Tires aren’t the most exciting of products and one that we rarely think about them, whether they are on your vehicle or on a trailer. When a tire fails though it can quickly ruin your day, or your vacation, therefore getting the best trailer tires for boat is vital.

The best marine trailer tires will be able to withstand a large capacity and cope with the marine environment, which can damage even the toughest of products. There are other key features too such a size, traction and design as well so making the right choice isn’t always simple.

Thankfully we’ve created a useful buying guide and have gone through the trailer tires for boat reviews to bring you a list of the top rated marine trailer tires on the market.

How To Choose The Best Boat Trailer Tire – Buying Guide



There are two main types of a tire when it comes to your trailer. The first are radial tires that often have steel belts which run beneath the tire tread which gives them a large amount of strength and stability. They also generate less heat, promoting a longer life.

Bias ply tires have plies that are on a 30-degree angle. This crosshatch construction can often mean that the sidewalls are very strong. They are also cheaper too but partly as the tread doesn’t last for as long as it does with radial tires.


Weight is a hugely important factor when it comes to your trailer tire as the whole point of having a trailer is to transport something that is going to be heavy. You need to know how heavy it is and whether your tire can support it. Generally the bigger the tire, the more weight it can support, but some tires are better at supporting weight than others.


Size is naturally a crucial point for a tire as everything else is irrelevant if it doesn’t fit. This is where the numbers on the tire profile are crucial when you see sizes such as 225/75/R15. The first number is the width of the tire in millimeters, the second is the ratio of height to width, the letter indicates the type of tire and the last number is the diameter of the wheel.

On a trailer more than just one tire size will fit, so it’s important to check your options but obviously all the tires on your trailer should be the same size.


Traction is a critical part of a tires performance and this is often determined by the size of the wheel, type of material and the grooves in the tire. You want to choose a tire that is going to perform well even when you’re towing a large weight so that you’re comfortably able to transport your trailer.


Tires need to be strong and one point where they can show a weakness is in the sidewall as this is their biggest point of vulnerability. This is especially important with trailers as the weight that is on the tire will add extra pressure to the side wall. This is why making sure that your tires can hold the weight that you’re towing is crucial.


The design and type of your tire can make a big impact on the tread wear. As previously discussed, the radial resign is more likely to be able to offer a greater level of tire wear whereas the bias ply design is more likely to offer more sidewall protection. Oxidization though can be a bigger cause of trailer tire wear so it’s important to get a high-quality product.

Max weight and load rating

For some the max weight and load rating won’t be that critical as you’ll never be pushing it to that limit, for others though it can be crucially important when you are transporting something heavier. It’s important therefore to check both the weight of the load you’re going to be carrying and the weight that the tire can handle. Once you are confident of these figures then you know you’ll be able to transport that weight without any issues.

Inflation pressure

Inflating your tires to the right pressure is important to get the highest level of performance out of them. On each tire it will show you the ideal PSI and it’s important to check this after you buy your tire as this will impact its ability to handle the specific weight that it is meant to carry. It’s important to always check the manufacturer’s instructions.


Each tire you buy will have a specific speed rating on it which is the speed that it can travel before it starts to lose its stability. Thankfully if you’re carrying a trailer it’s unlikely that you be doing a speed anywhere close to being dangerous but it’s always important to check this before you head out onto the road.

Sidewall Code

We mentioned before that the sidewall of a tire was the profile written on it which will give the width, ratio and diameter but there are also other bits of key information on there as well such as the speed rating and the date that they were produced. All this information is important in selecting the right tire and knowing when it should be replaced.


If you have a limited amount of knowledge on tires then it’s hard to know what separates a quality product from a poor one and which is a tire that will last you a long time and which isn’t. This is why it’s vital to check the reviews to see what other people are saying. A well-reviewed product will give you peace of mind that you’re making the right choice.



Q: How to Maintain the Excellent Condition of Trailer Tires?


Trailer tires can be subjected to a lot of punishment both through high weight loads and also the corrosive marine environment. Due to this it’s important to inflate your tires often to ensure that they are working to their potential and also check them for wear and imperfections often. If there is any sign of damage then it’s important to replace them as soon as possible.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Car Tires and Trailer Tires?


Car tires and trailer tires undergo very different pressures. A car tire will know the weight that it can carry as there is only a certain weight that a car full of people can weigh. A car tire will also have more steering pressure applied to it as well and have to undergo more use. A trailer tire is simply designed to carry a heavy load at speeds that won’t be too high.

Q: Should I Use Special Trailer Tires Or I Can Use Regular Ones?


There are two different types of tire here for a reason as they both serve different purposes. A trailer tire isn’t suitable for a car as it doesn’t have the same level of traction, tread wear and speed rating. A car tire isn’t suitable for a trailer as trailer tires generally have a reinforced sidewall in order to cope with the higher weight levels. When buying these tires it’s important to get the one that is specific to your needs.

Globo Surf Overview

Being out on your boat can be one of the most relaxing experiences that life has to offer, whether you’re on the water enjoying a grill or you want to head out there to fish, it can be a great way to spend a day. Unless you pay to have your boat permanently docked in the water then it’s likely that you need to transport it from one place to another.

If you’re using a trailer then its only contact with the ground is going to be with the tires. Therefore it is vital that you’re choosing a high-quality product so that it can handle the weight and can get your boat to the water safely, getting heavy duty trailer tires will do that.

There are plenty of things to consider when getting a boat such as which cover you need or selecting the right type of anchor. Before all that though, you need the small boat trailer tires to begin your journey.

There is plenty to consider such as whether you have an off road boat trailer, the size of the tires you need, the weight you’ll be carrying as well as ensuring aspects such as their speed rating, tire type and design are what you need. Hopefully the buying guide in this article has been able to answer all your question about which tire will be the perfect choice for you and your trailer.

Once you have selected your perfect tire, installed it onto your trailer and checked that it has the perfect pressure, then you can be confident that you’ll be able to take your boat to the water without any problems at all. When you’re heading out you are looking to have a great time and ensuring that nothing goes wrong. All the products that we have reviewed here are of the highest of quality meaning that you can head out with the peace of mind knowing that your trailer tires are going to get you there.

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