Breaking a leg or arm is painful enough where you have to deal with the initial shock. After that though comes weeks of annoyance of wearing a cast that you can’t get wet, it’s a huge inconvenience which can make it very difficult to have a wash or go for a swim.

Thankfully there is help in the form of cast covers which will let you get on with your regular routines without worrying about having to go back to the doctors for them to reapply a cast. The best waterproof cast cover will give you peace of mind and allow you to relax when near water.

Here at Globo Surf we have looked at the waterproof cast cover reviews to come up with a list of the best products and have made a guide that will answer all your questions. Read on, select the best seal tight cast protector for you and make your life a little less frustrating.

How To Choose The Best Cast Cover For Swimming And Shower – Buying Guide


Leg Or Arm

It’s going to be fairly obvious which type of cast cover that you need but there is also a consideration for the future as you might want to have both options available in case an accident happens. These covers are not only great for casts but can be highly effective for burns and rashes as well among others.

With a leg cast cover there is not much to consider as they will just cover the whole of your foot. With an arm cover though some have the option of a thumb slot whereas others can cover the whole of your arm. If you want to wear your cover for a whole day or do an activity like swimming for example, then you’ll probably want to have a bit more usability.


If you’re getting a cast cover then it’s because you want to keep it dry. Getting your cast wet can be a nightmare as not only can it damage the cast but it can also make your arms quite itchy and any trapped water can start to feel once bacteria start to form.

All the products we have reviewed here won’t allow water to seep in but some are better than others, with some promising to stay dry if you are bathing or swimming. You also want a cast cover that is going to be waterproof but not too tight.


If you are in need of a cast cover then it’s because something has seriously gone wrong and your arm or your leg needs protecting for a few weeks. While at that time you are in need of a cast cover, you hope to never have to use the product again.

Accidents though can unfortunately happen and with the other uses you can have with a cast cover, buying one that is reusable is a great additional feature. You want to ensure that your cast is durable and well-made to ensure that you always have it there should you need it.

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When needing a lightweight and waterproof material there are a few different materials that a company can turn to with the most common being a durable plastic that fits over the limb and can have the look of a plastic bag.

Other materials though can be thicker and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye such as latex and rubber. It’s important to point out though that some have allergies to these materials which is important to check and why a lot of descriptions market their product as ‘latex free’.

Ease Of Application

If you’re buying a leg cover then this isn’t really an issue as you have both hands to do it but if you’re buying an arm cover you want to ensure that it is easy to use as if you don’t have anyone to help you, you’ll have to put it on with one hand so it needs to be easy enough to do that.


There are a range of different size options here so you’ll find something however big your cast is. Some companies though measure their size in different ways so before you buy just double-check the measurements to make sure it isn’t too big or too small.



Q: Why You Should Buy A Professional Waterproof Cast Cover?


Having to wear a cast is a very frustrating period in anyone’s life as they have to deal with recovering from injury while wearing something which is awkward, irritating and that can’t be wet. Wearing a waterproof cast though will make your life easier while you’re recovering and you can swim or shower not having to be paranoid about anything happening to your cast. There are also other uses as well for the cast such as protecting from burns and rashes so it’s a great product to have.

Q: How To Find A Cast Cover With Right Size?


There are cast cover options here for both adults and children as well as having cast options for either half of the limb for a lower leg or arm injury as well as cast covers which cover the whole of the limb.

It’s important to know exactly what you want to buy and it’s also important to check the measurements that a company has provided. Getting a size that is too big or too small will inhibit the products ability to be waterproof so it’s vital to make sure it’s right.

Globo Surf Overview

Going for a swim in a pool is of the most enjoyable activities for many people, whether that is having a great time with your kids, or you might just love relaxing on a pool float. For many, having to wear a cast would deny you these enjoyable times and might even stop you from simply having a shower.

Thankfully these cast covers allow you the ability to head into the water, not having to worry about getting it wet and ruining it. Whether you’re looking for an arm cast cover or a leg cast cover, everything is covered here and you’re sure to find the best waterproof cast protector for you.

Before you get a cast cover for swimming or a cast cover for shower there are a few important considerations to make such as ensuring that it is fully waterproof and checking that none of the materials that you are using is going to cause you to have an allergic reaction. Having a reusable cover will mean that you can use the product in the future and you also want to ensure that it’s easy to put on.

Once you know exactly what you want then you can select the top rated seal tight cast protector for you and now have the stress and worry about ruining your cast should you ever want a shower or go for a dip in the pool. Hopefully this guide has given you all the information you need to get the right cast protector for you and make your life easier until you are fully healed.

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