Racing a remote control boat creates some of the most electrifying and unforgettable childhood memories. There is nothing quite like the rush you experience as it flies through the water. And the best part is that this thrill is not limited to be enjoyed by kids only, but by adults too, making piloting remote control speedboats a fun outdoor activity for the whole family.

To get the best remote control boat you’ll want one whose speed is fast enough to outdo all the other boats, with a battery life that will give you adequate playtime and built to handle the dynamics of navigating the waters.

No need to lose hair trying to figure out which is the best RC boat to get as we’ve done the boring research for you, so you do not have to. Here is a list of this year’s top 10 RC boats in the market.

How To Choose A Remote Control Boat – Buying Guide


Choosing the Right Remote Control Boat

Deciding which is the best remote control boat to go for can be confusing and somewhat challenging, but here is a guideline of factors you need to consider that will help you make the smart purchase. The first thing you need to decide is what you are going to use it for and the features most important to you. Do you want speed? Or do you want maneuverability? If you solely want speed, then a dual-hull boat is perfect, but you want to make sure that you have access to enough space to run it. If you want maneuverability, then a single hull boat will work and will need less space.

One of the major considerations is the cost. The more powerful the boat, the higher the cost (in most cases). If you have the money to invest, then you can get a high-end boat which will last you for a long time. If you only have a little to invest, then you can still get a good-quality boat (see our list).

The last consideration is entirely your personal preference, the style of boat. Do you want bright colors which will dazzle your friends as you race through the waves or do you want something more understated and sleek?

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Types of RC Boats

There are many types of RC boats to choose from. We have already talked about the speed capabilities of dual-hulled boats, but what are your other options.

The fuel is one consideration. Your main choice is between gas, nitro, and electric. Not so long ago, gas-powered boats were by far the fastest, but with advances in electric motors, you can have a speedy boat that can be recharged. Gas-powered boats are still very powerful, but they do come with the added drawback of having to buy fuel for them.

RC sailboats combine the power of an engine with the power of the wind to be propelled through the water. Most of the boats are exact scale-model replicas of actual sailboats, and the racing of these is highly contested.

You can also find warships which are capable of firing projectiles at each other.



Q: How Fast Are RC Race Boats?


For the experienced RC boat fanatic, investment in a high-end boat can result in speeds of up to 100 MPH. These are the professional boats which are used for professional racing. Looking at our list, you can see that the top speed is 50 MPH. This is extremely fast, and with a little modification, you can increase that speed to 65+ MPH.

Most of the boats on our list range from 10-25 MPH and this is pretty typical of medium-range RC boats. If you are buying a dual-hull boat, then 50 MPH is fast. If you are buying a single-hull boat, then 25 MPH is fast.

Q: How Long Do RC Boats Run?


This is all dependent on the battery which is supplied with your RC boat. If you can find a boat which can run for 30 minutes, then you are doing well. A lot of RC boats are shipped without batteries, and this allows you to invest in your own high-end batteries. If you can find a good lithium-ion battery and charger, then you can have your boat running for up to an hour. Of course, the more batteries you have, the longer you can run your boat.

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Remote controlled boats are fun. There is no denying that. From bringing back the nostalgic feelings you had as a kid to imbuing those same feelings in your kid, an RC boat is something that everyone wants to play with. When you get your boat out on the water, you will feel like a kid again.

When people think of the best remote control boats and the speeds they go, they often think that they are out of grasp for them. A boat that speeds through the water at 25 MPH is powerful, but they are more affordable than ever. With advances in electric engines and batteries, it is getting more affordable all the time. You can also check our article for waterproof cameras, waterproof watcheswater shoes, fitness trackers, and a lot more.

Engines are becoming more powerful, batteries are lasting longer, and materials are becoming tougher and more affordable. It has never been a better time to buy the best RC boat. With the information and products on our list, you will be able to make an informed choice and pick out the boat which is right for you. The problem is, as soon as you take it to the lake, all of your friends and family members are going to want to use it.

The very first time taking it out, you might want to take it out solo.