10 Best Snorkel Vest in 2018


Exploring the ocean help of the best snorkeling vest will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable snorkeling experience. Improving your visibility while snorkeling will add to your safety and allow you to focus on everything you see around you.

Finding the best snorkel vest can be hard, that is why we created a list of the top 10 on the market below.


Best Snorkel Vest

Snorkel Vest Reviews

1. SealBuddy Inflatable Snorkel Vest

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What Makes This Vest Stand Out:

  • Snorkel straps
  • Comes with mesh carrying bag

The SealBuddy life jacket for snorkeling allows you a non-bulky lightweight vest that adds buoyancy to your snorkel. This allows you to snorkel for longer without fatigue. Straps secure you into this vest allowing you to easily move through the water without it riding up.

2. Auto-Vox Adult Portable Inflatable Snorkeling Diving Vest


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What Makes This Vest Stand Out:

  • Durable material
  • Lightweight design

This easy to use vest simply slips over your head and easily attaches to your body. This vest will not make you feel bulked or weighed down while in the water. An oral inflator allows you to easily inflate this vest to your desired buoyancy level. Tear resistant material allows this vest to last you longer than ever before.

3. Adult Snorkel or Snorkeling Vest


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What Makes This Vest Stand Out:

  • Large weight range
  • Brass inflator valve

A brass inflator will protect against rust for prolonged exposure to salt water. This snorkeling flotation device is great for travel and can be easily inflated when needing added buoyancy. This vest has a weight capacity between 100-180 lbs. Straps secure this lightweight vest to fit comfortably on your body.

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4. Phantom Aquatics Snorkel Adult Vest


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What Makes This Vest Stand Out:

  • Oral inflation
  • Straps that secure to body

This bright yellow vest comes in orange as well allowing you to choose the color that works best for you. Waist and crotch straps secure this vest to your body for security in choppy waters. An oral inflation valve allows you to add buoyancy to your snorkeling experience.

5. ScubaPro Cruiser Skin Dive Safety Snorkeling Vest


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What Makes This Vest Stand Out:

  • UV protection
  • Dump valve
  • Layer of neoprene adds warmth

Available in a multitude of sizes and high-vis colors this snorkeling vest features a dump valve that allows you complete control of your snorkeling vest. ⅛” neoprene provides added comfort and warmth to your swim further protecting you. The thin fabric allows you needed protection from the sun.

6. Scuba Choice Scuba Choice Adult Neon Yellow Snorkel Vest


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What Makes This Vest Stand Out:

  • High weight capacity
  • Neon yellow high-vis color

This snorkel vest fits those of a heavier size with a buoyancy weight of over 200 lbs. This neon yellow snorkel vest has a removable strap that prevents the vest from riding up. An oral inflation valve allows you to get as much buoyancy as is comfortable for you.

7. Promate Snorkel Vest Jacket


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What Makes This Vest Stand Out:

  • High-vis colors
  • Oral inflation valve

Choose from multiple sizes and high-vis colors with this snorkel vest. This vest will provide added buoyancy while in the water without adding bulk. Waist and crotch straps secure this vest to you. A simple oral inflation valve makes inflating this jacket easy allowing you to choose your desired buoyancy.

8. Ivation Snorkel Vest


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What Makes This Vest Stand Out:

  • Durable make
  • Self inflatable

Available in multiple sizes, this snorkel vest has an oral inflation valve that allows you to control your buoyancy while in the water. Made using tough tear-resistant materials this snorkel vest is built to last. Comfortable and adjustable waist and crotch straps ensure this vest stays firmly on you even in rough waters.

9. Scuba Choice Adult Neon Yellow Snorkel Vest


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What Makes This Vest Stand Out:

  • Large weight capacity
  • Oral inflator

A removable strap allows this snorkel vest to no longer ride up. The highly visible bright yellow color will allow you to be easily seen in the water. Fitting anyone between 100-200 lbs this vest can be easily shared amongst the whole family. An oral inflator provides added help staying afloat in the water whenever needed.

10. Phantom Aquatics Jacket Style Zippered Snorkel Vest


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What Makes This Vest Stand Out:

  • Reflective tape
  • Adjustable waist strap
  • Oral inflation valve

An oral inflation valve allows you complete freedom to determine your buoyancy in the water. A front pocket allows you to store a hotel room card or any other valuables you may want to bring. A comfortable neoprene back and an adjustable waist strap allows you to have a form fitting feel. Reflective tape as well as the bright neon colors allow you to be easily visible in the water.

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What to look for in a Snorkel Vest


A snorkel vest is very similar to a pfd that is often used with water sports. Snorkel vests typically come in a bright neon color that allows you increased visibility in the water. This is great if snorkeling in high traffic areas. These vests often come with additional straps that connect around the user’s thighs. Snorkel vests provide the buoyancy needed to effortlessly float on the water’s surface.

As a bonus these snorkel vests provide protection from the sun allowing you to snorkel for longer without fear of a sunburn. A top rated inflatable vest for snorkeling will often allow you to have full control of your buoyancy which gives you the freedom to dive below the surface when desired.

Snorkel vests are great for those with children or who are not strong swimmers. A snorkel vest will prove much more useful than your typical life jacket. Life jackets are designed to keep your head out of the water whereas snorkel vests allow you to assume the snorkeling position with ease.

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Any of the top 10 snorkel vests we listed above will help you to get the most out of your time exploring the ocean. Snorkeling vest reviews agree that snorkeling with a vest will make your experience much better as you no longer have to work to tread water.


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Do you have a snorkel vest that made it on our list? Let us know how you like it in the comment section below.

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