Built to lift heavy loads and featuring ergonomic crank handles or effortless electric operation, the best boat trailer tongue jacks we feature here make lifting and lowering a heavy boat trailer on and off the tow vehicle so much easier and nicer. Whether you just want to go relax in the open air or make a great catch, the journey starts with hitching up the boat trailer to your vehicle.

A hitch jack can transform the difficult task of lifting your trailer tongue for hitching or leveling into a quick and easy task. After going through our boat trailer tongue jack reviews and buying guide, you will be able to find the best marine trailer tongue jack for you. Here are our top picks to get the job done easily.

How To Choose A Boat Trailer Tongue Jack – Buying Guide



There are two main types of trailer jacks: electronic and manual. An electric jack makes the task effortless and all you have to do is flip a switch. The more affordable hand crank jacks require manual operation but they still make the task easy and quick. There are also trailer front wheel jacks for easier maneuverability and large capacity jacks with a foot for stability.


Be sure to choose a trailer jack with the capacity to lift the front of your loaded trailer. Jacks generally take on 10 to 15 percent of the overall weight. A jacket with a lift weight rating of 1,000 pounds could easily support the weight of a 5,000-pounds boat trailer.

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Ensure you’re getting the right tongue height so that the tongue of the trailer can easily reach the tow hitch. Getting the right height will not only allow for easy installation but also an easy release when the hitching is done.



Q: What Is A Boat Trailer Tongue Jack?


A trailer tongue is the part of the boat trailer that sticks out so that you can attach it to your vehicle and the trailer tongue jack is the device used to lift the tongue up and lower it onto your vehicles hitch. 

Q: Why Do I Need A Boat Trailer Tongue Jack?


A loaded boat trailer can be very heavy and impossible to lift with your bare hands. You need help lifting the trailer tongue and lowering it onto your vehicle. A trailer tongue offers you the support needed to do this and makes the task easy and quick.  

Q: How To Connect The Trailer To The Tow Vehicle?


Use your boat trailer tongue jack to lift the trailer tongue so that the trailer coupler is slightly above the hitch ball. Use the jack to lower the coupler onto the hitch until there’s a solid connection. Secure the trailer onto your vehicle by closing the locking lever. Connect the safety chains and lights. 

Q: What Size Trailer Jack Do I Need?


Choose a jack with a capacity rating that exceeds the tongue weight of your boat trailer when fully loaded. The trailer tongue weight is about 10 – 15% of the total trailer weight. 

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You need the best jack to help you lift the trailer tongue and lower it onto the vehicle. A rolling jack trailer equipped with heavy duty trailer jack wheel or wheels offers you added mobility but having a trailer lift wheel reduces the lift capacity.

If your boat trailer is very heavy, a high weight capacity jack with a foot is a good idea. Hopefully our boat trailer tongue jack reviews have given you the information you need to make the best choice of a top rated marine trailer tongue jack for you and your boat trailer.

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