Travel umbrellas are a great way to take rain protection with you on the go. You can protect yourself from the weather, without the burden of a heavy wet waterproof jackets. With a top rated travel umbrella, you can go the distance, without being stopped by the rain.

A travel umbrella can also brighten your day. If you are out and about, getting caught in an unexpected rain shower can really dampen the mood and our clothes. A top rated compact umbrella would keep you high and dry, no matter your travel plans.

The best travel umbrellas are durable, compact, and lightweight. The travel umbrella should be able to fit anywhere from a car door to a side pocket in travel backpacks. Even in a jacket pocket, you should hardly notice you are carrying it.

However, it can be overwhelming to choose just one travel umbrella design because there is such a large market with so many different options. Our guide of the 10 Best Travel Umbrellas in 2020 gives you the top picks we believe are worth the investment. Here, we also breakdown designs and features of travel umbrellas that you should consider before making your selection.

How To Choose The Best Travel Umbrella — Buying Guide


When you are deciding which travel umbrella is the best to buy, it is important to consider a few key features. You will have to decide what features will best suit your needs. There are many different umbrellas to choose from, but if you spend the time to find the best one for you, you’ll feel more confident when using your umbrella.

Umbrellas are a great option to have with you, so you are never caught off guard by the rain. These umbrellas can be taken anywhere and give you an emergency layer of protection. It is best to consider the differences of each design to see what will best suit your needs.

Here, we have made a guide to help you choose the perfect umbrella for your needs. We also have answered some frequently asked questions to provide all the information you need to choose an umbrella that keeps you happy, no matter where you go!


Size is an important factor of an umbrella for traveling because it can tell you if you think the umbrella can be easily managed and carried. The physical size of an umbrella can dictate how you will carry the umbrella, as well as how much coverage it will provide you with. You want to find an umbrella design that is impressive in the size of the canopy and how well it compacts. If you need a larger canopy to accommodate more people, it’s great when you can find a design that is then compacted into an almost unbelievable small size. The best umbrellas for travel will deliver a spacious area of protection, but then fold or collapse down into a manageable and easy to carry size.

Most umbrellas for traveling are 12 inches or under in length when they are collapsed. Hence the name, the umbrella needs to be easily traveled with. This means it could be carried in a pocket, purse, briefcase, carry on luggage, or in your hand easily.

Ideally, an umbrella would be barely noticeable and wouldn’t take up a lot of space amongst your other things. An umbrella for travel certainly shouldn’t add unnecessary bulk or weight to the user. Convenience is the magic word when it comes to these type of umbrellas. You want to feel that you should always travel with your umbrella because it is so convenient to carry with you and provides fast and strong protection against the elements.


Like size, weight is important in a travel umbrella’s design. You want an umbrella to be lightweight so that it doesn’t weigh you down while you’re on the go. Most umbrellas are under 1 pound in weight and the best umbrellas for travel weight even closer to half a pound. For some travelers, the lighter the better, especially with airplane travel, so keep the weight in mind as your looking at umbrellas.

The materials used will dictate how lightweight your umbrella is. Commonly, the high quality materials produce the best compact travel umbrella. Lightweight materials for you to look out for include aluminum, titanium, nylon, and Teflon. Materials like these deliver superior quality and strength with durability but keep the umbrella lightweight overall.

Again, an umbrella that delivers on the coverage area of protection, but then is lightweight too, is just a bonus! Most umbrellas are lightweight due to their small size coming it at about 15 ounces or under. For the extreme weight savers, there are some designs that can get their weight down to under 8 ounces. However, the majority of the umbrellas will come in at about 11 or 12 ounces, which is still extremely manageable.


Material is important because t affects the durability, style, weight, and strength of your umbrella. High quality materials will be durable enough to be constantly shoved in bags and then be used on the street. An umbrella needs to be durable enough to withstand the weather, as well as the conditions of travel.

The materials will also affect the overall style of your umbrellas. Metal gives for a clean and modern look, while the canopy material can determine whether your umbrella is smooth and sleek or cute and playful.

The materials will especially affect the weight of your umbrella. If weight is an issue, you’ll want to find the lightest metal and canopy fabric available. Normally, the higher quality the materials are, the lighter in weight they are too.

Finally, the materials will determine how strong your umbrella is against elements like wind, rain, and snow. You want high quality materials to ensure your umbrella properly protects you against those elements.

As well, the best materials for your umbrella will be rust and corrosive resistant. You will be using your umbrella, hopefully, a lot and always outside. This means the constant exposure to the wet elements could potentially cause parts of your umbrella to breakdown. Thop rated umbrellas will feature shaft, ribs, canopies, and handles that won’t develop a build up of rust or mildew. Travel umbrellas hat have these anti-features are more likely to be long lasting and provide you with better protection every time you go to use your umbrella.


Durability is super important for your umbrella because you want it to be a reliable companion for many years. The best small travel umbrella will withstand being dropped, shoved, and stuffed into bags as you travel. It will also be durable enough to shield you from the rain, snow, and wind.

The most durable umbrellas are made with high quality materials to give you superior protection that will last for years. The best travel umbrella is durable, so look for lightweight metals and high quality nylon.

Durable umbrellas should not have any problems with breaking down due to the repeated use with water. The best compact umbrellas will be durable enough to not develop rust or corrosion anywhere on its design. Looks for high quality materials that make your umbrella durable and resistant to water, rust, corrosion, and mildew.

Durable umbrellas will last you through years of use. It would be a bummer to invest in an umbrella that breaks in the first few uses. You want a durable umbrella because it will give you reliable and constant protection no matter how many times you use it throughout the years.


Grip can be important for personal comfort because it is how you will hold and use your umbrella. Some grips are rubberized or feature grooves to make your grasp more comfortable. A rubberized grip and gloves are excellent design editions that can make using and holding your umbrella more comfortable, especially if you plan on using it for long periods of time.

On top of added grip design features, if you want an extra secure grip, make sure your umbrella has a wrist strap to provide you with extra security. Most design will come with a wrist strap, which means that you can carry your umbrella easier and if you drop it, it won’t fall far from your hand. It can also keep the umbrella more secure in your hand, so a gust of wind doesn’t separate you and your umbrella, or it doesn’t get bumped out of your hand on a busy street.

You should feel confident and comfortable with the grip of your umbrella because you will be using it so many times and so often. If you don’t like a grip, you can end up hating the umbrella and stop using it, which makes it a worthless investment. So, spend some time finding a grip design that is just right for your hand to make sure you’re happy and confident using our umbrella every time, even if you use it everyday for 10 years straight.


A quality umbrella will go beyond protecting you from a light rain. The best travel umbrella will protect you from strong winds and violent downpours. Your travel gear may have waterproof backpacks to keep it safe, or be waterproof in their own designs like waterproof cameras, but you need a cover too.

Some umbrellas can withstand winds up to 60 miles per hour. You should find an umbrella with a diameter of at least 40 inches, so you have optimal protection. However, keep in mind that every umbrella has a limit. Some umbrellas can withstand wind up to 60 miles per hour, which is a lot of wind. If you happen to live in a very windy area, take caution of the wind possibly damaging or tearing your umbrella from your hands. Be smart. An umbrella for traveling can provide a lot of protection but using it in gale storm winds probably isn’t the best idea.

Finally, an automatic open and close function can provide you with faster and easier protection. An open and close function that is automatic will allow you to open your umbrella with one hand and at the push of a button. In a sudden rain shower, this feature can be a much-appreciated feature that is extremely convenient for you to use. If you find yourself caught in a sudden rainstorm or you only have one hand free, an automatic open and close system can keep you from getting frustrated and block the rain faster than the time it is taking to open a manual umbrella.


An umbrella for traveling needs to be designed with portability in mind. As we’ve said, an umbrella shouldn’t be inconvenient for you to carry. It should be extremely portable, and so much so, that you barely remember it is there, until you see the dark clouds or feel drops of rain.

Top rated umbrellas will be collapsed down into a small size and the canopy tucked and secured by a strap. Many also come with their own sleeve for protection and added convenience. Your umbrella should be able to be carried in your hand, jacket pocket, or bag of your choice.

Many umbrellas are made extra portable by the manufacturers because they include a sleeve or carrying case. The umbrella should always be able to be collapsed and folded down to the size of the proposed carrying case. The case is a great way to ensure your umbrella is always portable and ready to be taken on the next adventure you have you heart set on.

A portable travel umbrella means that you are eager to bring it along with you for every trip without feeling burdened. A portable umbrella makes it convenient for you to stay your course, even if bad weather wants to block your path.


An umbrella needs to be strong so that it can protect you from wind, rain, and possibly, light snow. A travel umbrella gets its strength from the materials used and its overall durability.

Materials that are high quality should give your umbrella the strength it needs to protect you from the elements. Materials like metal and nylon are strong enough to withstand a battering from rain, wind, and snow, without fearing a collapse or failure of your umbrella. Umbrellas that are built strong are also less likely to be broken by the wind. A strong umbrella should be able to withstand a certain amount of wind without a rib breaking or snapping. As well, the wind shouldn’t be able to easily turn your umbrella inside out and render it useless.

A strong umbrella will have the durability to last throughout the years, without being weakened by each use. If you want a long lasting travel umbrella, you should definitely invest in a design that is strong. You shouldn’t have to do the majority of the work, defending yourself against the elements. That’s what a travel umbrella is for, but to do the best job it can, it has to be strong enough to resist all the weather elements that are thrown its way.  The stronger your travel umbrella is, the happier and more satisfied you will be.


Q: Why bring a travel umbrella?


If you hate using a rain jacket, and love using an umbrella, but are always on the go, a travel umbrella is a great option for you to invest in.

Travel umbrellas take a traditional umbrella design and makes it more compact, convenient, and easy to carry. The small and lightweight designs of travel umbrellas make them a great option to still have emergency rain, wind, or snow protection without the bulk and weight of a standard umbrella.

Travel umbrellas can be especially great for people who are traveling by airplane. With their lightweight bodies, they can be easily carried without making your bag too heavy, which can add to the airline fees.

However, travel umbrellas are generally great for any type of travel or on the go movement. If you are in the city going from office to office or taking a walk in the neighborhood, travel umbrellas can provide you with quick and easy protection from the rain, wind, or snow.

You should definitely consider investing in a travel umbrella if you feel that you are constantly in the move and want to take an umbrella but feel that other umbrellas are too heavy or large to be carried along. However, you don’t have to be a traveler to enjoy using a travel umbrella. If you just like umbrellas that are lighter, smaller, and more compact a travel umbrella can be a great purchase for you.

Q: What is a travel umbrella?


Travel umbrellas are an umbrella that excel at having a lightweight and compact design. They use the same basic design of a standard umbrella but implement features that make the umbrella easier to carry, so you can use waterproof MP3 players to jam out to your waterproof headphones while taking a stroll through the rain.

A travel umbrella will have a collapsible pole, which the canopy and ribs rest against, which are then secured with a strap to keep it closed. The handle of a travel umbrella is also smaller but may have a small button you can push to automatically open and close the canopy. The umbrella will still have ribs to support the canopy structure, but they will likely be thinner and made of a lighter material. Typically, the materials used in a travel umbrella are also lighter. This commonly means the metal used is aluminum over steel, fiberglass handles, and nylon or Teflon canopies. The materials can really make the difference in a travel umbrella’s weight and me it more convenient for a person to carry and use the umbrella while on the go.

Travel umbrellas really can make the difference for some users. For people who are size and weight conscious with the items they use and carry, a travel umbrella is great at helping them manage the burden, but still providing strong weather protection.

Globo Surf Overview

When it comes to choosing an umbrella, the task can seem overly daunting. There are many designs to choose from and one can feel lost when they have to make a choice and choose just one design. This guide helps you break down the design and features that can determine which umbrella is a top rated compact umbrella and the best choice for you.

As well, you want to be sure your portable umbrella can handle the stress of travel and the constant use in all weather conditions. This type of umbrella is meant to enhance your time on the go, so you shouldn’t struggle with how to use it.

Whether you take it on the plane or navigate the urban streets, an umbrella should be a reliable companion that you enjoy. The best umbrella for travel will provide you constant protection through years of hard use.

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