If you have spent time on virtually any social media handle lately, you have seen the craze surrounding the fun pool floaties. No longer just for kids, adults are embracing their inner child and relaxing on their favorite swan and unicorn floaties. This recent craze has resulted in a market where you now have nearly endless choices. The best pool lounger is easier to find than ever before with affordable prices and many creative shapes.

There is no better way to soak up the summer sun than stretch out with a cold drink on your float. The best pool float now comes with fun designs and even more features than ever before.

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How To Choose The Best Pool Float – Buying Guide


While summer beach floats may seem like a no brainer, with a market this saturated there are a lot of key features to look for before deciding on one. We have listed below the top features to look for in your next pool float.

Multiple Air Chambers

This is a great safety measure. Having a dual air chamber means that you will have to inflate two separate compartments. While this may take a couple of seconds longer to inflate, the safety tradeoff is unbeatable. In the event that one of the chambers pop while you are in the middle of the lake, you will still have a portion of your float inflated. This will help keep you afloat while you get to shore.

Cup Holder

Summers are about relaxing. You don’t want to have to hold your drink or not be able to bring one with you in the pool or lake. Having cup holders allow you to have your drink close by with extra convenience.


As you will likely have so many things in your hand when walking to the beach it is important that your float is easy to carry. Ensuring you have a lightweight design that can be deflated to carry is crucial in making your summer a success.

It is important to also look at how difficult your pool float is to inflate. Looking for one that can be inflated by mouth or with a hand pump will allow you to wait to the beach to inflate. This makes carrying your float even easier. Some larger floats require electric pumps or car pumps in order to inflate. This is an undesirable option.


As floats were originally designed for children’s use, it is important to ensure that your float is long enough to fully support your body. This often includes pillows and sturdier designs that will allow your body to completely relax in the water.


This is important to look for in a float for adults. The extra weight will not be properly supported by the average kid’s float. Durable vinyl and rugged nylon fabrics replace the cheap plastic found in kids pool float to provide much more support.

Be sure to get a pool float that comes with a patch repair kit. This will drastically increase the lifespan of your pool float. Being able to quickly fix a small puncture in your pool inflatable float will give you the confidence to play hard with your new summer toy.



Q: Where To Find Cool Pool Floats?


There is no better place to find the coolest pool floats in the world than on our list. We have taken the time to score the farthest reaches of the internet to bring you the very best pool float out there.

Q: How To Clean My Pool Float?


Cleaning your pool float is easy to do, and you should make sure to take the time to effectively sanitize your pool floats for safety, especially when children are involved.

It is easier to clean your pool floats when they are fully inflated, so make sure not to deflate them before cleaning. You should deflate them for storage, but clean them before you do put them into storage

To clean the floats, mix up some bleach and warm water. Use two cups of black per one gallon of water. Use a sponge or soft cloth to wipe down the pool floats. Make sure that you wipe all surfaces of the pool float. Once you have washed the pool float, you should rinse it off with warm water. Make sure to get all of the bleach off before you put the float into the pool again. You should also allow the float to dry completely before putting it back in the pool or into storage. If you want the float to dry quicker, then you can pat it dry with a towel.

Q: Can I Use My Pool Float As Life Saving Device?


Your pool float should never be used as a life-saving device. Life saving-devices, such as lifejackets and other flotation devices have been created to hold a lot of weight in the water. Pool floats are not designed to hold as much weight, even though they may hold your weight when you are in the water. They have also not undergone the rigorous tests which life-saving devices have. While pool floats may seem like they can withstand outside influences in the pool, they are not designed to hold up under any additional stress.

If you are in a life-threatening situation and a pool flow is used to save you, it may make matters worse. Life-threatening situations are filled with stress and panic. People have a tendency to grab onto anything which could save them. That undue stress can damage a pool float. If the float bursts, then it can cause you more panic. Pool floats are also not shaped to be life-saving devices. They can be difficult to hold when you are trying to stay above the water.

Q: How Should I Store My Pool Float?


The first thing you should do is clean your pool float (see our instructions above). Once you have washed your pool float, you should allow it to dry. Only when it is dry should you put your pool float into storage. It is key that you store your pool float in a place where there is no risk of them being touched by a sharp object. Store them in a protective bag if you can, and do not store them under other storage items.

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Whether you are a kid or a kid at heart, you know that one of the best summer activities is sitting poolside with a cold drink and a good book. The top rated pool floats will let you do just that giving you a perfect blend of being in and out of the water. This helps to keep you cool and enjoy all that summer has to offer. With the growing popularity of pool float among adults, you can now choose from a whole array of floats for your pool that comfortably hold an adult. These pool floats are often made with a thicker material that helps to support the additional weight. With fun designs such as unicorns and alligators, you have the perfect Instagram prop for all your summer fun.

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