We’ve selected some excellent boat trailer dollies that will certainly make moving and storing your boat trailer in tight spaces effortless and something you can do on your own. Also, be sure to take a look at our buying guide for tips on how to pick out the best boat trailer dolly for the weight of your trailer and for your needs.

Boat trailers can be a hassle to move around in tight spaces or tricky paths. They are heavy and difficult to maneuver where your tow vehicle can’t fit. Getting a boat trailer dolly can make your job much easier enabling you to move or store your trailer in tight spaces without straining your back. Check out our top picks for the job below.

How To Choose The Best Boat Trailer Dolly – Buying Guide


Weight Capacity

Every dolly has a weight capacity. It’s designed to support a specific trailer tongue weight. You know this can be very heavy – often you can’t lift it yourself when attaching to your car without using a tongue jack. This means the dolly has to support your trailer’s tongue weight. Be sure to check the trailer tongue dolly weight capacity in advance, because the dolly might break if you overload it.

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Dollies with adjustable hitch heights are ideal. This means that the ball can be positioned higher or lower to accommodate the trailer, making it easier to lift the trailer and hold the handle in a more natural position. If the ball is low, the connection will sit too low and make maneuverability next to impossible. The best boat trailer dolly will have the hitch ball fit on the coupler firmly in an optimal position.


Dollies are used to tow the trailer wherever you need it. The trailer coupler is attached to the hitch ball and when you push the handle down a bit, you lift the tongue of the trailer so you can navigate it. Since the connection is a ball, it allows great maneuverability so you can make sharp turns. Depending on your needs, ball sizes can be different, as well as the design of the dolly.

You can get different sized wheels, with either inflatable or solid rubber tires. Pay attention to the size and pattern of the tires, especially if you’re going to use them on surfaces like sand or dirt. Some dollies have additional caster wheels to take some load off and make turning very easy. You also have to choose between a manual hand crank trailer dolly, which has a handle on the side that you turn to move the dolly (and the trailer) or an automated motorized boat dolly.



Q: What Is A Boat Trailer Dolly?


It’s a piece of equipment that allows you to tow your boat trailer. It attaches to and lifts the tongue of the boat trailer, and using the handle you can navigate the trailer to any position you like.

Q: Why Do I Need A Boat Trailer Dolly?


A trailer dolly makes moving and maneuvering the boat trailer effortless. It takes a load off your back – otherwise you would have to do the heavy lifting yourself or with another person. This can be very straining and bad for you back, because as you know boat trailers are very heavy. Also, a dolly allows you greater precision when moving the trailer, so you can park it in a tight space.

Q: What Is The Difference Between An Electric And Hand Trailer Dolly?


On a hand trailer dolly you do the moving yourself – when you attach the trailer to your dolly, you have to pull or push the handle to move the trailer. On the other hand, an electric boat mover has a motor which powers the wheels.

Controls on a powered boat trailer dolly are usually located on the handle, or you get a remote control to move it forward and backward. The motor is powered by a battery, and it’s connected to the wheel axle with a chain. The whole system allows easy steering and movement, and it can be very useful to people who want to avoid any type of lifting.

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Buying a trailer dolly can make towing and moving the boat trailer a simple task. Generally, you want your dolly to have a strong build. It needs to support a heavy load while you move it around. So, first and foremost, look for a sturdy and durable dolly even if it costs a bit more. We presented different dollies on our boat trailer dolly reviews, so you have enough to choose from. Give it a go, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get it sooner! 

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