Scuba diving once had a reputation of being very dangerous. However, advances in understanding what happens to the human body while diving, strict training requirements, and specialized support tools have made the diving very safe. Much like the acceptance of seat belts in cars or helmets while riding a bicycle, Scuba divers have accepted a variety of tools and devices to help them remain safe.  

There is a wide range of diving conditions and activities, some require specialized tools. Here we show a selection of different devices that are useful for most dives.

Pro tip 1 - Use:
  • When deep diving, pony bottles provide extra time and safety to complete your dive in an out-of-air scenario. 
Pro tip 2 - Durability: 
  • Titanium gear is your best bet for long-term use without the standard wear-and-tear that gets put on cheaper materials such as plastic. 
Pro tip 3 - Quality 
  • Check to ensure your safety gear meets international certification standards such as ISO to avoid any defaults in warranties or insurance claims.

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How To Choose A Dive Safety Gear – Buying Guide


Our list of safety equipment covers a range of devices, and there may be many options in each group of items. The list is something to get you started in thinking about your safety equipment.


Not every piece of safety equipment is suitable for each dive. The nautilus is a must-have when diving from a remote liveaboard, but it is not worth having it with you if you are diving in a local quarry.

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Durability and Quality

You will want to get items that will last in the environment that you will be diving in. Even if you never use your knife, each time you dive it is exposed to the water you are diving in. consider the item used each time you dive.



Q: Why Do I Need Safety Gear?


When you dive, you need to assume that there is a possibility that something will go wrong. Then plan for it. It is called risk management and is a fundamental basis for your dive training. It is much better to carry a knife with you and not need it than to get wrapped in an old fishing line and not have anything to cut you out of.

Q: What Are The Top Three Pieces Of Safety Gear?


While a dive computer is considered a safety device by some, most divers see it as a planning tool that is always used. Having a cutting tool such as a knife or sea snips, A surface marker buoy, and a surface sound device would be the items most divers would list as must-have dive safety devices.

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Safety should always come first in any adventure sport, and this is perhaps especially true of diving. After all, humans are not able to actually live and move freely underwater, if not for the amazing dive safety gear we now have available.

That’s why you need to make sure the gear you pick is the one you need, and that it won’t malfunction when you need it the most. We hope you’re now able to pick the right pieces for your next adventure, out of our list of the best dive safety equipment. Buckle up and enjoy your underwater adventure!

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