A pool cover is vital for your pool unless you want to spend hours cleaning them every time you want to use it. They can also play their part in helping to keep your water warm after you have finished using it as well.

Solar covers though actually go one step further as they will actually raise the temperature of the water a few degrees so it can be nice and warm whenever you wanted to have a dip. Finding the best swimming pool solar cover then can make that swimming pool all the more inviting.

Getting the best solar pool cover though involves making sure that you get the right type and size as well as choosing the right thickness and color. Here we have come up with a top list after checking the solar pool cover reviews and have put together a buying guide to answer all your questions you might have to make you confident of finding the top rated swimming pool solar cover for you.

How To Choose The Best Solar Pool Cover – Buying Guide



There are a few different types of solar cover available but by far the most common is the solar blanket which covers most of the products on this list. This is the type of solar cover which looks like a large sheet of bubble wrap. Those bubbles serve a dual purpose of helping the cover float on the surface while also acting to direct the light from the sun onto the water.

You then place this cover bubble side down and let it work its magic. The covers can come in varying degree of thickness which sometimes isn’t the easiest to handle but it’s not too difficult either. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes so you’ll easily be able to find the right fit for your pool. These types of covers can also be easily cut into shape if they are too large and will sit just inside your pool so that they make that protective barrier. They are by far the most common of the solar pool covers as they offer a great level of heat retention while being affordable and not too difficult to work with.

A solar ring is another type of option available and this is more of a simple solution to the other types on the market as they can be easier to move around as unlike solar blankets, they don’t come pre-inflated so this is done before you place the solar panel onto your pool. They aren’t quite as efficient as the solar blanket option but they still have a high level of effectiveness.

Another option onto the market is a liquid solar cover which instead of being a physical cover is actually a solution that sits on top of the water and acts as a film that will prevent evaporation from your pool and therefore keeping the heat that’s inside of it.

This solution will generally last for around a month before needing to be replaced. This is an innovative solution but as it’s not a physical cover it obviously can’t stop any debris from getting into your pool so therefore this would only really be a practical solution if you have a pool in an area that receives only a very small amount of debris.


The size of the pool is one of the most important considerations when it comes to selecting the best pool cover for you as if you get one that is too big then it would be a lot more difficult to handle and you be more susceptible to moving around with the wind and if you get one too small then obviously all of your pool wouldn’t be covered and the exposed parts would lead to evaporation and heat loss.

Therefore it’s vital that you measure your pool correctly to ensure that you are getting the right size of cover for your pool. Getting one that is bigger would be much better as you are then able to cut it down into size to ensure that it fits.

This also applies if you have an oddly shaped pool which doesn’t conform to the usual sizes that come with solar covers. If this applies to you then you can get a product that covers the whole area of your pool and then make it into the size you need. Size is clearly an important detail when it comes to your pool cover so it’s best to measure twice to ensure that your figures are correct.


The world of warranties can be a difficult one to understand with many different terms and conditions with various different aspects being covered. Therefore it’s always vital that you check any warranty that is being offered to ensure that it covers everything that you want it to.

A warranty though can be insurance from anything going wrong which is why you should look for one before you buy any product. Not only can a warranty give you peace of mind that you would be able to sort any problem with your solar cover if it was to go wrong but it also gives you confidence that a company is offering a high-quality product is it comes with a long warranty.

Some of these pool covers come with varying amounts of warranty which is always useful to add into your reasoning when buying a product as it might be the difference between you choosing one product over another. It’s also important though to check the reviews and what people are saying about the product as sometimes you don’t mind taking less of a warranty if the product was highly rated.


Thickness plays a big role in how effective your solar cover is going to be but it’s also not just as simple as saying the thicker, the better. It is true though that the thicker a solar cover is then the more effective it is going to be at keeping that heat locked in. It has more material to travel through and more light that can be magnified onto your pool.

Naturally the thicker size will also act as insulation for your pool as there is more material for the heat to escape into and there is also the added factor of that extra thickness equaling extra weight and therefore it’s less likely that the pool cover will ever be blown away which makes it a lot more secure.

There are though caveats to that as there are a few downsides when it comes to that extra thickness. It will be more difficult to roll up and more difficult to store due to its weight which can cause problems. They are also generally more expensive than thinner models. While it’s generally for the best to go for a thicker solar cover, you do have to bare those disadvantages in mind before making your choice.


While for most products color is a simple matter of aesthetic choice, with a solar pool cover it can actually make a vital difference to how it performs. The products on offer will generally be a blue, silver or clear color as manufacturers try and strike the balance between their product looking great and it performing to the best of its capabilities.

The darker a material, the more light it absorbs which is why black things get a lot hotter than white things if the sun has been shining on them. With a solar cover though you don’t want your product to get hot, you want the water beneath it to which is why they should have a level of transparency so the light can travel through and hit the water. Once it does then it heats up the water and the solar pool cover then keep that heat locked in.

The Shape Of The Pool

Solar pool covers are mainly sold in one of three different sizes of rectangular, round or oval. Above ground pools are generally circular or round in shape due to their type of construction so these types of cover are generally made with those types of pool in mind.

Most in ground pools are rectangular in shape and therefore these types of cover are generally sold to fit in those types of pool. Most companies either offer their cover for one or the other types of pool but there are companies out there which sell all three shapes. In reality there isn’t any difference in the requirements so you don’t have to worry about one type fitting another if you have an in ground circular pool for example.

A lot of people though have oddly shaped pools and therefore these standard shapes wouldn’t fit in their custom pools. When faced with this scenario then you can simply get something like a rectangular pool cover and cut it into size so it was then able to fit inside your pool.



Q: What Is A Solar Pool Cover?


Most pools need a cover, especially if they are outside as all manner of things can easily get into your pool which will need to be cleaned out such as leaves and twigs that can sit on the top of the water and other debris that can sink to the bottom. There are other such issues as well such as insects which can either get caught on the water or live on it.

It isn’t about what can get into the water either it’s out what can leave it too. If you leave your pool open then the water inside it can evaporate which may not sound too bad but with that evaporation can be the chemicals that you need inside your pool to keep the water balanced and keep the bacteria at bay. If too much of this water evaporates then you need to and chemicals into the water would be at an additional cost to yourself.

The thing that sets solar pool covers apart from those regular covers though is their ability to use the heat from the sun and channel that energy into the pool. They let the sun heat up the pool by allowing the heat from the sun to travel one way into the water trapping it there so the heat can stay in the pool. That allows your pool to stay warm during that day and that heat to be retained in the pool overnight

Q: What Are The Main Benefits Of Using A Solar Pool Cover?


Using a solar pool cover makes sense for a lot of reasons. Most of a pools heat loss will come from evaporation into the atmosphere so using any cover makes sense but regular covers will only be able to trap in the existing heat that is in the pool but won’t be designed to trap in that heat efficiently anyway. A solar cover not only prevents that evaporation happening but also is designed to retain the heat that is in the pool while letting sunlight though to let it keep getting warmer.

This will mean that you don’t have to spend money to heat your pool as much as you would and you also don’t have to spend money replacing chemicals that might be lost to evaporation. There is no doubt that your pool cover is going to be able to save you money in the long-term.

The pool cover will also be able to be cut and trimmed to fit in with the shape of your pool while doing the primary job of any pool cover which is to keep debris out of your pool. Solar pool covers are a simple solution but one that gives you great results.

Q: What Are Different Types Of Pool Covers?


The bubble type of pool cover is the one that you will see most often and it is the cover that features in our review list here. That’s because it’s by far the best and most convenient cover on the market and the one that people keep going to time and time again. They look like large sheets of bubble wrap but that layer is going to keep that heat locked into the pool.

The other two types are very different as one is a vinyl sheet that will be placed over your pool. This won’t be able to provide much insulation but will help prevent evaporation and the other is a non-toxic liquid that will sit on top of your pool to prevent any evaporation but doesn’t offer any protection as a physical cover.

Q: Are Solar Pool Covers Safe?


There is another function of pool covers that we have yet to discuss and that is one of safety. Some people like the added security of knowing that their children or pets couldn’t ever accidentally find themselves in the middle of the pool.

For this you would need to get a safety cover which could prevent this from happening as a solar pool cover is not going to hold your weight once you get in the water so therefore doesn’t work as a safety cover. There is nothing inherently dangerous about using a solar pool cover it’s more the fact that if you’re looking for the ultimate in safety then you might need to look elsewhere or seek an alternative solution.

If you don’t have such worries about safety due to your circumstances, then a solar pool cover is going to be perfectly safe to use for your pool. Once you want to use it when you can simply drag it out, roll it up and enjoy yourself while you’re in your pool.

Globo Surf Overview

Solar pool covers are quite simply a genius solution to a problem that has been around for a long time. Heating up water can be expensive and time consuming and stopping the water from having that chill is something that all pool owners want. A solar cover is neither expensive nor time consuming and can save you a lot of hassle as it’s simple but clever technology will be able to retain the heat in your pool but can also increase its temperature if the sun is shining.

Using a pool cover has many great benefits as it means that you won’t have to clean it as often due to the debris that it will be prevented from getting into the pool and you also won’t have to test the water quality as often either as the chemicals will be locked in and not evaporating off to the sky.

Sometimes a pool heater will be needed if you like your pool nice and warm but even then the solar pool cover will mean that you don’t need to use it for as long. Once you’re all set up in the pool you can just relax knowing your solar pool cover had a job well-done.

Choosing a bubble pool cover is the best option as it will insulate your pool more than a pool solar blanket would and provides more coverage than any liquid solution. If you’re looking for above ground pool covers then it’s likely that you’ll be getting either a round or circular product and if you’re looking for inground pool covers then you will want to be looking at rectangular models.

When it comes to buying your product there are a few important points on your list to check as you want to get the right type for your pool whilst double-checking its size, you also want to check out how thick the product is and whether it is suitable for you. You also want to ensure that you can cover the whole of your pool and the product having a long warranty will also be an added bonus.

Once you’re set you can buy the best solar pool cover for you and your pool knowing that you can get it to do its work knowing that when you come back for a swim then you’re going to come back to a nice warm pool which is clear and free from any debris.

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