To protect your outboard motor when it’s not in use, it’s important to keep it shielded from the elements. To help you find the best outboard motor cover, we have compiled a selection of the best products on the market.

Made of heavy-duty, waterproof, and UV blocking fabrics, these covers will keep frost, ice, and moisture out, keep the sun from damaging the cowl and prevent the ingress of any dirt. In addition to the outboard motor cover reviews, our guide explains the factors to consider in order to select the best outboard motor cover for your motor. Here is our top list.

How To Choose The Best Outboard Motor Cover – Buying Guide



When it comes to an outboard motor cover, the material is a very important consideration. It should be able to protect your outboard motor from all the elements and be able to hold up to the elements itself. Polyester canvas outboard motor covers are water resistant, breathable and don’t stretch or shrink. They should be coated with PU or acrylic to make them waterproof and UV resistant. An offshore boat motor cover should also saltwater resistant. 

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You need to know the size of your outboard engine before you pick a cover. This will help you decide what HP size to choose for a correct fit. Most outboard motor covers will only cover the engine part but you can also get full covers with outboard propellor covers. Features such as drawstring and buckles can ensure a tight fit and ensure the cover will stay on, even in stormy weather or when the boat is being trailered.


When buying outboard engine covers, you want to ensure you’re getting a quality cover that won’t get damaged easily and will offer your motor the protection it needs. Make sure it’s waterproof, built to offer UV protection, breathable and the right fit for your boat motor. Checking outboard motor cover reviews by boaters will help you gauge the quality.



Q: Why Do I Need A Motor Cover?


The use of outboard motor covers is necessary if you want your motor to last for as long as possible. The outboard engine is one of the most critical elements of your boat and getting an engine boat cover is important to keep it in perfect working order until it’s time to use it again. A motor cover will prevent UV rays from causing your motor to fade, keep it dry, and also protect the motor from damage by scratches and dirt.

Q: Can I Use This Cover In The Summer and Winter?


Yes, you can use these boat covers in the summer as well as in the winter. The best outboard motor covers are designed to protect your outboard motor against UV rays, cold temperatures, frost and ice and also prevent any condensation which can freeze down and cause problems.

Q: Should You Cover Your Outboard Motor?


Covering your outboard engine when storing or transporting the boat is important in order to protect the motor from damage by elements like UV rays, water, snow and dust. If left exposed to the elements, problems like rust can set in causing the motor to degrade fast. Having a motor cover is essential to protect your outboard motor and prolong its life.

Q: Should I Leave My Outboard Motor Up or Down?


The best way to store an outboard engine when it’s not in use is in the upright position. This will allow water to drain out and prevent major problems like corrosion. Once the water has drained out completely, you can store the motor on its side.

Q: What Is A Cowling On A Boat Motor?


The covering on the outboard motor of a boat is what is referred to as a cowling. It’s composed of the covering on the top part, the covering on the lower part of the engine and the gear case protecting the drive mechanism.

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The use of outboard engine covers is important if you want your motor to last for as long as possible. Having outboard propeller covers isn’t as vital as propellers are more resistant to the elements. Your checklist in respect of an outboard motor cover is making sure they are waterproof, breathable and can be securely fastened into place. Be sure to measure the motor so you can choose the right top rated marine engine cover for your outboard motor.

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