One of the best accessories to have is a headlamp. One of the most versatile pieces of gear you can own, headlamps are an item that you will be able to use for nearly every activity from general household maintenance to trekking through caves. Headlamps are also incredibly popular for fishing. This is because they allow you to expand your time out on the water to early mornings and late nights. The best fishing headlamp is one that features many different modes as well as light color options.

Being able to paddle into the water while still having a hands free light is incredibly valuable to a fisherman. To help you narrow down the best LED headlamp for fishing, we have found some of the best options available on the market and listed them below. Be sure to also scroll to the bottom for a look at the top features to look for in your next fishing headlamp.

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How To Choose The Best Fishing Headlamp – Buying Guide


Before you start your search for the best sea fishing headlights, it is important to consider a few key factors. Knowing what to look for will help you to find the perfect lamp for your needs and allow you to get the most value for your money. When looking for your next headlamp, we suggest you consider the following:


This is a term used to distinguish how bright the headlamps light actually is. It is used to compare how well a light illuminates an area. A higher lumen rating equals a brighter light. For example, a lumen rating of 600 is much higher than that of 350.

You will have to determine how many lumens you need for your fishing trip. If you are on a large fishing boat and simply need a headlamp to see your immediate area you won’t need a light with a high lumen rating. But if you are fishing from your kayak and need to see where the shore is you will definitely need a more powerful lumen rating.

With that being said, the best fishing headlamps typically come with more than one setting. These headlamps will usually have 3 (or more) settings that allow you to select the strength of light you need for your situation. For example, if you’re getting your gear ready to head home while on the shore you may need a stronger light than if you’re fishing on your kayak and only need to see your immediate surroundings.


Headlamps typically come offering many different levels of brightness to choose between. This is ideal as different situations will often call for different levels of illumination, a fact that becomes even more truer when using your headlamp for fishing. Switching between high and low levels of light is a great appeal to headlamps. Some headlamps even come equipped with a setting for flashing lights that ideal in emergency situations. Lastly, some headlamps have red lights are specifically ideal for times that where bugs are around such as fishing. Having a headlamp that has many different modes


This is an important factor to consider that you may not have thought of when looking for your next fishing headlamp. As you are likely going to be fishing for a long time you will want your headlamp to be comfortable. While comfort is always important, when it comes to your head it becomes even more crucial.

When considering how comfortable it will be, it is wise to consult fishing headlamp reviews. Here you will find how other users are finding the headlamp which will give you an idea of how it will feel for you.

When looking for a headlamp, the comfort will most often lie within the strap. You will want a strap that is wide in design, we recommend at least an inch in diameter. This will ensure it doesn’t dig into your head. It should also be made from an elastic material that will shape your head nicely giving you the most customized fit. Lastly, it is important to ensure that the band is adjustable. This will allow you to change the setting of your strap to allow it to perfectly fit your head. As a bonus, this will also allow your headlamp to be used for many different people with ease.


Headlamps are a very popular go to choice for outdoor enthusiasts. As with all outdoor gear, having gear that is rugged enough to handle the changing weather conditions is important. This includes having your gear be waterproof. This is especially important for electronics, such as headlamps, that could damage beyond repair.

For anglers that plan to use their headlamp for fishing, you will undoubtedly come into contact with water. Whether you are paddling in a kayak fishing or sticking to the shore, you are likely to get at least a few splashes on your headlamp. That is why it is always ideal to go for a headlamp that is waterproof. This will work to greatly extend the lifespan of your light.

Battery Life

In terms of functionality and day to day use, it is important to consider how much battery life you will get out of your fishing headlamp. Like all lamps, if you use your headlamp on the highest brightness setting you can expect the battery to drain faster than if it were used on a lower setting. How high you plan to use your brightness setting on your lamp will directly reflect how much you need to focus on battery life. Headlamps that have LED bulbs will utilize less battery and therefore allow for a longer battery life.


We would be here all day trying to list all the different ways that you could use your headlamp. The truth is, headlamps are so versatile they can be used in a whole multitude of ways. Perhaps the most popular use for headlamps is mining and caving. The large single light design is one that has been around for a while.

Luckily, headlamps have progressed to be much smaller in size allowing them to be used in many different ways. A popular must have item for outdoor enthusiasts, headlamps are ideal for camping, hiking, and nighttime paddling. The fact that they allow your hands to be free makes them a great option for fisherman. Additionally, many handymen find headlamps to be quite useful when under a cupboard fixing some plumbing or performing other household tasks.



Q: What Is A Fishing Headlamp And What Is It Used For?


A fishing headlamp is one that is designed to make your time on the water easier. These headlamps are some that display bright enough lights to be able to cast light across your boat or fishing area. These lamps are most often waterproof in design as they are much more likely to encounter wet conditions. These lights sit on your head in a hands free design allowing for you to paddle or hold your rod with ease.

Q: How Is Brightness Measured In A Fishing Headlamp?


As with most forms of light, the brightness of a headlamp is measured in terms of Lumens. This is a form of measurement that is used to display how bright the light source is. Headlamps designed for fishing, as with all headlamps, carry a strong brightness allowing them to have quite a high lumen rating. For this reason, you will often find that manufacturers use LED lamps for this. This is because LED lamps conserve energy which allows them to be long lasting. This makes them ideal for these small units where replacing bulbs can be difficult. On top of this, LED lamps are also quite eco-friendly making them an even more appealing option.

Q: What Is A Good Fishing Headlamp Light Color?


The color of an item is often a consideration that should be quite at the bottom of your radar. For fishing headlamps, on the other hand, this is not the case. Having a headlamp that is red in color is the best option for this fishing for one primary reason: fewer bugs. Bugs are attracted to white light so using a red light will prove infinitely beneficial. A red colored light will allow you plenty of view for setting up your line, unhooking fish and maintaining your gear. Another positive is that fish are far less likely to be startled and flee from red lights as they are from white lights. White lights do tend to flood much more light in which can, at times, have its uses. For this reason, we recommend using a headlamp that is equipped with both red and white LED lights for fishing purposes.

Q: What Is The Power Source Of A Fishing Headlamp?


The power source for fishing headlamps vary based on models and manufacturers. Most often, fishing headlamps are run with the use of batteries. An NiMH battery is a very common power source as well as simple AAA’s. We are seeing many manufacturers coming out with batteries that are now rechargeable in order to be more economical.

Q: How Many Lumens Do Most Fishing Headlamps Have?


Most often, the number of lumens your fishing headlamp will have is in direct correlation with the price that it costs. You will most often find fishing headlamps to have around a 40 lumen brightness. As you get into higher end headlamps, you will find that they increase to anywhere between 40 to 250 plus lumens. It is important to note that a headlamp that features a higher amount of lumens will most often result in using the battery up at a faster rate. We recommend doing research to find a balance between battery life and brightness.

Q: Why Are LED Lights More Advisable For Fishing Headlights?


LED lights have been a more popular option for most types of lighting in our modern world. This style of lamp holds the incredible advantage of being energy efficient. This means that the bulb pulls less battery power while being illuminated. This works to not only allow for a longer battery life but the bulbs themselves also tend to hold a longer lifespan. LED lights also tend to be much brighter in color allowing for optimal illumination. As an added appeal, LED lights are by far the most eco-friendly options to go with.

Q: Why Use Headlamp Over Flashlight?


Headlamps have many benefits and many uses. They are incredibly multi functional being ideal for a multitude of uses from handywork around the home, mining, caving, camping and outdoor sports. Headlamps hold the main advantage of allowing your hands to be free while lighting your way, a benefit you don’t get with a simple flashlight. Allowing your hands to be free is ideal for many different activities including paddling, fishing, hiking and many other indoor and outdoor activities.

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Having a headlamp for fishing will ensure you never get caught in the dark. These little devices have come a long way in recent years. Most run off rechargeable batteries that can be powered by a battery bank or solar power charger. When you start to fish with headlights you open up your world to an entirely different type of fishing. This will allow you to get even more from the sport and take your experience to the next level. This makes them an excellent way to ensure you can always see even if you stay fishing even when the sun goes down. Also, understanding what to look for in a fishing headlamp will give you the knowledge to choose the one that is best for your circumstances and improve the time you have to fish.

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