Unless you have superhuman strength then it’s likely that you’ll need a jack in order to get your trailer onto your car hitch. A trailer can have a significant weight so you need that help in order to get it connected and also keep it level when not in use.

Getting the best boat trailer tongue jack is important to ensure that the hitching goes as smooth as possible. Here at Globo Surf, we have looked through the boat trailer tongue jack reviews to come up with a top list as well as an informative buying guide so you can find the best marine trailer tongue jack for you.

How To Choose The Best Boat Trailer Tongue Jack – Buying Guide



There are two main types of trailer jacks and that is either having an electronic or a manual model. The advantage of an electrical model is clear as they require a lot less effort than a manual jack but however are generally a lot more expensive. When if they fail then there will a manual back up, manual jacks though aren’t that difficult.

The other big consideration is whether your jack has a foot or a wheel. Wheels would naturally break more quickly therefore models with a foot generally have a much higher weight capacity but aren’t as mobile as a wheel option, which can still hold a significant amount of weight.


The weight is measured is the downward pressure applied to the hitch ball. An important factor here though is that due to the wheels taking most of the weight, a jack generally takes on 10 to 15 percent of the overall weight. So therefore a jack with a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds could easily support the weight of a trailer which weighed 5,000 pounds.


You want to ensure that you are getting the right tongue height so that the tongue of the trailer can easily reach the tow hitch. Making sure that this height is perfect will allow for easy installation but also an easy release when you have completed the hitching.



Q: What Is A Boat Trailer Tongue Jack?


A trailer tongue is the part of the trailer that sticks out so that you can attach it to your vehicle and the jack is the device that is going to lift the tongue up so that you can place it onto your vehicles hitch. Without the jack there is no way that you would be able to lift the tongue onto your vehicle so this is vital to get an easy connection.

Q: Why Do I Need A Boat Trailer Tongue Jack?


Whether you need one or not depends on how much weight you can carry. If you’re able to lift up a boat on your own then you don’t need a jack but I’m not sure there’s anyone in the world that has that strength. A fully-loaded trailer can be very heavy and you need that mechanical help in order to lift it onto your vehicle. A jack will make to installation very easy so you can be connected in no time and set off on your journey.

Q: How To Connect The Trailer To The Tow Vehicle?


The first part of the installation depends on your jack. If you have a jack with a wheel then you can move your trailer to the car, if you have a jack with a foot when you need to move the car to the trailer. If you’re doing the latter then you’ll either need a backup camera or a friend to guide you.

You want to ensure that the jack is raised his enough to give the hitching point the clearance they need and then slowly lower it onto the hitch making sure it has a solid connection. Once done you want to close the locking lever to ensure that is has a secure connection and then connect all the required electronics.

After you have made the hitch then you want to ensure that everything is installed correctly. Inspect all the connection as well as the lights including brake testing your vehicle to ensure everything is solid. It’s also bet to chock your tires when you start hitching to ensure that the trailer doesn’t roll.

Globo Surf Overview

Finding the top rated marine trailer tongue jack is important in making sure that the hitching process goes as smoothly as possible. They are devices which can hold a lot of weight to ensure that you can attach your trailer to your vehicle as safely and securely as possible in the shortest time.

Boat trailers can carry a lot of weight as most people don’t have the luxury of towing an inflatable boat and instead have to carry something a lot more solid and a lot heavier. You could be dreaming of being on the water and listening to your favorite music or eating some heavenly hot food that you’ve just made on the grill but that dream can’t become a reality if you don’t have a good enough jack to start your journey.

Before you get out there on the waves you first have to select the best jack for you. Having a heavy duty trailer jack wheel can give you a rolling jack trailer but having that trailer lift wheel can compromise on the weight it can carry so if you’re transporting very heavy loads then having a model with a foot would be the best option.

Getting an electronic boat trailer lift crank can take the work out of hitching your trailer but these models are generally bulkier and more expensive. Cranking a manual jack isn’t too difficult so if you don’t mind a little bit of physical work then opting for a manual option would be absolutely fine.

Once you have decided to get a wheel or not and an electronic model or not then you’ll be able to choose the ideal trailer tongue jack from you so you can start your journey out to the open waves.

Whether you just want to relax in the open air or trying to make a great catch, the journey all starts with hitching up that boat trailer. Hopefully this buying guide has given the information you need to make the best choice for you and your trailer.

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