have to stop suddenly. It is difficult to tie down a surfboard inside your car, and if your speed or direction changes quickly, then the surfboard can become airborne inside your car.

A surfboard rack for your car also saves space. Packing your surfboard (or surfboards) on top of your vehicle frees up valuable space inside. In addition, surfboards are often gross once you have had them in the water. They are wet, sandy, dirty, seaweedy, and waxed. You really do not want to bring the beach inside your car. Keeping your surfboard outside your car will keep the interior clean.

Q: What Do I Do If My Boards Vibrate Or Hum?


It is common for boards (especially in soft racks) to vibrate when you reach high speed. To counter this, invest in a hard rack if you are going to do a lot of highway driving. However, for a quick fix, you can put a twist in the strap before you buckle it. This gives a tighter fit and will stop some of the vibrations.

Globo Surf Overview

A surfboard car rack is a needed piece of kit for any surfer out there. Using the best surfboard rack for your car, you will ensure the safety of your boards, the surrounding area, and the people around you. It may sound silly, but transporting a board on your roof instead of inside your car can save a life.

Surfboard racks are easy to use and install. A surfboard rack will protect your board and ensure that it reaches the beach in one piece. Make sure to always check the manufacturer’s product information to ensure that the rack will fit your vehicle, and always follow the instructions during installation and use. If you follow the instructions, then you will be ensuring that your board is safe. If you are looking for the best surfboard rack, then one from our list will be perfect for you!

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