There’s a lot more involved in surfing than just grabbing a board and paddling out to sea. It is no coincidence that surfers who catch more waves are those who use the best surf gear and gadgets. The difficulty comes with understanding the gear and gadgets as there exists a large pool of surfer stuff on the market. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you easily get confused which surfing gear is a must or nice to have. After all, a wetsuit that is too tight or a surf wax that just melts will leave you frustrated before you even get in the water. 

The best surf gear should be durable, functional, and supportive, but finding the best quality surfing stuff is not an easy task. That’s why we took a deep dive into the matter and come up with a list as well as a guide that will breakdown exactly what kind of surf gear you need and how to find quality surfer products. Thanks to our list of the ten best surf gear and gadgets, you can cut down the time spent outside of the water and get back to the waves more quickly.

How To Choose A Surf Gear And Gadget – Buying Guide

The best surfing gears and gadgets are meant to enhance and assist a surfer capability. While surf gear reviews are helpful to make a choice among surfer products, finding top rated surfing stuff can be hard without understanding the comparing grounds of different surfing equipment. That is why we have listed a few important features which can help you in comparing different surfing technology and select the best surf gear for you. 


While looking for the best surf gadgets or gears, understanding its use is crucial. Here is the breakdown of some of the most popular surfing stuff:

Wetsuit or Rash Guard


For every surfer, a surfing wetsuit or rash guard is an essential layer of protection against the cold as well as the harmful effects of the sun. Though sunscreens are also helpful protection from sunburns, they cannot protect for long days when you don’t want to paddle back to shore. In such cases, a surf gear like a wetsuit or rash guard is a perfect choice to save yourself from a nasty sunburn.

Surf Wax

Surfboards are slippery and to help your feet in getting traction, surfers use wax. However, not all surf wax is the same, as the suitability of wax depends on the climatic conditions of the surfing environment. Thus, it’s important to check the type and make sure it is designed for the right temperature of the location you’ll be surfing.

Travel Bags

A surfboard travel bag protects the most important equipment for surfing; the surfboard itself. Besides, travel bags make it easier to transport your surfboard, whether you’re just going down the street or jet setting across the world. Capacity to accommodate 1-3 surfboards within them, travel bags offer different thickness levels as well as features like protecting pads and storage pockets.

Waterproof Watches 

Most surfers wouldn’t want to wear a watch in the waves, but sometimes timing can be of the essence. If you like to keep an eye on the time to monitor waves or your performance, a waterproof watch will definitely be of help.

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Having surf earplugs keeps the water out of your ears and worrying out of your mind.

Traction Pads 

Surfboard traction pads can be fixed on the board to enhance the grip of your foot so that you have the best level of maneuverability.


A surfboard leash is a gadget that keeps your surfboard attached to your leg when you fall while making a move in the waves. It helps you in falling away from your board, but don’t let you lose it in the waves. It also keeps your surfboard close, so you can get right back on and paddle back out.


While surfing, you are often exposed to the sun and sensitive areas like your face can have a burn very quickly. While making a choice, prefer a reef-safe sunscreen as it is more suitable for saltwater engagements.


There is still even more surfer products on the market that you can look out for, but these are the most basic that you’ll need for a great surf session.


Quality surfer equipment are long-lasting and made to last. It would be a bummer to purchase surfing stuff that breaks on the first use, so spend the time to find top rated surf gadgets. We recommend you check out surf gear reviews to see how durable a product is. Many buyers are happy to write surf gear reviews that comment on a product’s design and durability, so you know exactly what you’re getting out of your investment.



Q: What are the 3 essential pieces of surf gear?


For surf beginners, assuming that you already have your surfboard, the 3 most essential pieces of surf gear are surf wax, a leash, and a wetsuit or sunscreen for your protection.

A surf wax gives your feet the grip you need, so you do not slip from the board. A leash, on the other hand, is essential because it keeps your board a safe distance from you so there’s less chance of damage and dings. Finally, a surfing wetsuit or rash guard keeps your skin from getting burnt by the sun.

Q: Why is a surf leash important?


A surf leash is important because it physically attaches your surfboard to your body so that the waves can’t carry it off too far and you can quickly recover after falling in a wave.

Q: Can you recommend a good surf camera?


There are a lot of different surf cameras, but one of the best brands is GoPro. You can check out our article, Best Cameras for Surfing, to get all the information you need to find the best surfing technology.

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Surfing is a sport that gets you thrilled and your heart pumping with adrenaline. For any surfer, whether new or experienced, the best surf gears add value to their surfing experience. The best surf gears not only enhance your confidence to ride wave after wave but also certainly improve your overall learning and performance. Hopefully, one of the surf accessories we’ve covered here answers your quest to the best surf gear and gadget.

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