From marking your boat to attracting fish at night, installing underwater boat lights on your vessel has many benefits. In this article, you’ll learn about the top-rated marine boat lights on the market that will give your boat an awesome look and make nights on the water more enjoyable.

When choosing a light kit for your boat, there are several aspects to think about. The best underwater boat lights are bright, nicely-colored, easy to install, and durable under the water surface. If you want to learn more about how to choose, be sure to also check our buying guide below.

How To Choose Underwater Boat Lights – Buying Guide


Type of Light

All the lights that we’ve featured are LEDs that shine really well underwater. These have slowly replaced incandescent lights because they offer much better performance. Not only do LED lights glow brighter, but they also require very little energy and have an incredible lifespan (over ten thousand hours).

Installation Process

When talking about setup, you can install underwater boat lights in three different ways – fit through a drain plug, drill a hole in the hull, or throw the wire over the edge. If you’ll only use the LED light temporarily, getting one that can go through a drain plug or over the hull is a good choice. However, if you want something more permanent, it’s best that you install the underwater boat lighting through the hull.


Since you’ll be placing the boat lighting underwater, materials need to be durable and water-resistant. The casing needs to be made of tough plastic that can withstand bumps and hits without cracking, while the base and the hardware need to be made of non-corrosive metals (aluminum, stainless steel) that won’t corrode from exposure to saltwater.

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Intended Use

Most boaters just want lights that will make their boat look beautiful, as the effect of those LED lights shining underneath your boat can make for a pretty image. However, modern LED lights are also known for attracting fish, so they can be very useful if you’re trying to make a catch at night.

Durability Underwater

Durability is a key aspect when it comes to your LED lights because they will be submerged most of the time. The model you’re looking at needs to be waterproof and resist impacts and corrosion. Thankfully, all the underwater lights for boats we’ve reviewed are perfectly suitable for water use.

Color Options

One of the best things about LED lights is that they’re available in many different colors. Depending on the model, your underwater lights can come in a single solid color, or have several colors for you to choose from (with green, blue, red, and white being the main options).



Q: What Are Underwater Boat Lights?


Underwater boat lights are lights that you install under your boat to make the area around it illuminated. They usually consist of several LEDs in various colors and really make your boat look beautiful in the evening.

Q: Why Do I Need Underwater Boat Lights?


While some people install underwater boat lights just for their looks, they can also have a practical role on the boat. For example, if you’re an angler, these can help attract more fish during the night. Also, an underwater light for boats will make the area around it safer for nighttime swimming.

Q: How To Install Underwater Boat Lights?


As we’ve mentioned, underwater lighting for boats is installed in one of three ways – through a drain plug, a new hole, or over the edge. If you are connecting it through an existing drain plug or drilling a new hole, you simply need to thread it through the hole and connected it to the battery.

Q: What Color Underwater Light Is Best?


It depends on what you need the light for. From a visual standpoint, blue light gives the best effect in the water when it’s dark. On the other hand, white and green underwater neon lights do a fantastic job of attracting insects and fish.

Q: Where Do You Mount Underwater Lights On A Boat?


Most people mount the lights on the transom because this is the most convenient spot for making the boat visible to others behind you. However, underwater boat lights can be installed in pretty much any spot under the waterline.

Globo Surf Overview

Having the best underwater boat lights is a fantastic way to make your vessel stand out in the crowd. For a very decent amount of money, you can give your boat an impressive new look and even improve your chances of catching some fish. Hopefully, our reviews helped you find the right underwater boat lights that will make your boat the best-looking one on the water.

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