There’s a lot more involved in the sport of surfing than just grabbing a board and paddling out to sea. You need surfing stuff, beyond just a surfboard, to get you steady on your feet. The surfers who catch more waves use the best surf gear and gadgets, which is why it’s important to understand all the different surfer products on the market.

Surfers who have the proper surfer equipment are more likely to have a great surf session. After all, a wetsuit that is too tight or a surf wax that just melts will leave you frustrated before you even get in the water. The best surf gear will be durable, functional, and supportive. But there’s a lot of surfing stuff and it can be hard to know what you need, especially when you want the best quality.

To help you get a head start, we have made a guide that will breakdown exactly what surf gear you need and how to find quality surfer products. Plus, our list of the ten best surf gear and gadgets can cut down the time spent outside of the water and get back to the waves.

How To Choose A Surf Gear And Gadget – Buying Guide


Surfing gear and gadgets are meant to enhance and assist a surfer with honing their skills. There are surfer products designed to make it easier to stand up, protect your body, and protect your board. All surfing stuff should be durable and functional, so you can enjoy safe surfing. But finding quality surfer equipment can be hard because quality will be determined by a few different features.

To help you find quality surfing technology, we’ve highlighted a few important features that you should look out for when shopping for your gear. These features will help you find the best surf gear, so that you are excited to surf every set of waves, day after day.


How you use your surfing gear and gadgets will depend on what type of surfer product it is. There’s a lot of surfing stuff and not all has the same function. Here, we will breakdown some of the most popular surf gear, so you know exactly how to use it.

Wetsuit or rash guard: For surfers, a surfing wetsuit or rash guard can be an essential layer of protection against the cold, but also the sun. Any cold-water surfer knows that a wetsuit is vital to staying warm, but they can also be used to block out the sun. Sunscreen is helpful, but for long days when you don’t want to paddle back to shore, a wetsuit or rash guard can save you from a nasty sunburn.

Surf wax: Surfboards are slippery and to help your feet get traction, you use surf wax. The wax is rubbed on the top of your board, where you’ll stand, and can be constantly reapplied. However, not all surf wax is the same. If you are surfing in different climates, not all surf wax will work for you. Check the type of wax you’re using and make sure that it is designed for the right temperature of the location you’re in.

Travel bags: A surfboard travel bag can protect your most important gear item; your surfboard. Travel bags make it easier to transport your surfboard, whether you’re just going down the street or jet setting across the world.

Waterproof watches: Most surfers wouldn’t want to wear a watch in the waves, but sometimes timing can be of the essence. If you like to time the sets of waves, having a waterproof watch can really assist in you catching more waves.

Ear plugs: One of the worst feelings is having water in your ear and when you’re surfing, you can’t always control how you tumble in the waves. Having surf earplugs can keep the water out, so you stay sane.

Traction pads: Another surfer product that is meant to help you stay steady on your feet are surfboard traction pads. These foam pieces can help anchor your foot in place, so you have the best maneuverability of your surfboard.

Leash: When you fall, you don’t want to fall with your surfboard at your side. This is why you use a surfboard leash. A leash will keep your surfboard tethered to your leg, so you can safely fall away from your board, but won’t lose it in the waves. The leash will keep your surfboard close, so you can get right back on and paddle back out.

Sunscreen: It won’t always be sunny when you surf, but when it is, sensitive areas like your face can quickly be burned. Using sunscreen for surfing is a great preventative step that protects your face to avoid a painful burn. Even better is a reef safe sunscreen that will protect you and the environment.

Other: There is still even more surfer products on the market that you can look out for, but these are the most basic that you’ll need for a great surf session.


All surfing stuff should be durable, no matter what type of product it is. Quality surfer equipment will be long-lasting, so you aren’t wasting money. It would be a bummer to purchase surfing stuff that breaks on the first use, so spend the time to find top rated surf gadgets.

You can check out surf gear reviews to see how durable a product is. Many buyers are happy to write surf gear reviews that comment on a product’s design and durability, so you know exactly what you’re getting out of your investment.


Top rated surf gadgets have a large range of prices based on how the product function, but overall, surfer equipment is affordable. You should be able to find products that fit your budget and don’t break the bank. The most expensive piece of your surging stuff will be the surfboard itself.



Q: What are the 3 essential pieces of surf gear?


For surf beginners, assuming that you already have your surfboard, the 3 most essential pieces of surf gear are surf wax, a leash, and a wetsuit or sunscreen for your protection. These three essentials cover what you need to stay steady on your feet, keep your board safe, and protection for your own body.

A surf wax will give your feet the grip you need, so you don’t immediately slip off the board when you’re trying to catch a wave. It is essential that your surfboard have a layer of surf wax or you’ll be left extremely frustrated with never standing up.

A leash is also essential because it keeps your board a safe distance from you if a wave tumbles you but ensures it won’t break free and crash into any rocks or the beach. The leash keeps your board secure, so there’s less chance of damage and dings.

Finally, a surfing wetsuit or rash guard can retain heat and keep your skin from getting burnt by the sun. Traditionally, wetsuits are thought of as cold-water accessories, but even in tropical locations they can serve an important purpose. But wetsuits have many more purposes too. There’s a lot of sand in the water and constantly rubbing against your board can leave your skin irritated. By putting a wetsuit between you and the board, you’ll reduce the risk of rashes.

Q: Why is a surf leash important?


When you wipeout surfing, you can’t always control where you will go and where your board will go. Even the pro surfers can lose their grip on their board, but what keeps their board close is a surf leash. A surf leash is important because it physically attaches your surfboard to your body, so that the waves can’t carry it off too far and you can quickly recover after falling in a wave.

A surf leash is normally attached to the ankle or calf using a Velcro padded band. A thick nylon cord attaches to your surfboard and keeps the connection secure. This connection not only ensures that your board is close, but that is isn’t damaged or carried off by the waves into the rock on onto the beach.

By using a surf leash, you’re protecting your board and saving energy by being able to quickly recover your board and jump back on for the next wave.

Q: Can you recommend a good surf camera?


One of the most popular pieces of surf technology is a surf camera. Surf cameras are used to capture in the water shots of your action day in the waves. They can be used by a photographer in the water or by the surfer themselves, whether attached to their body or the board.

There are a lot of different surf cameras, but one of the best brands is GoPro. You can check out our article, Best Cameras for Surfing, to get all the information you need to find the best surfing technology.

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Surfing is a sport that gets you thrilled and your heart pumping with adrenaline. With top rated surf gadgets, any surfer is bound to be successfully riding wave after wave because they have all the best surf gear they need to be steady on their toes. With the best surf gadgets, you’ll get the support you need to become an expert surfer. Plus, the best surf gear would make a great gift for surfers.

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