One of the biggest challenges for any paddleboard owner is the difficulty of carrying his paddleboard to the waterfront safely, especially if you have to travel with your paddleboard on highways. The best paddle board car roof rack is the combination of easy installation and utmost protection that doesn’t degrade the performance of your car.

Despite many alternatives available on the market, choosing the best paddleboard car roof rack is not an easy task as you have to take into consideration several factors such as weight capacity, fit, and construction.

To help you in picking the best paddle board roof rack, we’ve gone through several paddleboard car roof rack reviews and compiled a list of the 10 best sup roof racks available on the market. Hopefully, one of them is the right fit for your needs.

How To Choose A Paddle Board Car Roof Rack – Buying Guide

A paddleboard roof rack is an essential tool for transporting your paddleboard from your home to the waterfront. Here is a few important criteria that will help you out in picking the best sup roof rack for yourself.

Which Model is Right for You?

No matter which model you decide on, safety should be the main deciding factor and your choice should always go with a high-quality paddleboard. Keep in mind that the best model for you is the one that suits your needs.

Mounting System

The right mounting system depends on your vehicle. If you have a vehicle that has crossbars already installed, you can get a rack system that simply attaches to it. But if your vehicle doesn’t have crossbars, you need to make sure that the sup roof racks you buy are compatible with your car.


Make sure your rooftop rack is able to handle different types and sizes of stand up paddle boards. Some systems allow you to strap paddle kayaks or canoes to the roof of your car, as well. These are great for growing families who love the outdoors.

Number of Paddle Boards


It is important to pay close attention to how many SUPs your roof rack can carry. If you want to carry multiple paddle boards, go for an option that can securely hold more than one paddleboard.

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Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is key for keeping your gear safe. We recommend you look for a paddleboard roof rack with a locking system because it keeps your paddleboard safe and secures it from making any movement.

Tips for Transporting Your Paddle Board

Despite the size of your sup paddleboard, transporting them with the right gear is relatively easy. Here are some tips that will help to make your installation even easier:

  • You may find it convenient to have a board cart for ease once you get to the beach.
  • Ensure you follow the guidelines of your rack carrier.
  • To offer your board even more protection, try padding your roof rack.
  • Get your paddle board roof racks professionally installed.



Q: What is the best way to transport my sup?


The best way of transporting your SUP is by installing a roof rack on the top of your car and load your stand up paddle board on it with caution. Once loaded, secure the stand up paddle board and travel to your destination.

Q: What if you need to haul a lot of paddle boards?


In that case, an option that allows you to carry 1-3 paddle boards in one go would be the right choice. Never tie more than two/three paddle boards to the top of your vehicle unless the rack specifies. Avoid attaching them on their sides or they will act like giant sails.

Q: What if I don’t have a crossbar or roof rack?


You should always try to find a roof rack that is compatible with your vehicle, however, this is sometimes not possible. In such a situation, your best option is to find a roof rack that attaches to your roof with suction cups.

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You spent valuable money on purchasing your stand up paddle board, but what good is that if you can’t bring it with you to the lake securely? Hopefully, our guide will help you to choose the best paddle board car roof rack that will get you to your destination quickly and with less stress.

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