If you want to take anything anywhere on a trailer then you are going to need to hook it up with some lights, as obviously the back of your vehicle is going to be blocked. If you have a boat on that trailer though then it’s likely that you’re going to be backing it into the water, which means that your lights have to be submersible as well.

Due to these demands, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best boat trailer lights and thankfully for you, we have created a buying guide so you can just do that. We have looked through the boat trailer lights reviews to come up with a list of the best products so you can easily choose the best marine trailer lights and safely take your boat to the water.

How To Choose The Best Boat Trailer Light – Buying Guide



All the products we have reviewed here are LED lights which have many qualities that separate them from the regular incandescent lights that can be found on most vehicles. One of those features is the brightness, as they are able to shine brightly while using a small amount of power.

All the lights we reviewed here are very bright and will give more than enough signal to anyone who sees them. LED lights are also long-lasting too meaning that it will be years before they need to be replaced.


As with any marine products they have to be resistant to corrosion as if they aren’t then the salty seawater will quickly start to rust anything that it can. Naturally the lights and housing themselves won’t require this protection as they are made out of plastic and glass but you want to ensure that the wire is resistant to corrosion or this could quickly become a problem. You want to look for marine grade lights which are designed to be able to cope with that environment.


If you’re going to be transporting a boat by using a trailer then the lights on that trailer would quite simply have to be waterproof. In order to get your boat into the water it’s likely that you’ll be reversing on a slipway and therefore they are going to be submerged in water.

If they are not waterproof then they will simply fail and you’ll be left without any lights. All the products we have reviewed here have that level of protection. Some do it in different ways however as some aren’t sealed trailer lights and let water into the casing.

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You don’t need to be worried about any of these lights that let water into the casing as they deal with the waterproofing by simply making sure that the water can’t get in contact with the bulb or the wiring. With these lights though you don’t want water to sit inside the casing so you want to make sure that the water inside can quickly drain away, so that it can become dry again as soon as possible.


Installation of LED lights on your trailer isn’t too tricky, especially if you are replacing existing bulbs as you can simply use the existing wiring of the trailer. When installing wiring though you want to ensure that you do a thorough job as this will be a permanent solution that you will only have to complete once.

In order to do this you want to ensure that all the light are suitably waterproofed and all the lights are grounded correctly into the junction box. If you are unsure about electronics then it often makes sense to ask a friend or use an electrician who will be able to correctly fit them.


Design mainly comes down to preference as there are a few options available. There are low profile rectangle lights, square lights and even oval lights too. Which one you choose doesn’t make too much of a difference and you can choose whichever suits your trailer and your boat.



Q: What Are Boat Trailer Lights?


Boat trailer lights are like the lights you would find on the back of any trailer except for the fact that they have to be resistant to the marine environment, meaning they need to be waterproof and resistant to corrosion as well. All trailers require lights on them and if you’re heading out to the water then you need to make sure those lights are marine grade.

Q: Why Do I Need Boat Trailer Lights?


Trailer lights are a legal requirement as trailers block the view of your vehicle’s lights so a driver behind you would have no idea what your intentions are. They are also useful for safety when you are backing up your boat into the water. The reason you need marine-specific lights is due to the waterproofing and corrosion protection required as if you don’t get the adequate lights then you could quickly find yourself having to replace your broken ones and wasting a lot of money in the process.

Q: Where Should I Install My Boat Trailer Lights?


Boat trailer lights need to serve the same purpose as the lights on the back of your vehicle. Therefore they need to be installed so that the driver behind you can see when you are braking and when you are turning as well. Having your brake lights inside your signal lights will be the safest option.

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Trailer lights play a crucial role in driver safety and driving without them would be dangerous. In order for them to keep working when you’re towing a boat then they also need to be marine grade as well and resistant to the water.

Whether you are taking a kayak to the water, a stand up paddleboard or a boat, the principles of safety are the same and you have to take the appropriate measures and be considerate to other road users. If you’re using your boat to head out on a fishing trip or just want to spend a relaxing day while listening to music and having a beer with your friends, it all means nothing if you can’t get there.

The shape and design of LED boat trailer lights is a personal preference but other aspects are a must. If you’re not getting submersible trailer lights then you might quickly find that they will fail when I contact with the water. Getting marine grade LED lights then is vital to long-term boating use.

Hopefully that buying guide has answered all the question you had so you can choose the top rated marine trailer lights and get your boat to the water safely so you can start to have a great time doing what you love most.

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