If you own an above ground pool, a set of pool ladders is necessary to get in and out of it. While most pools come with ladders included, their durability and overall safety are often questionable. Getting reliable ladders will not only make your pool safer, but it will also make using the pool a lot more enjoyable.

When searching for the best above ground pool ladder, you should keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, the model you choose should be stable when climbing up and down. Also, it should be made of tough and durable materials to withstand user weight, sun exposure, as well as pool chemicals.

To help you choose, we have combed through countless above ground pool ladder reviews and created a list with only the highest-rated models. In addition, our buying guide will answer any questions that you have on how to pick out the best above ground pool steps, so don’t miss out.


Best Small Above Ground Pool Ladder

Splash Pools Galvanized Steel

Splash Pools Galvanized Steel

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The simple but effective design that the Splash Pools ladder offers is excellent for all smaller pools. Made for pools that are 36 inches deep, this model is very convenient to put in and take out based on your needs. The ladder itself measures 42 inches in height, and has convenient grab handles on top to make using it safer.

On top of this, the construction is top-notch too. The frame is made of extra-tough galvanized steel with lock seam tubing for additional strength. Finally, the steps are made of injection-molded resin that will ensure that you can safely get in and out time and time again.

  • Stand Out Features - Why We Love It
  • Lightweight and easy to put in and take out
  • Extra-durable galvanized steel construction
  • Lock seam tubing for additional stability
  • Great option for smaller above-ground pools

Capacity: 300 pounds
Pool height: 36 inches
Deck required: No
Material: Galvanized steel

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