Transporting your boat from one spot to the other can be tricky, and the last thing you want is damaging it in the process. When mounted on a trailer, the boat needs to be easily visible. For this reason, equipping your trailer with the best boat trailer lights will allow other drivers to see you and avoid a collision if it’s dark or the weather is bad.

Since it’s a safety feature, functionality is more important than how the lights look. The best marine trailer lights are bright, easy to install, and withstand submersion when you back the trailer into the water. In our boat trailer lights reviews, you’ll learn about the top models on the market that are guaranteed to make you easy to see in any situation.

How To Choose The Best Boat Trailer Light – Buying Guide


Brightness and Visibility

The new lights you install must be easily visible so people can notice you in low-light conditions or when you’re backing up. Almost all the products we talked about are LED trailer lights, which are significantly brighter than standard bulbs used in the past. Still, we recommend that you check the specs for each of them if you need something extra-bright.


Like with other marine products, trailer lights need to be resistant to corrosion that can occur from exposure to saltwater. While the bulbs and plastic covers can’t corrode, metal parts like wiring and hardware are susceptible to water damage. For this reason, always get LED trailer lights that are tested for the marine environment.

Watertight Casing

When you back up the trailer into the water to unload the boat, the lights are going to get submerged. If they are not watertight, water will leak in and damage them. For this reason, it’s best to always get sealed trailer lights that can withstand being underwater.

Ease of Installation

Installing boat trailer LED lights isn’t tricky, especially if you’re replacing old lights (you can use the existing wiring). If you’re installing new wiring, make sure you do a thorough job and that the boat led trailer lights are grounded correctly. If you’re not sure how to do this, it’s best to have an electrician install the light.


Design mainly comes down to preference and choosing a profile that suits the trailer best. You’ll come across low-profile rectangular lights, square lights, and even oval lights for a trailer. From the functionality standpoint, it doesn’t make any difference which one you choose.



Q: What Are Boat Trailer Lights?


As their name suggests, boat trailer lights are lights that you use on a boat trailer. Unlike regular lights, they are made to be stronger, corrosion-resistant, and have a marine grade waterproof casing that protects them from water damage.

Q: Why Do I Need Boat Trailer Lights?


The main reason you need boat trailer lights is safety. They make the trailer visible in low-light conditions, and make your intentions known when backing up into the water. Also, they are usually required by law too.

Q: Where Should I Install My Boat Trailer Lights?


They are installed on the back end of the trailer, so the driver behind you can easily see them. This way, they’ll have time to react and prevent potential accidents. It’s best if they work as both stop tail and turn signal light for trailer.

Q: Are LED Trailer Lights Better?


Yes, they are better for many reasons. First, LED boat trailer lights are much brighter and easier to see. They are also more durable, so you won’t need to replace them often. Lastly, they light up instantly and require much less power to run.

Q: Do Boat Trailer Lights Need To Be Waterproof?


Yes, they do. Since you’ll need to back up the trailer in the water when unloading, the boat trailer lighting will get under the surface. Waterproof lights tolerate this and won’t get damaged in the process. For this reason, always check that you’re getting marine grade LED lights.

Globo Surft Overview

Trailer lights play an important safety role when transporting your boat. Like we’ve said, the most important considerations are that they are bright and withstand water exposure (submersion). Hopefully, our top rated marine trailer lights list has helped you find a suitable model, so you can properly and safely mark your trailer.

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