There’s nothing better than relaxing in the pool on a hot summer day. However, prolonged sun exposure might easily ruin the fun and cause nasty sunburns. A pool umbrella is a real savior here, as it gives you the much-needed shade when you’re not in the water.

To help you stay safe in the sun, this article will present six top-rated swimming pool umbrellas that are guaranteed to effectively block UV rays even during the peak hours of the day. Finding the most efficient pool umbrella also depends on its size, materials, and design, so be sure to also check out the buying guide if you want to learn how to spot the ideal umbrella.

How To Choose A Pool Umbrella – Buying Guide


Choosing the Size

Unlike patio models, pool umbrellas don’t need to cast a shade on very large areas. Usually, they’ll only need to cover a couple of lounge chairs and perhaps a small pool table.

With this in mind, the best umbrella has a canopy between 8 and 10 feet. However, if you need a custom size, the rule of thumb is that the umbrella needs to be at least 4 feet larger than the area you want to cover.

Umbrella Types

When choosing a pool umbrella, you have two main options – market and offset (cantilever). Both are commonly seen around pools, but their design differences might make one or the other a better fit.

Market: This is the classic-style umbrella with a central pole as the main support. You can use this umbrella for pool with a standard base, a table, or even as an in-water pool umbrella. It’s usually less expensive, but shades a smaller area.

Offset (cantilever): Instead of being in the center, the pole is placed on the side. This setup gives a more functional shade (you can be directly under the canopy) and it’s easier to adjust. However, cantilevers tend to be heavier and cost more.

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Canopy and Frame Materials

The canopies are usually made of synthetics like polyester, but the material quality can significantly vary from one model to the other. The most important things to look for are good UV protection (50+ UPF in the best pool umbrellas) and resistance to sun exposure.

As for the frame, most models in our pool umbrella reviews are made of aluminum because it’s fairly strong while simultaneously keeping the weight low. Steel is stronger but heavier, while wood looks great but doesn’t last long without maintenance.

Picking a Durable Umbrella

Since it’s going to be exposed to direct sunlight, water, and perhaps even wind, the durability of your new umbrella pool accessory is important to consider.

For example, it’s a good idea to get a model with a UV-protected canopy so it doesn’t fade in the sun. Also, the frame should be strong enough to resist wind, and shouldn’t rust easily if it gets wet.

Cost and Quality

Even though poolside umbrellas aren’t the most expensive pool accessories, they vary greatly in price. The most affordable option are market-style patio umbrellas with aluminum frames, but they are also the least durable.

On the other hand, cantilever umbrellas with thick canopies and steel frames might set you back a few hundred dollars but they usually perform much better over the years.



Q: How Should I Take Care Of My Umbrella?


If you need to clean the canopy of your pool umbrella, it’s best to do it using a sponge soaked in water and mild soap. Pool and patio umbrellas usually don’t get very dirty, and stains are easy to remove this way. On the other hand, the pole and ribs should be wiped with a moist cloth.

Q: How Should I Store My Umbrella When Not In Use?


The ideal place to store the outdoor patio umbrella is cool, dark, and dry. It’s best if the storage is covered and clean. On top of this, your pool patio umbrella must be completely dry before storing, otherwise you might have problems with mildew.

Globo Surf Overview

While time can really fly around the pool, it’s not a good idea to be in the sun all day. This doesn’t mean you have to go inside through – the best umbrella will give you all the protection you need.

Besides blocking UV rays and preventing sunburn, it also provides a nice shaded area where you can relax and take a break. We hope that our pool umbrella reviews helped you pick a model that will make your days in the sun safer and more enjoyable.

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