Designed specifically for trailer towing, the best marine trailer tires we feature here are strong enough to bear the heavy load without sway or blowout and tough enough to cope with the abusive marine environment. Getting the best trailer tires for boat is vital for a safe and hassle free towing experience.

After going through our trailer tires for boat reviews and buying guide where we outline the important details to pay attention to when evaluating the different tire options, you will find it easy to find the right replacement wheels for your boat trailer. Below are our top picks of the top rated marine trailer tires on the market.     

How To Choose The Best Boat Trailer Tire – Buying Guide


Radial Vs. Bias Trailer Tires

Radial tires have superior heat dissipation making them ideal for long distance and cross-country towing. They also have a longer tread life. The less expensive bias tires have very strong and puncture resistant sidewalls that can handle heavier boat trailers without swaying.  


Whether you’re looking for bass boat trailer wheels or heavy duty trailer tires for marine use, you need to know how heavy your boat trailer and boat are and choose a tire with a weight capacity and load rating to support it. Generally, the bigger the tire, the more weight it can support.


It’s important to check the tire sizes and choose a size that’s compatible with your trailer and similar to the other tires. An example of a tire size specification is 225/75/R15. The first number is the width of the tire in millimeters, the second is the aspect ratio, the letter indicates the type of tire and the last number is the diameter of the wheel.


You want to choose a tire that‘ll perform well even when you’re towing a large weight so that you’re comfortably able to transport your trailer. The tread design should offer excellent traction even on wet surfaces, wear evenly and last a long time. 


Boat trailer tires need to be strong. The sidewall is their biggest point of vulnerability as the heavy load adds extra pressure to the side wall. This is why making sure that your tires can hold the weight of the trailer and boat that you’re towing is crucial. A heavy-duty tire construction is crucial for strength. 


The design of the tire will determine its durability and performance as a boat trailer tire. As previously discussed, the radial design has a longer tread life whereas the bias ply design features a more durable sidewall. For cross country hauling, a radial design is better able to dissipate heat. A bias design is great for shorter trips.

Max Weight and Load Rating

The max weight and load rating is an important specification to check as you evaluate boat trailer tires. If you have a small boat trailer, getting small boat trailer tires is the efficient and economical option. If you’ll be transporting a heavy marine boat or a tandem boat, you will need heavy duty trailer tires with a high maximum weight capacity and load rating.

Inflation Pressure

Inflating your tires to the recommended inflation pressure is important to get the highest level of performance out of them and prevent a blowout. The maximum PSI a tire is rated for will be indicated on the sidewall. Always ensure the tire is inflated to this level when hauling your trailer. 

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Each boat trailer tire has a specific speed rating on it. This is the speed that the tire can handle before it starts to lose stability. It’s unlikely that you’ll be doing a speed anywhere close to being dangerous when towing a trailer but it’s still an important detail to be aware of.

Sidewall Code

We mentioned before that the sidewall of a tire has the profile written on it, which indicates the width, ratio and diameter of the tire. There are also other bits of key information on there as well such as the speed rating and the date of production. All this information is important in selecting the right tire.


Although trailer tires have a lifespan of 3 to 6 years, there are some poor quality tires that can start giving you problems on your first trip. This is why it’s vital to check trailer tires for boat reviews and opt for top rated marine trailer tires for their durability.



Q: How to Maintain the Excellent Condition of Trailer Tires?


It’s important to inflate your tires often to ensure that they are working to their maximum potential and also check them for wear and imperfections often. If there is any sign of damage, replace them as soon as possible.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Car Tires and Trailer Tires?


Car tires and trailer tires undergo very different pressures. A car tire will have more steering pressure applied to it whilst a trailer tire is simply designed to support a heavy load. For this reason, trailer tires have stiffer sidewalls and operate at higher PSI than car or truck tires.

Q: Should I Use Special Trailer Tires Or I Can Use Regular Ones?


You should use only specialty Trailer (ST) tires to tow your boat trailer. Heavy loads such as boat trailers are more stable and pull with minimal sway on these kind of tires. ST tires also have better puncture resistance and heat resistance. Regular car or truck tires aren’t built to handle a heavy vertical load. 

Q: Should You Balance Boat Trailer Tires?


Since trailer tires are designed to support a vertical load, balancing them is not as important as it is with passenger car tires. It is still a good idea to balance your boat trailer tires, as this will reduce vibration and the tires will wear evenly and last longer.

Q: What PSI Should Boat Trailer Tires Be?


Because of the high load bearing down on them, boat trailer tires have air pressure ratings between 50 and 65 psi. The recommended maximum PSI for your trailer tire will be imprinted on the sidewall. To avoid tire blowouts, it is important to always ensure the tire is inflated to its maximum psi. 

Q: How Often Should Trailer Tires Be Replaced?


Boat trailer tires can last 3 - 6 years before they need to be replaced. Radial tires have a longer average lifespan of 40,000 miles while bias ply trailer tires usually last 12,000 miles. 

The rule of thumb is to replace all the trailer tires after 5 to 6 years of service, even if they still have plenty of tread. You may have to replace them sooner if they wear out or get damaged.

Globo Surf Overview

When towing a boat trailer from one place to another, it is vital to have the right wheels and tires that can handle the weight and can get your boat to and from the water safely. Whether you need small boat trailer tires, have an off road boat trailer or need heavy duty trailer tires for a heavy marine boat trailer, the best trailer tires for boat we’ve reviewed here are of the highest of quality and there’s at least one option for your trailer. 

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