If you’re an avid fisher, whether amateur or professional, you’ve most certainly been in a situation where you had a great catch but was not able to scale it as you didn’t have the right equipment. A fish scale is just the tool you need in these kinds of situations, especially when it comes to showing solid proof to friends who have been rolling their eyes and listening to you in doubt.

However, when it comes to the quest for the best fish scale, it comes down to several factors to take into consideration such as durability, accuracy, and ease of use. The best fish scales are the combination of key features and they prove to be the most important professional fishing gear you can invest in, especially if you compete.

Thankfully, we’ve gone through several fish scale reviews to give you some options. Our list of the best fishing scales as well comprehensive buying guide will help you make an easier decision. Once you have picked the right fish weight scale, you can be confident that your catch can never be disputed.

How To Choose The Best Fish Scale – Buying Guide


Weight Range

Imagine making a stunning catch and aren’t able to record the size as your scale was below or above the weight range. Fish scales come in different weight capacities, therefore it is important to decide what type of fish you are after. The smallest scale on our list measures up to 20 pounds which should be more than enough for most fishing needs. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you might be doing other types of fishing in the future so it’s best to cover all bases including measuring multiple fish or a full catch.

Attachment Mechanism

One of the most common types of attachment mechanisms is a simple hook system that fits under the gill plate of the fish and lets it hang off that. Another option is to have a sharper hook that fits inside the fish’s mouth. A fish gripper, on the other hand, gives you a stronghold and ensures that the fish is only released when you want it to be. Whichever type of attachment mechanism you want, it’s important to get one that is well-made and won’t fail.


The products that we’ve reviewed above are made out of the highest quality materials and will last you a long time. It’s important to check the materials before purchase, along with fish scale reviews. Another thing to keep an eye on is the warranty. Usually, companies offer warranties when they have faith in the quality of their products. This results in peace of mind, and easy purchase.


Fishing scales are objects which are bound to be used in certain rough situations. With a harsh marine environment, it’s normal for fish scales to be exposed to damage. Keeping this in mind, it’s important to purchase a durable one. Some features to look out for in fish scales are ones that are resistant to corrosion, made of stainless steel, and ones that come with a strong casing. Warranties on products also ensure the durability of a product.

Gripper Handles

Very underrated, but equally as important, gripper handles are a part of the device that may make or break the entire product. If poorly made, the gripper handles are extremely uncomfortable on your hands especially when measuring a heavyweight. It’s important that the gripper handles feel good on your hands and usually rounded stainless steel handles or rubber handles get the job done comfortably.

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Screen Display

With most models having LCD displays, you may want to get one that is big and bright. Considering how frantic the fish are, the best fish scales feature big and bright screens that help you get a better reading of the weight. Another factor you should consider is what the display shows, and if it shows the weight in measurements that you specifically want e.g. pounds, ounces, kilograms, etc. A great feature for screens to have is being back-lit. Back-lit screens give accurate readings even in low light conditions, which is perfect for your late-night/ dusk fishing escapades.


Considering that fish scales are marine products, they should be able to withstand at least a little exposure to water. It is not a feature that is generally offered, but if the product is well made, little splashes of water will be no cause for concern. Mechanical scales are a good idea if you plan on venturing into an extremely watery environment. If you’re leaning towards an electronic scale to weigh fish, then fish scales with screw-in covers give an extra level of security since there’ll be less water seeping in through to the batteries.

Battery and Power

Most electronic fishing weight scales take a simple number of batteries which are very easy to replace and they should last you a long time, but it’s always safe to have a gauge that warns you when battery levels are low. It’s also a good idea to keep spare batteries with you on such trips. If this sounds a bit too much, mechanical scales are the way to go, although they won’t have the advantages that digital fish scales have to offer.



Q: Which scales are more accurate?


Digital fish scales have proved to be more accurate, compared to mechanical fishing weigh scales as they show the weight down to the last measurement. Aside from being accurate, digital fish scales also provide a back-light, an LCD and most of them have extra features in their system, as we’ve provided above.

Q: How do you weigh fish with a scale?


For a digital scale, you need to power it on and set it to your preferred measurement unit. Once the scale shows a Zero with the measurement you chose, you hook the fish onto the scale. Usually, the fish is hooked from below its gill. For a digital/ electronic scale, you can hook multiple fish. Check the weight on the screen shown.

For a mechanical scale, you first need to ensure your scale is at zero, and that the fish is drained of all water. Check the weight that is shown and remember it, as it won't be saved, like that of a digital scale. You can also only measure one fish at a time. Once you're done weighing all the fish, you can check the weights you've recorded and calculated the total weight.

Q: What scale do they use on Major League Fishing?


The Fish Grip Jr. is the scale used in Major League Fishing. It secures the fish harmlessly in the unique jaw design which holds the lip of the fish. It's made of stainless steel and plastic, which lets it easily float on water.

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Finding top-rated fish scales is important as you want to be able to get an accurate reading and get it quickly so you can either throw the fish back or move on to your next catch. Choosing the best digital fish scale involves making sure that you’re picking one which has a high level of durability whether you want it electronic or manual. Finally, you have to ensure that you are getting a fish weighing scale that can handle the weight of your catch.

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