Rain can be a blessing in disguise for many fishermen, while no-one likes being out in the rain, it can do a great job of making you and your line less conspicuous in the water. Therefore the more it rains, the better chance you have of making a catch.

While that is a positive, you still don’t want to be out there in the pouring rain with your regular clothes on. Therefore, getting the best rain gear for fishing will allow you so make that catch without becoming soaking wet and will help you avoid getting ill.

Here we have looked at the best waterproof fishing clothes on the market by looking at the rain gear for fishing reviews to come up with a top list and a buying guide in order to answer all of your questions and give you the confidence in finding the best rain gear for you.

How To Choose The Best Rain Gear For Fishing – Buying Guide



Of course, the number one consideration with your rain gear is its ability to keep out that rain so it must be waterproof. While these products can be made from a range of different materials, they all offer a level of water protection which is important when you are out there fishing.

While some products are just waterproof, others make sure that they have other features too such as being resistant to all types of weather types. Waterproof clothing can often make people comfortable as it doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and it can easily make you sweat or overheat, due to that it’s important to check that they have features which will help your skin breathe such as an inner mesh lining.

There are other ways that a rain gear can be waterproof as well in regards to how it protects its weak points. Zips and pockets can easily get water in if not covered correctly and due to this looking for features such as stormproof pockets and covered zips can be a huge positive. There are also jackets out there as well which will let you access your trousers though your jacket so that you don’t get anything wet.


If the sun is shining and the weather is good then you don’t want to be wearing a full waterproof suit. Even if the material is breathable, in the sunshine it’s probably not going to be very comfortable so you’re unlikely to be wearing it. Due to this, you want to be able to store those clothes away for the next time they are needed. If you’re on a boat then space can be at a premium and you won’t be able to leave many clothes just lying around.

A lot of these items of clothing though can be folded down to a very compact size so that you are able to easily store them away in a very small space knowing they’ll always be there if the weather starts to turn. Even if you’re not on a boat, you are able to put them down into just a small size and take it anywhere. You want to have easy access to your clothes but you also don’t want to have to wear them all the time, being able to be easily stored then is an important factor.

There is also a factor when it comes to storage in terms of the pockets on your jacket. You need for this can depend on what you require, it might be the case that you’re the type of angler who always wants your equipment stored away or you might be the type you likes to keep as much on you as possible, it’s important to check the pockets a jacket has to make sure that it’s suitable for you.


Part of that makes these jackets and trousers so easy to store is that they are made from such lightweight materials. When wearing them it’s likely that you’ll have other items of clothing underneath which means that any additional weight of clothing will weigh you down and light restrict your mobility and make fishing harder.

Getting a lightweight jacket will mean that you can still have that full range of mobility while being protected from the elements. It also makes it much easier to carry when you’re not wearing it but also means that it doesn’t carry the level of insulation from the cold that other jackets can provide.

If weight is an important consideration for you then make sure that you look at the product weight before making your purchase. The best products out there on the market will make you feel like you have hardly anything on at all as you can barely feel the weight of the material and none of your movements are affected.


When it comes to regular clothing then seams have the sole purpose of keeping two materials together by tying them up into one continuous piece. Even if rain gear had the most perfectly sewn regular clothing seam it wouldn’t be much use as it would still be able to let water in which is a concern that most other clothes don’t need to make.

With waterproof clothing it is their biggest point of weakness as you are trying to connect two pieces of waterproof fabric in order to make one whole waterproof piece. In order to do this you need to create a seam but this time a seam without any thread which won’t allow any water to get past it.

There are a few ways that companies do this with glue being one of the most common. This, however, is the weakest kind of seam in this respect and looking for seams that are connected in a different way will ensure you of its quality. There are options such as welded seams and ultrasonic seams which hold a very strong bond and will ensure that no breaking occurs.


If you’re going to be wearing something for fishing then you need the materials that are going to be resistant and last you for a long time due to the harsh nature of the environment. With rain gear obviously the prime objective is to keep you waterproof but you also want them to be more resistant to that.

There are many things on a boat or in your fishing gear that can damage your clothing, and there can also be strenuous movements when you’re trying to reel in that catch. It’s important then that your rain gear is able to withstand these stresses and not tear when it’s placed under a strain.

You also don’t want the material to rip if it catches on something or gets overly worn after a short amount of time. Due to this you want to ensure that you are buying a top quality product which is made out of the best materials by a brand you can trust. It’s also a good idea to check the reviews from users who have worn the product to see what they say about the build quality.


If you’re on a boat then it’s important to stay safe and one of the benefits of the gain gear that we have reviewed here today is that it is very low profile which will mean that you can easily wear additional safety features such as a safety life jacket and secure it into place while still wearing your rain suit.

If you’re worried about being as visible as possible then you might also want to consider what color you want your rain gear to be. While there are the standard darker colors which could be great for if you’re fishing at the side of a lake or on a jetty, if you’re on a boat then naturally you have to think a little more deeply about safety.

Getting a bright yellow rain suit, for example, would allow you the highest levels of visibility. If you ever found yourself in danger then this would increase your chances of getting rescued very quickly. When going to purchase your rain gear you just need to spend a few moments thinking about where you are going to be and what safety features you need.



Q: What Is Fishing Rain Suit?


Water, as we know, can get anywhere. Thankfully for us humans though when it’s falling from the sky it’s only trying to travel in one path and that is from the sky to the ground. Due to that we want to block every path that rain has to get to our body.

If you were just wearing a jacket then clearly that water is doing to find its way to your trousers and get them very wet. Wearing a regular waterproof jacket and pants might not be the best thing either as they might not provide the right amount of coverage that you need.

A rain suit will be able to keep those trousers secured in place with a good overlap from the jacket meaning that rain can’t get in between the two. A rain suit will also provide you with a hood that will protect your face as well as possible and it will also be able to adequately cover your zips and your pockets.

Furthermore than that, a lot of them also give you the ability to reach through your jacket to access your trousers. What this means is that you don’t have to lift up your jacket and expose the hem of your trousers to the rain, therefore keeping you dry. A rain suit then will cover every possible angle to keep you as dry as possible in bad conditions.

Q: Are All Fishing Rain Suits and Bibs waterproof?


If you’re going to be using something to protect yourself from the rain then you want to ensure that you’re not going to get wet after a short amount of time. With these products it’s important to know exactly what you are buying so that when the time comes you’re as protected as you wanted to be.

All the products that we have reviewed here won’t let any water through the material. If you’re in a shop or browsing online then you might stumble upon something which looks like it would be waterproof and you might not think to check.

It could however simply be water resistant. These types of materials will protect you from a short shower but in prolonged rain you might find that they start to seep in water and you could find yourself getting wet. So even though most products that are sold as rain suits or bibs will be waterproof, you need to make sure that you check so that you are not caught out.

Q: How Do I Care For My Fishing Clothes?


The problem when it comes to giving advice and fishing clothes is that there are a lot of different materials out there which all have different demands when it comes to being cleaned. If you’re going to be out there fishing then it’s likely that you are often going to be getting your clothes dirty and so they’ll be in need of a regular wash.

Some of these materials in this list would be completely ruined if they were put into a washing machine and/or dryer while others would be completely fine. Therefore, it is vital to always read the label to ensure that you’re following the correct washing instructions.

If you’re going to be out in the saltwater and exposing your clothing to UV rays then it’s important to clean them often. If you don’t have the time to give them a thorough wash after every use then it’s a good idea to rinse them off to make sure that no salt water or chemicals are sitting on the surface.

Globo Surf Overview

Some people love fishing in the rain while others will try and avoid it at all costs, some though might see it as just an inconvenience and won’t let it ruin their trip if they do find themselves in the rain. If you’re out there on a boat and have used your marine GPS to find the perfect spot and then dropped your anchor to stay in that position, you don’t want to be caught out if suddenly the heavens start to open and you have no rain gear.

Thankfully rain gear is easy to store away and can usually be kept in a compact container should you ever need it. If you’re caught out by the rain then you can easily get changed to ensure that you stay dry.  Along with your tackle box and other pieces of key equipment you always want to make sure that you have a rain suit close by or you could end up ruining your trip or becoming ill due to the cold and wet.

The first consideration when it comes to rain gear that it is fully waterproof. If a company offers something that is water resistant or if it is only partially waterproof then it can be very careful about what it says in the products description so it’s important to always read them carefully so you know exactly what you are buying.

After the waterproofing then it can become a matter of choice depending on the number of features that it has, what the color options are and whether you’re looking for a full rain suit, just a waterproof fishing jacket or waterproof fishing bibs. Once you know exactly what you’re looking for then after reading this buying guide you’ll be able to find the best rain gear for you.

Finding the top rated waterproof fishing clothes involves looking at all their features, reading any reviews and then matching that to your needs so that you can get exactly what your situation requires. There are many great products on the market and here we have looked at 10 of the best to give you a great choice of the best rain gear.

Once you have made your choice then you can head out there to the water and cast out your fishing line knowing that if the rain starts to come, you’re going to be protected.

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