Carrying surfing fishing gear can be heavy and exhausting. Rather than carrying surf fishing rods, surf fishing reels, coolers, tackle, and sand, many anglers opt for a fishing cart. Fishing carts are made specifically for surf fishing on beaches or piers and are designed to travel over rough surfaces, such as sand without the wheels dragging. A good fishing cart is equipped with proper rod holders and other useful features and can handle a decent amount of weight.

If you want to find the best fishing gear, but you don’t have some time to go through tons of reviews, our buying guide will do everything for you. We have compiled a list of the best fishing carts for surf fishing. They are all durable, water-resistant, and can handle the terrain on the beach. Check out these top rated beach carts and save yourself from carrying heavy equipment on your next surf fishing grip.

How To Choose A Fishing Cart – Buying Guide


Finding the best surf fishing cart is not that difficult, but you must pay attention to multiple details when buying it. The cart of your choice should be made out of high-quality material, such as top-tier aluminum that will be solid and durable, yet lightweight to carry around. Smart features such as rod holders will improve practicality and convenience when you are surf fishing.

Anyone who has been on a beach knows that walking on sand can be difficult, especially when carrying large and heavy objects. A fishing cart will solve all of these problems for you, as you can make one trip with wheels specifically designed to carry a heavy amount of weight over-sand. Nevertheless, let’s get to the most important factors you should consider when buying a fishing cart:


Depending on whether you like to fish from a pier or directly on the shoreline, you will need to look for different factors when choosing your best surf fishing cart. There are small differences between the carts meant for a pier and the beach. A primary difference is in the wheels, and you will need wheels based on the terrain you’re in.

Pier carts have wheels that are a lot more versatile. You can use them on any type of terrain with ease and not face any negative consequences.

Beach carts are designed to be used specifically on the sand. Their wheels cannot be used on other types of terrain and they will be quickly damaged.


A highly important factor is the size of your fishing cart. Your gear needs to fit, and you need to factor in fitting a cooler. Make sure to check the fishing cart specs beforehand to ensure that a cooler will fit fine. Size also matters in regards to whether or not you will be able to transport it. If your fishing cart is too large to fit in your care, you will have a difficult time bringing it to the shore.

Some fishing carts can also get heavy. That is why lightweight carts are usually preferred, but depending on the quality, a lighter cart may not be able to carry as much weight in terms of gear. Check the weight of the cart itself before purchasing it.


The capacity of your fishing cart should also be one of the key factors you consider before purchasing one. You should check to see if your fishing gear exceeds the cart’s capacity. Since the carts on our list have a minimum of 200 pounds of weight capacity, you will have a hard part exceeding their limit. For extra convenience and safety, make sure to leave 5 – 10 percent of your capacity empty; that means don’t exceed 190 pounds of gear weight for a 200-pound cart.

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The quality of the gear’s construction directly depends on the material. You should pay attention to the tier and quality of the material your cart is made of since there are parts that could fall victim to corrosion. As such, you ought to pick models with parts made of aluminum, stainless steel, or PVC, as it’s been found that these are the most rust-proof choices that carts are made of. Also, the material quality relates to overall durability, so that’s another reason why it should be one of your primary focuses.

Ease of Movement

When it comes to movability, the wheels come heavily into play. The purpose of a fishing cart is to make it easier to carry your things, so if your fishing cart is difficult to drag through the sand, the whole point is defeated. Consider the wheels and handles when looking at fishing carts. Look for wheels specifically made for traveling over rough terrain, so that they won’t be damaged by grains of sand or other debris. Also, a good handle with the right height will save you time and energy when controlling the fishing cart.


While shapes and colors should not matter when buying a cart, there are other details that you need to consider before making your final choice. The most important one of these details is wheel design. Properly designed wheels will save your cart from being stuck in the sand. More precisely, look for heavy-duty wheels. This is the simplest way of avoiding any mishaps, whether you’re focused on getting the best cart for pier fishing or the beach.



Q: What Is A Fishing Cart?


A fishing cart is a cart that is specifically designed to help you transport your fishing cart efficiently from one location to another. Surf fishing carts and beach fishing carts are tailored towards surf fishing, making easy to carry heavy loads over the sand and surf. It’s an overall useful piece of equipment that sometimes has handy features, including rod holders and corrosion-resistance to withstand water, saltwater, sand, and other beach conditions.

Q: Why Do I Need A Surf Fishing Cart?


Having a fishing cart can make your next surf fishing trip much more convenient and easier. Rather than taking multiple trips from your car to the beach, or from one location on the beach to another, a cart can carry all or most of it with less strain on your arms. Carrying fishing gear on the beach can be difficult, and a fishing cart solves that problem with ease since you make one trip with wheels specifically designed to go over the terrain you’re into.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Pier Fishing Carts And Beach Fishing Carts?


Overall, pier fishing carts and beach fishing carts are similar in design and have the same function. The key differences are in the type of wheels they have. Pier fishing wheels are more versatile, meaning that they can be used on all types of terrain, including sand and surf. Beach fishing carts, however, are specifically designed to be used on the sand. They cannot withstand use on other terrains and their wheels will quickly tear apart due to the pressure.

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As you have had the chance to see, choosing your best surf fishing cart will save you a lot of time, energy, and money. Your gear needs to stay safe during the day, and choosing the best surf fishing cart will not only give you this but help you with convenience and practicality.

The fishing cart of your choice should have all the features you need. It should have more than enough capacity to hold and carry your fishing gear with you, and it should be easy to transport. Luckily, you now have all the information you need, so choosing the best surf fishing cart should not be a difficult task for you anymore. The models we have listed are ranked based on fishing cart reviews, so you can be confident in our choices.

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