The best floating water mat makes it easy to enjoy summer even if you do not know how to swim. Even if you can swim, the mat can provide a place to relax and have fun! You can eat, drink, and play with your friends while staying on the top of water float mats!

Compared to inflatable tubes, floating mats are better because you do not need to leave half of your body submerged in the water. It is like a gigantic version of a pool float. It can accommodate more than one person at a time. Plus, most of these mats do not require inflation to float!

Ready to start your search for the best floating water mat? Read on and we’ll help you come up with the right choice.

How To Choose A Floating Water Mat – Buying Guide


While there are plenty of options available, this should not be an excuse to choose just any product. To help you make the right decision, below are some of the most important things to consider.


The best floating water pad is one that is made using materials that will withstand the test of time. It should not be easily prone to damages, such as punctures and scratches. To determine the durability, look at the material that is used.

Aside from being able to resist punctures, the mat also needs to have UV protection, which will prevent the surface from being easily damaged by the harsh heat of the sun. If possible, see to it that it is also tear-proof.

The best floating mats are not only made of premium materials, but there are also several layers that are present to make it longer-lasting. The thicker the mat is, the more difficult it will be to penetrate by anything that can damage the material.


Think of how many people will fit on the floating mat at the same time. Often, the mat can be used by more than just one person. A larger mat is a better option if you are going out as a group, making sure there is space for everyone to fit.

Evaluating the capacity of floating water carpets also entails the need to look at the maximum weight that it can support. For your safety, do not go beyond the weight that the manufacturer states. Otherwise, the pad will sink, and the mat can be easily damaged. Most of the mats can support weight of up to 1,500 pounds.

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The floating water pads on the market are available in a variety of sizes. Look at the dimensions of the mat and determine which one is best for your needs. To choose the right size, consider the number of people who will be using the mat at the same time.

Take note, size is not the same as capacity. There are some that are large, but the capacity is low because the material used is inferior.

For most people, they choose large mats because it means that there is plenty of space for everyone to move around and enjoy!


Choose the best materials, even if it means having to spend more. You won’t regret picking premium materials because of their direct impact on the longevity of the floating mat. If it is made of inferior material, it will be easily prone to damages, such as punctures.

It will also be good to choose a material that does not produce foul odor in the long run. Some might have a chemical-like smell when they are first opened, but this will be gone after a while. Vinyl and closed-cell foams are some of the common materials used.



Q: Where Can I Use My Floating Water Mat?


As long as there is water, you can use a floating water mat. It does not matter even when you are in a swimming pool, saltwater, lake, or river, among others. You can have fun with the water float mats. If it is a place where you can use an inflatable floating island, pool lounge floats, or fishing float tube, you can also use your water mat. However, it is best used only when the water is calm.

Q: What Is the Difference Between a Pool Floatie and Water Mat?


A water mat should not be confused with a pool floatie. For instance, in most cases, a pool floatie is smaller. It can often accommodate only one to two people at a time. In contrast, a water mat is usually bigger, allowing it to accommodate a small group of people at a time.

The two are also different in terms of their design. The pool floatie is often available in a range of eclectic designs, like swans, donuts, watermelons, and ice cream, among others. This is as against a water mat. It is like an oversized version of a yoga mat.

Also, in the case of pool floaties, you need to inflate them before they can be used. In contrast, there are water mats that are naturally buoyant and won’t require inflation to float on water. Most of the products we have listed above are made of buoyant materials.

Q: How to Clean and Store a Water Mat?


Generally, they do not require too much when it comes to care and maintenance. However, you should make sure that it is stored and cleaned properly to make it long lasting.

To clean an inflatable floating water mat, spray it with water and clean it with soap. Use only mild soap and do not use a brush that can be too tough on the material. Pay attention to the corners and edges. Dry the mat after cleaning.

While most of the mats are made using materials that are stain-resistant, there are instances wherein the pad can be stained. To deal with it, spot treat the stained area using soap and a soft cloth or brush.

If the mat will not be used for quite some time, make sure to dry it. Fold the mat properly and store it in a place away from direct light and heat. If you fold and store the mat when it is still wet, mold and mildew will form. Worse, it will develop a foul smell.

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The most efficient floating water mat provides a place to lounge, play, interact, and have fun! Like inflatable floating docks, they will provide a safe and comfortable place to enjoy with your family and friends. Whether in the swimming pool, sea, lake, river, or any other bodies of water, floating pads are good to have!

Have you ever purchased a floating water mat before? How was it? Share your experiences in the comment section.

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