Mares Nemo Wide Dive Computer Review


  • Three Modes: Air, Nitrox and bottom timer modes. It also has a stopwatch, clock, calendar and temperature display.
  • Three Nitrox Mixes: The Nemo Wide dive computer can handle three different gas mixtures in a single nitrox dive.
  • Mares-Wienke RGBM: You can select the standard P0 setting or a more conservative setting – P1 or P2. It also incorporates deep stops.
  • Dive Planner: Plan your upcoming dive taking into account previous dives. The range of depths is 12 – 48 meters.
  • Metrical/Imperial Units: It features metric units but you can choose imperial units if that is what you’re used to.
  • Altitude Adjustment: When diving at altitude, the computer allows you to manually adjust the altitude up to 3700 meters.
  • Easiest to Read Display: A wide, high contrast display with a 170-degree viewing angle.
  • Backlit Display: In dark waters and poor underwater visibility situations, the display is backlit and you can increase the brightness. 
  • Four Button Operation: Large, easy to press buttons make operation straightforward.
  • Audible Alarms: The computer beeps at you if you violate a safety stop, ascent rate, and other important safety warnings.
  • Hypoallergenic Rubber Strap: The rubber strap is long enough to fit over diving suits and it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. 
  • Log Book: Holds up to 40 dive records with technical data and profiles. You can download the logs to your computer via a USB cable that is sold separately.
  • User-Replaceable Battery: It is easy to replace the battery yourself. You don’t have to take it to a service or repair center.
  • Upgradable Software: You can upgrade the firmware to access the latest upgrades by Mares.



Dimensions: 3 1/4 inch wide, 2 1/2 tall, 7/8 inch thick

Display Size: 2 1/4 x 1 1/2 inches

Weight: 13.4 ounces

Maximum Operating Depth: 150m/492ft

Algorithm: Mares-Wince RGBM algorithm

FO2: 21% – 99%

PPO2: 1.2 – 1.6 bar

Logbook Memory: 40 Hours

Sampling Rates: 20s

Warranty: Two years

User Experience


Setup: To customize the settings and plan your dive, the dive planner is accessible in surface mode. You get to select whether you will be diving with air or nitrox, adjust the altitude, choose metric or imperial units, and whether you will be diving in salt water or fresh water.

The four-button interface is very intuitive and navigating through the menu to find what you’re looking for is easy. The buttons are large enough to access and press easily even when wearing thick dive gloves. The computer will activate when you get into the water and you can also switch on the dive mode manually. 

Diving Capabilities: The Nemo Wide dive computer works flawlessly underwater. It calculates decompression data accurately and displays the elapsed dive time, depth, ascent rate bar graph, and temperature. It gives audible prompts for safety stops, deep stops, rapid ascent rate, and PO2 and CNS toxicity levels. The post-dive display shows the safety interval, desaturation countdown timer, and no-fly time countdown timer.

This is a dive computer you can rely on to keep you safe underwater. It is a top-rated dive computer and Mares has a solid reputation in scuba. Its calculations are on point when compared to other reliable gauges and diving computers. If you will be diving with nitrox, it can handle three different mixes.

Readability: Featuring large digits cleanly laid out on a high contrast face with a 170-degree viewing angle, it is incredibly easy to read even for eyes that usually need reading glasses. If you struggle to read standard dive computer displays, you won’t have a problem with this one.

When navigating dark waters, the backlight is bright and you can increase its intensity to suit the conditions you’re diving in. The only glitch here is that it displays a mix of upper case and lower case letters.

Durability: Mares offers high quality and durable scuba computers and The Nemo wide is no different. It is a well-built dive computer that should offer you years of service, as long as you take care of it properly. It features a mineral glass screen that resists scratches and knock very well and is very good at keeping moisture from seeping into the display. The case, bezel, and rubber straps are strong too and should hold up well.


  • Supports diving with air and nitrox and has a gauge mode
  • Can handle three different nitrox mixes
  • The display is large and clear and data is easy to read
  • Four buttons make operation and navigation simple and straightforward
  • Buttons are big and easy to press with gloves
  • Excellent dive computer at a reasonable price
  • The rubber strap is hypoallergenic and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin


  • It doesn’t have a freediving mode 
  • The USB cable for downloading dive logs and upgrading the firmware is an added expense as it isn’t part of the package
  • Displays some letters as uppercase and others as lowercase
  • The manual isn’t easy to read or understand. It could be presented better.

Overall Rating


  • Ease of Use: 100% – Large, easy to reach, and operate buttons make the Nemo Wide diver’s computer easy to operate and navigate while the wide, sharp display with backlight gives it fantastic readability underwater in all situations. This is one of the easiest to read and use diving computers out there!
  • Design: 90% – Has the readability and simplicity Mares is known for. It also offers an ergonomic, comfortable fit. As for style and size, it is definitely a dive tool, not a fashion accessory.
  • Functionality: 90% – It has capabilities to suit all kinds of divers – beginners, recreational scuba divers, and nitrox divers. Even technical divers can use it as a depth gauge and bottom timer. 
  • Price: 100% – Reasonable price, accessible for any pocket. Given its quality level, features, capabilities, and user experience, it is unbeatable at its price level and offers the best bang for the buck.
  • Overall: 95% – The superior visibility, user-friendliness, and accuracy of reading make it truly the best interface between man and the ocean! It is the best affordable dive computer for anyone whose vision is far from 20/20. 

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Globosurf Overview

Being able to read the critical dive data displayed quickly and accurately when underwater is vitally important. The Mares Nemo Wide dive computer<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> makes accurate depth, time, and decompression calculations, and displays this information in the most readable manner. With a wide display, large digits, a clean layout, and intense backlighting, it is easy to read in all conditions and by all kinds of eyes whether nearsighted, farsighted, or used to reading glasses. Whether you’re a diving beginner, an intermediate scuba diver, a nitrox diver, or a technical diver, the Mares Nemo Wide can suit your needs as it is user-friendly, customizable, and has air, nitrox, and bottom timer modes.

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