Whether you are kitesurfing or wakeboarding, the best impact vests offer an extra layer of protection to improve your performance. Impact vests are created with foam padding to help protect your rib cage and spine during impact.

Thanks to the foam padding, impact vests effectively absorb and dissipate the shock during impact. Yet, this is not all they offer. These protective jackets provide warmth when you are on the water whilst increasing your buoyancy as well thanks to their specially designed linings.

So below, we’ve compiled the list of the 8 best impact vests for this year – take your best pick so you can enjoy your water sports adventure with better protection and comfort.

How To Choose An Impact Vest – Buying Guide



When choosing the best wake impact vest, you want to go for one that offers optimal protection – after all, that’s the main point. Look out for features such as clash foam that fully absorb shock from impact as well as insulative linings such as the fox fleece lining of the Mystic The Dom Wake Impact Vest to help keep you warm on the water.


The best wake impact vests must be durable. You can gauge the durability by looking at factors such as the material – neoprene and nylon are amongst the best. Alternatively, you can go through real-life customer reviews from reliable site sources to give you a better understanding of the quality and durability of the impact vest you intend to purchase.


Weight is an important factor to look at when choosing the best wake impact vest. You want the vest to be lightweight for guaranteed comfort and mobility to enhance your performance on the water. However, you don’t want it to be too light that it fails to keep you warm.

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Q: What Is An Impact Vest?


An impact vest is a jacket that absorbs shock from impact. Impact vests are typically designed for use when you are engaged in water sports. Some impact vests are even designed to double as floatation devices, buoyancy aids, and life jackets.

Q: Where Can I Use An Impact Vest?


An impact vest is intended to be used for a variety of water-based sports. These include kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, and kiting. When engaged in these sports, some impact vests allow you to use them as buoyancy aids and floatation devices as well.

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The impact vest reviews offer an excellent guide on how to choose the best wake impact vests. Using a good quality vest on the water doesn’t only protect you during accidents, but improves your overall performance and comfort. So, take your pick of the best impact vest from the list above to begin enjoying watersports with extra protection.

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