I’m sure like most people you have been out there fishing and made a great catch but your only option is to estimate the weight as you don’t have any scales to hand. You can try and tell other people about your incredible catch but all you’ll see is eye rolls and doubts about whether you made the catch or not.

With fish scales you can have absolute proof that you have made the catch you said you did and this is also crucial as well if you’re in a competition. Choosing the best fish scales involves making sure they can hold the weight required, that they are well made and also durable. There are other features too in finding the best fish scale such as if they have a gripper handle or a screen display.

Here at Globo Surf we have looked through the fish scale reviews to show you the best products on the market and have created a buying guide which will answer all your questions. Once you have picked the best fish weight scale then you can be confident that your catch can never be disputed.

How To Choose The Best Fish Scale – Buying Guide


Weight Range

With all of these fishing scales they have a maximum weight capacity that they can’t go beyond so it’s important to always check what type of fish you’ll be catching before you buy your product. It would be a horrible situation if you have just made a stunning catch and weren’t able to record the size as your scales weren’t able to go to that level.

It could also be the fact that you want to be able to measure multiple fish or a full catch. You just need to be aware of what exactly you need so you can apply that to your fishing adventure. The smallest scale on this list though will measure up to 20 pounds which should be more than enough for most fishing needs.

If you feel like you need a little bit more of a buffer though then choosing a scale that will go beyond that will be an ideal choice. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you might be doing other types of fishing in the future than the one that you currently do so it’s best to cover all bases and make sure that it will be able to weigh your fish.

These are scales that will deliver a high degree of accuracy and you want to make sure that you’re never overloading it by giving it too much to handle. Both mechanical and electronic types will give you a great reading but if you want the best in accuracy then you’ll need to check the product descriptions but all the products that we have reviewed here will be able to give you a figure which should satisfy your needs.

Attachment Mechanism

It would be nice if fish just quietly sat there while you are trying to weigh them but they can be notoriously difficult to handle at the best of times. Therefore having an easy to use attachment mechanism will make everything a lot simpler for you and will give you more of a chance of measuring the weight quickly.

One of the most common types of attachment mechanism is a simple hook system that fits under the gill plate of the fish and lets it hang off that. It’s important that the hook is big enough and strong enough that it’s going to control the fish while it is on the hook. Another option is to have a sharper hook that will fit inside the fish’s mouth which will allow you to have more of a chance of keeping the fish on your hook and less of a chance of damaging your hands.

Another solution is to have a fish gripper which will give you a strong hold that will ensure that the fish is only released when you want it to be released. This is a great solution which will give you a greater chance of keeping that fish exactly where you want it to be.

Whichever type of attachment mechanism you want, it’s important to get one which is well-made and won’t fail exactly when you need it. A lot of the time this can be down to personal preference and where you prefer to measure a fish from. It doesn’t matter which one your choose though if it’s going to break, so choose a fish scale from a reputable grand who give assurances about their quality.


As with any type of product you generally get what you pay for and if you’re buying a cheap product then there is a greater possibility that it is going to fail a lot more quickly than any other type of device. When you’re out there on the water you don’t want to be in a situation where you desperately want to measure your fish only to find that your scales have broken.

All the products that we have reviewed in this list are high quality and will be able to give you a long service before they ever break. It’s important to make sure that they are made out of the highest quality materials and also it’s a great idea to check the user reviews to see what others are saying about the quality of the product.

While looking at quality it’s also a useful point to see if the manufacturer is offering any warranties of guarantees about their product. If a company offers this then it’s generally because they have a lot of faith in the quality of the product and also it will give you peace of mind in respect of knowing that if anything breaks, you’ll be easily covered.


Your fish scale is going to be subject to plenty of difficult conditions as it has to be able to weigh heavy fish, it has to be able to withstand the harsh marine environment and will likely be dropped and have other bangs against it as well. It’s important that your fish scale is very durable in order to withstand the conditions that it’s going to be in.

In order to make sure that you’re buying a durable product you want to make sure that it has features such as being resistant to corrosion by being made of stainless steel and has a strong case that will be able to survive a significant impact. Buying a fish scale without checking these features will leave you vulnerable to getting a product which is going to break after only a few uses.

These are products which should be able to last you for many years and over a vast number of uses because they are well made with a product reputation to keep. Buying a cheap product from somewhere will open you up to the danger of your scales failing you when you desperately need them. For the avoidance of any doubt it’s always a common sense move to buy a fish scale from a source where you will be able to get answers should anything go wrong.

Gripper Handles

A huge part of your fishing scale being easy to use is the gripper handle. It’s an underrated part of the device but the one that might give you the most trouble if it is poorly made. If you’re putting a large amount of weight on the end of your scale then it’s going to be very uncomfortable if you don’t have a good enough handle as your hands will start to hurt very quickly.

Due to that, it’s important that you look at the handle and work out how comfortable it’s going to be in your hand. If you’re aiming to catch smaller fish then this is not going to be much of a problem but if you’re going to be catching larger fish then it becomes more important.

Having a rounded stainless steel handle should be good enough for most of your needs but if you’re looking for a better solution then there are other options such as a rubber handle which will give your hands more support. This can be a personal choice based on many factors and can vary in importance based on your own circumstances.

Screen Display

A lot of these models have an LCD display which will be able to clearly show you the weight of the fish that you have caught. Trying to control a fish isn’t easy so you want to ensure that the display is as big and as bright as possible so you’ll have no trouble being able to get a quick read off the scales.

Another important factor is what it can show on the display. They’ll all show their weights in pounds and ounces as well as kilograms but if you have other measurement needs then you will want to check to make sure that they are able to show that. The ability to show the tare weight is also very useful and there are some which even show measurements in jin, which is a Chinese measurement.

There are other factors too, one great feature that some LCD displays have is the ability to be backlit so you are able to get an accurate reading in low-light conditions. This is going to be particularly useful if you’re going to be fishing at dusk or during the night. If you’re opting for a manual fish scales then you’ll be getting your measurement directly from the shaft of the device so you want to make sure the reading is as accurate as possible.


As with any marine product it’s vital that it has at least some level of water resistance. Even though it’s unlikely that your scales will ever get submerged in water, it is likely that they will come into contact with plenty of water through splashes and rain.

Waterproofing is generally not a feature that is offered when it comes to fish scales as it’s not really required. A well-made product will be able to handle the little splashes and rain that will comes from measuring fish. If you’re going to be in a very wet environment then it might be a good idea to opt for a mechanical scale which will obviously be able to handle any amount of water contact.

If you want an electronic scale then buying one which has a screw-in cover will be able to give you an additional level of security as there will be less chance of water getting into your batteries. Some of these products make no mention of any type of water resistance which is important to note while others will be able to more confidently say that they are resistant to water. Reading though the product descriptions and asking questions is important to be able to give you the assurances that you’re looking for about the quality of your product.

Battery and Power

Most electronic fishing scales take a simple number of batteries which are very easy to replace. These batteries should last you for a very long time depending on the amount that you are using the scales and a product that comes with a battery gauge or a warning when you are running low on battery is a very useful feature to have.

Whatever type of electronic scales you use though it’s important that you are packing spare batteries on your fishing trip. You should have a comfortable store of batteries to ensure that you’re never caught in a situation where you are without your scales. Some of these scales have a battery cover that you can just slip off while others have a more secure case that you need to screw in.

If this sounds like too much hassle to you then mechanical scales still have a high level of accuracy without having the disadvantages that can come from an electric powered product. Digital scales are seen as the more accurate and easier option and if you wanted an extra level of safety then you could buy a mechanical scale along with a digital one so you know you’ll always be able to weigh your fish even if your digital scales lose power.



Q: What Is The Weight Limit?


When looking into getting fish scales it’s always important to check the upper weight limit on them to ensure that you won’t be caught in a situation whereby you have a fish that are too big for your scales as that would be an embarrassing situation.

It’s best to always be extra careful when it comes to fish scales as it’s better to overestimate what you actually need rather than underestimate it. In this list we have scales that start at 20 pounds but most of them are a lot higher which is more than you will need for almost all levels of fishing. The argument against that is generally that the scales with the higher limits are more expensive so you need to strike a balance between how much you want to spend and making sure that you don’t get caught out.

Every product will give you an accurate limit of its own weight capabilities so it’s important to always double check this before making your choice. Wherever you go fishing you should know what type of fish that you are aiming to catch and how heavy they will be.

Q: How To Weigh Fish With A Gripper?


There are generally two ways that you will be weighing a fish with these types of devices and that is either weighing them from the gill plate or weighing them from the mouth. If you’re using a gripper then this is going to be attached to the fish’s mouth and hung from there.

If you’re using a digital scale with a hook then this is best hooked upper the gill plate of the fish in order to get an accurate reading. When weighing a fish, it’s important to place them on the hook or gripper correctly in order to avoid injury.

There is not generally a better method as both of them are highly effective but the hook option is the more common product type as this is easier for manufacturers to produce and they can easily make it durable and reliable. The fish gripper offers up a different solution but can be equally, if not more, effective at being able to securely keep your fish on the scale.

Q: Is The Digital Scale Waterproof?


If you’re using a digital fish scale then it’s unlikely that it’s going to be fully waterproof as this is not a requirement as the scale isn’t going to be going into the water. You do though want to ensure that the scale is well-made though to ensure that it won’t break down if it is splashed with water or gets hit by a bit of rain.

The only definite way of ensuring that your scale won’t be affected by water is to buy a mechanical option as they doesn’t require a battery and will instead show you a weight based on how much pressure is applied to the internal spring. Having a waterproof digital scale is not an option but there are models out there which are resistant to any water splashes.

Globo Surf Overview

Finding the top rated fish weight scale is important as you want to be able to get an accurate reading and get it quickly so you can either throw the fish back or move on to your next catch. There are a few different types so it’s important to find the product that suits your needs. First of all though you need to get the fish and using a marine GPS can be a great way to get you to the best spot while using the best rod and reel to catch them.

Getting a fish gripper scale will allow you to very easily attach it to the fish’s mouth to get a good reading, these types of scale are usually mechanical meaning that they measure the weight from the pressure applied to a spring. An electronic fish scale will usually have a hook that will go under the grill plate and give you a very accurate reading.

Whether you’re looking for a bass fishing scale or for any other type of fish, all the product that we have reviewed here will give you a great reading. Having a fish scale can be an important part of your equipment to go along with the likes of your tackle box and can easily be stored in a backpack or kept on a boat.

Choosing the best one involves making sure that you’re picking one which has a high level of build quality which is durable enough to last you for a long time. Once you know you’re getting a quality product then it’s up to you to choose whether you want an electronic or a manual scale and what type of attachment mechanism that you want to have. Finally, you also have to ensure that you are getting a scale which will be able to handle the weight of your catch.

Once you have made your choice then you can take your scales on your fishing trip and be able to accurately record your catches. Then your prize will never be in doubt and you’ll be able to show everyone the proof of just how big the fish was.

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