While most avid fishermen rely on sunlight in a traditional manner and hope for some good catches, new age fishermen are using underwater fishing lights to substitute the sunlight. An underwater light attracts fishes to the spots of your choice and allows you to fish anytime you desire. According to underwater fishing light reviews, it is certainly the next gadget you must include in your fishing kit.

Despite several options claiming to be the best submersible fishing light, you need to invest your time and effort to validate their claim. Additionally, you need to consider factors such as type, weight, the color of light it emits, its respective lumens, and its waterproof capabilities.

To help you find out which are the best underwater fishing lights, we have gone through several underwater fishing light reviews to create a list of the 10 Best Underwater Fishing Lights In 2023 and a comprehensive guide to filter your choices more easily. 

How To Choose Underwater Fishing Lights – Buying Guide


For identifying the best underwater lights for yourself, you need to consider the following factors:


Submersible fishing lights come in three different types that are LED, uncovered bulb, and covered bulb.

  • LED: These are the most popular type of underwater light for fishing as they are highly durable and do not need much energy. The standard life span of underwater fishing led light is 50,000 hours, which is considerably higher than other options.
  • Uncovered: Uncovered bulb systems don’t require any maintenance and are produced from the traditional type of light bulbs.
  • Covered: Covered underwater fishing lights are a lot more expensive and shine dimmer than uncovered light fishing, due to the barrier between it and the water.

Lumen Ratings

A lumen is the unit measurement of the amount of visible light that is emitted by a source. The higher the lumen, the brighter the light. That is why, while choosing the best night fishing light, make sure that your choice stands high on lumen ratings.


Another key factor for submersible fishing lights is the brightness they offer as it indicates the effectiveness of night lamp considering the clarity of the water. To attract a large amount of fish, at least 800 lumens would be a good starting point although there are submersible fishing lights that offer 1,000 lumens of brightness or even 15,000.


While looking for the best submersible fishing light, fishermen need to consider size, weight, and portability. While making choice, you need to map these factors with the size of the fish you’re planning to catch, the size of your boat or surface you will use and the amount of storage space you have.


While all blubs are sealed and waterproof, only top rated submersible fishing lights set to ensure that the supporting items are properly coated to resist water. That is why you need to ensure that waterproofing in your fishing lights does not end with night lamp but also extends to supporting cables and connections. 

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In general, submersible fishing lights come in three colors, which are green, blue, and white. They all have different purposes and attract different organisms. Green led lights for fishing are the most commonly used of the lights as they can attract fish but are mainly used for attracting the likes of squid, crappie, and shad to your boat.

Blue and white portable underwater fishing lights serve the same purpose as the green light, although they’re not nearly as strong and attractive to fish as the green light. While the final choice in case of portable underwater fishing light should go with the type of fish you are looking for, a general tendency of fishermen is to pick the fishing green light to serve the purpose.


Most of the underwater fishing lights claim enough durability for long-lasting performance. However, it is not true all the time. That is why, before finalizing your choice, have a quick look at this aspect and pick the one that comes with the longest warranty.



Q: What is an underwater fishing light?


Underwater fishing light is a bight setup of light that attracts microscopic plankton and lure the big fish in to improve the chances of catching your desired fish. These fishing lights reduce your dependency on the sun for planning a fishing session as they can provide visibility even at night time.

Q: Why do I need an underwater fishing light?


You need an underwater fishing light because you might be looking to reduce your dependency on conventional methods of catching fish and want to try your hands-on night fishing.

Fishermen use underwater fishing light to improve the visibility and lure the small fishes, insects in an area of choice. By doing so, they can attract large fish and improve their chances of having a good catch. 

Q: How to use my fishing light?


To use a fishing light properly, first, you need to create a stable platform as once cast it cannot be moved. Once the position is fixed, you should set your light down by around a meter, allowing it to be deep enough to attract the type of fish that want to catch. To do this, high tide and low tide have to be taken into account.

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Underwater fishing lights for fishing can be a great way to have an enjoyable fishing experience in a situation where you’d usually struggle greatly to get any results. Having bright LED underwater fishing lights not only gets you those results but they also last you a very long time, allowing you to make multiple trips to your favorite spot without any worries.

This guide should give you all the information that you need for finding the best underwater fishing light for you that map to your specific needs. If you’ve never used one before, you’ll be amazed at witnessing an ever-increasing amount of marine life flock to your light, resulting in a great night of catching large fish.

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