If you have an above ground pool then you simply have to have a set of pool ladders in order to get in and out of it. While some pools might already come with a set of ladders, they can often be poorly made and not sturdy enough.

Getting the best above ground pool ladder is essential not only for getting to and from the pool easily but also as a matter of safety as well to make sure that you don’t slip or fall. When looking into ladders you want to ensure that they are durable, safe and are made to a high enough degree of quality.

In order to find the best above ground pool steps we have looked through all of the above ground pool ladder reviews to come up with a top list together with a buying guide which should be able to answer any questions that you have and leave you confident of making the right choice.


Blue Wave Neptune A-Frame Entry Above Ground Pool Ladder

Blue Wave Neptune A-Frame Entry Above Ground Pool Ladder

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Blue Wave here offer the ultimate safety solution as the outer part of the ladders have a gate that you can actually lock which will ensure that none of your young ones of your pets will be able to get into your pool without your permission.

Aside from its impressive safety features this is a great ladder which will be able to take you in and out of a pool easily for any pool which has a height of between 48 and 54 inches. It has a durable construction and is very stable which is shown by its ability to hold a weight of 350 pounds.

  • What Makes This Above Ground Pool Ladder Stand Out
  • Secure gate
  • For pools of 48 to 54 inches
  • Made from non-corroding vinyl
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How To Choose The Best Above Ground Pool Ladder – Buying Guide



This is a key aspect when it comes to above ground pool ladders due to the consequences of anything going wrong. If the ladders break then the least it will do is leave you with an unsafe ladder which might stop you from being able to get into your pool. Worse than that, it could mean that you have a nasty accident. Therefore you want to ensure that your ladders are well-made.

Above ground pool ladders are generally made out of either steel or plastic and both options can provide great solutions for your pool. While you may think plastic might not be strong enough for such a task, these ladders are high-quality with some plastic ladders being able to take weights of up to 400 pounds which shows how well made they are.

The plastic models that you see generally are a lot bulkier and offer a more complete solution involving handrails and protective measures which means that they can often be a much better option when it comes to safety. If metal ladders were that size then they would be almost impossible to move and therefore the steel ladders that you see generally offer up a much simpler ladder of just getting up and over your pool wall.

Both types are well-made and a great figure to look for is one that has already been mentioned and that is the weight that they can carry. This will show you the weight loads they can take and how well-made they are. Another good aspect to check for when it comes to durability is the warranty as if a company offers a warranty on their product then they clearly have faith in its build quality. Finally checking the reviews that a product has can also be vital to ensure that you’re getting a high-quality model which has been tried and tested by many people. An above ground pool ladder is the type of product that is going to be used time and time again so buying a high-quality product from a reputable brand makes sense.


Safety has always been a key area of concern when it comes to any type of pool due to the nature of water. Not only does being in the water itself pose a risk but also the water will make everything around the pool slippery so accidents are much more likely to happen. For these reasons you want to make everything as safe as you possibly can so that everyone can enjoy themselves with a minimal risk of anyone getting injured.

When it comes to pool ladders there are a few key areas of safety concern which you want to ensure that you can be aware of before you place them into your pool. The first one relates to the slipping that can be caused by anything around a pool. You need to know that the pool ladders that you’re doing to be using protect against this. Having non-slip steps can be a vital feature and all steps should be at least textured to aid against any slipping.

Another important factor when it comes to the ladder is how sturdy it is. With it being a free-standing ladder it won’t be as secure as a lot of other products if you have a solution which has a ladder on both sides. If you have a pool deck this is less important as you’ll be able to mount your ladder onto it.

For those freestanding models though you also need to take into account who will be using them as if you’re mobile and athletic then this is less of an issue but if someone elderly, for example, wants to get into the pool then they will more likely want to use handrails and would require a sturdier type of ladder.

There are additional safety features which are important too such as having a gate which will prevent anyone from getting in the pool without your knowledge. There are other solutions available here too as there are designs where you are able to push up the ladders to keep them out of reach and other designs where you can simply cover them. With the stainless steel models they are simply light enough to be taken away.


This naturally links in with durability as you want to ensure that your ladders are made out of the highest quality materials so not only do they not break but also so that they last you for a very long time as well. There are generally chemicals within pool water which can wear down materials over time so you want to ensure that your product is defending itself against this.

These ladders are generally made out of plastic or metal which can both have a large variance in quality depending on how they are made. The products we have listed here are made to last and they are all quality ladders. With a product that has to be safe you always want to ensure that you’re buying it from a reputable place and one where you know that the quality will be assured.


These pool ladders come in all different types of shapes and sizes and it can often depend on which type will suit you and your needs.  If you don’t have many safety concerns then getting an A-frame pool ladder might be the best solution as this is one of the easiest to use as one side of the ladder goes into the pool while the other sits on the outside. An advantage of these ladders are that they are a small pool ladder, so easy to move.

That though could be a disadvantage if you’re older or less mobile as they will want wider and shallower steps and the ability to be able to put your weight onto handrails in order to get yourself into the pool. If you need this type of entry system then getting a larger plastic pool ladder would be ideal as these make it easier to get in and out of the pool.

If you’re looking for above ground pool ladders for decks then size isn’t going to be much of an issue as these steps will be able to sit in your pool to be used whenever you need them and a lot of them have mountings that can be fixed to your pool deck to make it even easier.

In terms of pool height you always want to ensure that you’re getting a product that will fit your needs. Measuring is vitally important as getting ladders that are too small for your pool would simply mean that you would have to get a new set of ladders that does fit. Most above ground pool’s come in standard sizes so it’s important to know this before making your purchase.



Q: Why Do I Need An Above Ground Pool Ladder?


Above ground pools can be a brilliant solution if you don’t have the time, money or space for an in ground pool. They can give you that fun or relaxing time without having the usual worries that you would have with a typical pool.

Once they are up though there is a wall that will be around 50 inches in weight between you and your pool. For most people the thought of having to climb over and then fall out isn’t exactly appealing so you need to find a solution to get in and out of your pool easily and safely.

That’s where the above ground pool ladder comes in as it will provide you with a simple solution and you can pick the type you need depending on your circumstances and those of the people who are going to be using your pool.

In general there are two ways this problem is solved if you don’t have a pool deck and these are either having a more simple A-frame type of ladder or going for something different and having a larger step solution to bring you in and out of the water. If you have a pool deck then you can choose the right steps for you to be able to get you into it depending on your needs.

Whatever solution you opt for, getting an above ground pool ladder is vital for your safety and comfort. Once you have picked your ladders then you can fit them into place and start to enjoy your pool whenever you feel like going for a dip.

Q: What Are The Benefits Of An Above Ground Pool Ladder?


You always want to ensure that no-one on your property gets injured, especially if it’s because you were not providing the adequate levels of safety that would be expected. Accidents can happen but you want to minimize the risk as much as possible or you could open yourself up to a personal injury case and having to pay for medical expenses. To protect against this you want to make sure that you’ve taken all the right steps and that includes getting the right above ground pool ladder.

Safety is paramount when it comes to your ladders and you don’t want to get steps that are going to be too unstable or that might break over time. There are also accidents that can happen I the pool and having the ability to get someone out of there quickly can be vitally important. There are plenty of small accidents that can occur from having cheap ladders too with slips and bumps that might cause minor injuries which should be avoided.

Perhaps the biggest reason to get above ground pool ladders is simply the ease of entry. This will ensure that it’s very easy for you to get in and out of your pool without having any problems at all. Some family or friends might be less mobile as well and having a great set of ladders will encourage more people to get in and use the pool. If you have an above ground pool then getting the best ladders you can simply makes sense.

Q: What Type Of Pool Entry System Is the Best?


With pool that don’t have a deck you have the option of a simple A-frame design or a more sophisticated plastic model. With the A-frames these are great for those looking for a simple solution who are more mobile and don’t have to worry about taking their time to get into the pool. They don’t have as many additional features as the larger step models which have a higher degree of safety and conveniences.

With pool decks you either have a step or ladder solution and again this can come down to ease of use and with a step solution you can pretty much walk out of the pool whereas with the ladder solution you’ll have to climb out. The best entry system is the one which suits you are your needs. You may just want a simple solution or want to look for something which will make the journey more comfortable.

Globo Surf Overview

Once you have found the best above ground pool then you need to worry about the safety aspects before you can start to enjoy yourself. You need to worry about picking the best type of pool ladders for you, how you are going to cover it as well as other aspects such as making sure it has the right filtration system among other things.

Once you have got everything into place then you can think about having more fun and buying pool noodles and choosing which type of float would be the most fun. Getting a pool can be very fun when you want it to be and it can be relaxing too at the right times. Once you have got everything you need then you can enjoy it as much as you want, as long as you clean it every now and again.

A part of that initial set up is getting the right above ground swimming pool ladders and in order to do that you just need to look at who will be using the pool, if you have a deck or not and what requirements you need such as additional safety features.

This buying guide should have helped walk you through the process so you now have a clear picture of the exact pool ladder that you want. Getting the top rated above ground pool steps will make your journey in and out of the water easier than ever which will not only make it safer but it will also give you more reasons to jump into your pool. It’s common sense to get the best pool ladder you can and by now you should have all the knowledge stored to make the right choice.

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