Underwater explorations are both impressive, like a feat of strength, and also mysterious and magical, because in a way, we know we’re not supposed to be there. Exploring a territory clearly inaccessible to humans and very different from life as we know it at the surface is perhaps the most fascinating things we can possibly undertake. All we need is the right gear and the sea is our oyster.

While exploring the seas and oceans is definitely doable with the help of modern gear, we should still be very careful. Safety should always be a top priority, so don’t even think about jumping in the water without being properly prepared. Check out our list of the best dive safety gear for the year and see what’s missing from your underwater arsenal before you schedule your dives.

How To Choose A Dive Safety Gear – Buying Guide


Still not sure what to put on your scuba diving equipment list? Here’s what to pay attention for when choosing your final items on your scuba diving checklist.


Think about what you plan on using each item for, and whether you really need it. The best dive safety gear is always needed, when it covers basic safety. Beyond that, the idea that you need lots of gear to go diving is just one of the widespread scuba diving myths. But some of the items on this list can also have some advanced functionalities.

Some come in handy, but some of them you’re probably never going to use. Listening to music underwater is probably not going to happen, because you’ll be too busy listening for the actual sounds of the water and your team mates.


The durability of your equipment for scuba diving is an issue you should consider, especially if you’re fairly confident that you’re going to keep practicing this sport. Since most scuba safety gear items are not very cheap, make sure you invest into those who are good enough to last. Even if you end up spending a bit more upfront, it’s better to get quality materials than risk having to replace your gear after just one season.


The quality of the items you’re considering for your collection of scuba diving accessories should matter, but only up to a point. You need the scuba safety gear that you invest in to do its job of protecting you, and to be appropriate for your current level of expertise and needs.

You don’t need anything beyond that basic functional level, unless you are a super advanced user already. The best dive safety equipment is the one that protects you from potential risks effectively, and all else on top is optional.



Q: Why Do I Need Safety Gear?


First of all, using scuba safety gear while diving is a mandatory requirement, by law. Your instructor won’t allow you to go diving without the proper equipment for scuba diving. Second of all, even if it wasn’t required by law, your safety should really come first. Diving can be immensely fun, but also extremely dangerous if you’re not equipped with the best dive safety gear.

Q: What Are The Top Three Pieces Of Safety Gear?


Beyond the costume, mask and oxygen tank, we’d say that our top 3 favorite pieces of scuba safety gear are the following: the diving computer, a really good diving flashlight, and the floating dive alert. As long as you have those 3 with you, you’re as free as any of the marine creatures you’ll encounter.

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Safety should always come first in any adventure sport, and this is perhaps especially true of diving. After all, humans are not able to actually live and move freely underwater, if not for the amazing dive safety gear we now have available.

That’s why you need to make sure the gear you pick is the one you actually need, and that it won’t malfunction when you need it the most. We hope you’re now able to pick the right pieces for your next adventure, out of our list of the best dive safety equipment. Buckle up and enjoy your underwater adventure!

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What is your favorite brand when it comes to the best dive safety gear? Is there a particular item in your collection which holds special meaning for you? Do you have an exciting story about a diving trip and the gear you used for it? What are your absolute top 3 pieces of scuba diver tools and equipment? Don’t keep it all to yourself! Share your fun thoughts with the other readers in the comment section below.

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