Besides the regular maintenance, protecting your pool is always a must, and the most simple way to do that is by using a pool cover.  Not only that a cover can prevent debris and bugs from getting in your pool, but it can also help to trap in the heat. But taking a cover on and off can be very overwhelming, and therefore getting the best pool cover reel can make your life much easier.

When choosing the right cover reel for your pool, there are a few things to consider. Once you are familiar with the options and the features included, you can continue towards picking a cover reel that will serve you well over the seasons.

Whether you are looking for the best solar cover reel or a regular reel, this guide will serve all the information that you need. We have also completed pool cover reel reviews to show you the best products on the market and leave you with a clear choice of the best reel for you.

How To Choose A Pool Cover Reel – Buying Guide


Types Of Pool – Inground vs Above Ground

The above-ground pools have some requirements regarding the frequency of usage, but the in-ground swimming surfaces will need to be covered since they can’t be moved. Covering a small above ground pool that can be stored when not in use isn’t a good idea, but the larger pools must be covered and protected.

Installation and Operation

Most of the best pool cover reel options listed will operate in much the same way. They will have some form of a hand crank that is going to be able to reel in your cover and wrap it around itself.

The higher-end solar cover reel options will have a wheel on them that has a hand crank on it to make the reeling in very easy and be done fairly easily by just one person.

Other solar cover reels will have a more simple operation, often with a hand crank that is not attached to a wheel.

Quality And Durability

With a product such as this, quality is going to be very important as not only will it be working in challenging conditions but it will be dragging the pool cover off the pool and that can sometimes require a lot of effort.

Most of them are made out of aluminum and steel requiring the most strength and therefore, delivering durability to be able to cope with the stresses of the operation. In order to save weight and made sure it is easy to use, the tubing is often made from aluminum as this still has a high level of strength but helps it to be lightweight. Both of these materials are corrosion resistant too.

Plastic reels aren’t as durable as the metal ones, but since they are made out of high-quality plastic, an excellent amount of strength will be provided, serving good for the smaller pools.

Creating a Budget

The budget needed should be calculated considering the pool’s demands. Maintaining your pool isn’t cheap at all, but a pool cover will help you eliminate the funds and the time needed. Having one will make that easier and will save you money further down the line in terms of lack of maintenance and not having to heat your pool as much either.

In that respect, it’s probably going to be the best idea to get the best cover reel that you can. That being said, the lower budget ones that we have looked at in this guide are still high quality and would be able to do a good job.

Size Of The Pool

While there are many great types of pool cleaner, the bigger pool you have, the more time you’re going to spend cleaning it. That makes the need for a pool cover with a great reel even more important in order to cut down on the maintenance required.

It’s an obvious point, but you need to make sure that you are getting a reel that is going to be wide enough for your pool. It’s vital that you get your measurements right in order to avoid any mistakes from happening.

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There are many products that are able to be bought in a range of different sizes, allowing you to pick the perfect one for you. There are also adjustable cover reels which are ideal if you have a swimming surface that has a unique shape or size.

Type Of Cover

You not only have to consider what type of pool you have, but it’s also important to know whether or not you want a regular pool cover or one of the solar pool covers. The reels here can often be specialized to one type or another.

If you already have a pool cover then it’s important that you get a cover reel that is going to be compatible with it but if you don’t already have one, then it’s a good idea to look into the different types of pool cover to see which one would be best.

Solar pool covers can be a great option as they will help to retain the heat that is trapped in the pool. They can also aid in the temperature increase of the water as well, maximizing the sun’s energy in order to get it as warm as possible.

Wheels, Straps, And Reel

As well as the basic mechanism of the tool, it’s important to look at the other aspects too and ensure that they are going to be of a high enough quality for you to be able to use it effectively.

The wheels need to be large enough and easy to move. Most wheels are plastic but there are other wheels available that have a high level of grip. You also want to check how it is going to be attached to the cover too and this needs to be compatible.



Q: What Are The Benefits Of A Pool Cover Reel And Do I Really Need It?


There are many reasons why you should cover your swimming surface and hot tub, and using a reel will make that a lot easier. Dragging the cover and trying to fold it can be a hassle and many people can fall into bad habits and not cover their swimming surface because they can’t be bothered.

A cover reel is never essential but covering the surface is unless you want to do an insane amount of cleaning. If you want to make it easier, then it is going to be very important as it will allow you to actually enjoy more time swimming.

Q: What Is The Recommended Weight For A Pool Cover Reel?


There needs to be a balance when it comes to the weight of it as you want it to be heavy enough to stable but light enough that you are going to be able to move it fairly easily when your pool is uncovered.

The recommended weight is going to depend on the size of the cover reel that you need, as the larger the coverage is, the larger the reel needs to be. All the products that we have looked at here strike a great balance between weight and maneuverability.

Globo Surf Overview

Owning the best pool cover reel is important for a few key reasons, besides the fact that it will save you a lot of time and energy on water heaters and your overall maintenance, without the large effort of dragging the solar cover on and off.

For our buying guide, we have made research over the key features that should be considered when buying a solar cover reel, allowing you to choose the right one for you.

Furthermore, the best products on the market are listed and reviewed, to help you choose a quality pool solar cover holder. Once you have purchased one, you’ll be able to spend less time out of the water maintaining it, and enjoy cooling off during the summer days!

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