Paddleboards are capable of going far off the shore and to depths that could be dangerous to you. In most places, like the USA and Canada, the coast guard considers paddle boards to be a water vessel which means it is required that you have a life vest on board.

Paddle boarding has become increasingly popular and people are taking these fun activity boards just about everywhere, from the open ocean to long overnight trips. That is why it’s more important than ever to make sure that you have the best sup life vest. Water conditions can change quickly especially in open water and being prepared could save your life.


How To Choose A Sup Life Vest / Pfd – Buying Guide

There are many things that make up the best sup pfd. There are weight capacities for each type of material and style of these flotation devices. Lower profile vests usually have a lower capacity, while more classic vests are higher. Make sure that you do not exceed this limit as it will not keep you afloat.

Features of these vests also range drastically based on the style. Vests have been designed specifically for paddle boarding. This means they are not restrictive and allow you to move freely as you glide atop the water. All of these vests are lightweight to the point of not noticing you are wearing them.

We know you’re busy so with comfort and safety in mind we have found the five best SUP life vests on the market.

Globo Surf Overview

Wearing a PFD for your next paddle boarding adventure could mean the difference between life and death. Nobody wants to be limited with how far you can go or the types of waters you can explore, wearing a life vest will make sure that you are safe to do so. Now more than ever before is it easy to wear these life-saving devices as they come with lightweight and comfortable designs.


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Have a life vest on our list? Let us know how it works for you.

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