Time spent on your boat can be so much fun that you sometimes lose sense of it. This is a great thing, but staying exposed to the sun for too long can be harmful. If you enjoy spending nice sunny days on the water, adding a boat bimini top to your boat will give you the freedom to enjoy the water for as long as you want without having to worry about the harsh UV rays or rain.

But how do you know which is the best bimini canopy for your boat? Here, we have reviewed the top ten options on the market, highly rated for their ability to protect from the elements and hold up well on a boat. To ensure you choose the right canopy top for your vessel, be sure to pay attention to the features and specs we outline in our buying guide.

How To Choose The Best Bimini Top For Boat – Buying Guide



Your new bimini top should create a nice shade while still allowing you to move around. The size of the bimini top depends on boat size, and which portion you want to cover. As a rule of thumb, biminis of up to 6ft in length are a good choice for boats under 20ft. As for width, always determine pivotal mounting points and measure the distance between them so you can get the right-size boat bimini.  


Standard bimini boat tops are 4’, 6’ or 8’ in length, and usually have 3 or 4 bows. Biminis for inflatable boats and pontoons are a bit different in design. If you can’t find the right boat covers among standard ones, there are manufacturers that make custom sized biminis for a perfect fit for your boat whether you want an aluminum boat bimini top, fishing boat bimini top, or a top for a boat with a tower. 


Boat biminis are not just useful, but they can make your boat look nice too. This is why most canopies come in a wide range of colors. However, some colors will fade faster when exposed to the sun. Always inform yourself about the color UV resistance. All the options in our bimini top for boat reviews are top-quality and durable.

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Frame Material

Most bimini top boats will come with frames made from either stainless steel or specially treated (anodized) aluminum. These materials offer a high resistance against corrosion, which can be a real problem when the frame is exposed to salt water. The frame also needs to be tough because it’s exposed to strong forces when you’re sailing, especially at higher speeds.

Canopy Fabric

The best material for boat bimini tops is thick polyester. It can resist wear and tear, gives you a certain amount of UV protection, and you can usually clean it easily. Treatments to resist mildew and bacteria can significantly increase the lifespan of the boat covers. A PU (polyurethane) coating repels water and makes the bimini tops excellent covers from rain too.



Q: What Is A Bimini Top?


A bimini top is an open-air canopy that you install on a boat to act as shelter against the sun and rain. It’s supported by a metal frame and the bimini top boat can be folded up or down.

Q: Why Do I Need Bimini Top for My Boat?


Bimini top on boat gives both you and your passengers protection against weather elements like UV rays and rain. Bimini tops allow you to stay on the water longer without getting sunburns or getting wet, and time spent becomes more pleasant because you’re sitting in the shade. It also adds a nice look to your boat.

Q: How To Install A Bimini Top?


The first step is to measure and mark the pivotal mounting point (usually at the center) and then drill holes for the brackets. Next, mount the brackets on your boat using the screws and attach the bimini frame to the brackets. On pontoons, bimini tops usually attach to the rails. Inflatable boats will have pre-designed attachment points. Most manufacturers give you instructions so the whole process shouldn’t be too complicated.

Q: Can You Put A Bimini Top On Any Boat?


Yes, bimini tops can be installed on any type of boat. You can find a bimini top for aluminum boat, bimini tops for fishing boats, pontoon boats, deck boats, inflatables, and more. There are even tops designed for covering boats with towers.

Q: What Is Better 3 Bow Or 4 Bow Bimini?


Both options are good. Whether to choose a 3 bow or a 4 bow bimini depends on the size and type of boat you want to cover. Bimini tops for small boats feature 3 bows. If you've a large boat such as a deck boat or a pontoon, you need a large 4 bow top. A fishing boat with bimini top 4 bow is better as it offers more headroom.

Q: Can You Drive With A Bimini Top Up?


Although bimini tops are designed to handle moderate speeds and wind gusts, it's not a good idea to trailer your boat with bimini top up. Traveling with the top up will stress and weaken the frame and fittings. If you want your bimini to last, be sure to put the top down when trailering your boat down the road.

Globo Surf Overview

By investing in a bimini top, you will get additional protection, as well as add a great looking detail to your vessel. We hope you picked up some useful information in this guide, so you’ll know how to find the best bimini top for boat you own. 

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